14 Signs An Aquarius Man is Interested In You

Signs an Aquarius Man is Interested In You

So you’ve got a special Aquarius man in your life, and you think he likes you, but you’re not entirely sure. That’s okay; in this article, we’re going to share some of the best ways for you to tell if that Aquarius man is interested in you.

1 He Tries To Initiate Conversations, Especially If He Tries To Have Intelligent Talks With You

Aquarians are intelligent people who value knowledge, education, ideas, and the pursuit of learning above all else.

They frequently dive into new topics and hyperfocus on learning everything about that particular topic that they possibly can. They often take special interests in science, culture, technological advancements, space, new research papers, and statistical reports.

Because of this, very few people can keep up with an Aquarius once they get started. This is frustrating and annoying for him, so he learns to keep his thoughts and philosophies to himself.

If an Aquarius man takes the time to try to have a thoughtful, intellectual conversation with you, it’s because he admires and respects you. If you can keep up with his thoughts, he’s going to be impressed with you and crave more time together.

If you want to keep someone like the Aquarius man interested, take the time to brush up on current events, politics, and new ideologies.

2 If He Tries To Introduce You To His Hobbies, He Likes You

When an Aquarius man introduces you to his hobbies (or tries to insert himself into yours), you can relax because this is one of the most substantial signs that he’s seriously interested in you.

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Of course, he and his friends share interests. But pay attention; these hobbies naturally intersected before.

Aquarius men don’t pick up new interests to appease their friends, nor do they try to convince their friends to forgo their other interests to spend more time on their hobbies.

3 He Wants To Introduce You To His Family

When an Aquarius man asks you to meet his family, it’s because you’re all he can think about, and he wants to take the following steps as quickly as he can.

This is part of the Aquarius obsession. If he’s crazy about you, he’s going to do everything he can to grow closer to you and as quickly as possible.

And no, Aries men don’t bring their “just friends” home to meet mom, dad, and their dog. He’s doing this because he has profound feelings for you.

4 He Wants You To Introduce Him To Your Family

If he wants to meet your family, it’s for the same reasons that he wanted you to meet his family.

He’s obsessed with you, and meeting your family is the best possible way for him to do that. He wants to know who you are, who shaped you into you, all the little details of your childhood, and what your relationship is like with your parents and siblings.

5 He Surprises You With Gifts Or Visits

You’re at the front of his mind, and now he’s going to try to do the same for you.

If an Aquarius man starts to shower you with gifts or visits, especially if he is extra thoughtful or did some special planning, it means he is strongly attracted to you.

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Express your gratitude to him, and make sure you carve out the time to enjoy his presence or gifts. Put your phone down while you’re at it too, Aquarius men greatly value quality time together, so make sure you’re giving him that to make sure he feels loved back.

Rest assured, if he’s making excuses to see you, taking you on trips, or buying you gifts, it’s because you’re more than a friend to him.

6 He Can Be Flirty Or Touchy, But Only In Private– Never Showing Any PDA

It can be frustrating and confusing to have a person you like and want a relationship with who only pays attention to you in private. He’s not being dishonest, sneaky, or ashamed of you. He likes and admires you if he shows you with love and affection in private.

Aquarius men are private creatures who don’t enjoy public displays of affection. To them, it feels tacky, showy, and disrespectful. If he is interested in you, he will care about how he treats you and how the world perceives the two of you. This is why he avoids PDA with you.

7 He Seems To Have A Special Fascination With You

Aquarius natives are notorious for their ability to focus and obsess over new lovers.

He doesn’t do this will all his friends either. Aquarius men don’t take anything slow. The second that he realizes he’s interested in you, it’s full steam ahead for him to learn all about you and start working on wooing you over. He wants to start his new life with you right away, and he’s going to do and learn everything he can as soon as he can.

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He’s not this needy or detail-oriented with anyone else.

And while these actions may be a little unsettling or borderline creepy, it’s something that all Aquarius men do. This is very normal for this sign; it’s just who he is. He doesn’t mean you any trouble; he’s just in love.

8 He Offers To Try New Things With You

Aquarius natives push even their closest friends away and do not like to be vulnerable in front of others.

If your Aquarius man is willing to look silly or inexperienced with you while trying something new, it’s because he really likes you. Make sure you do your best to make him feel powerful, wanted, and safe from judgment. It’s not easy for him to be vulnerable, even with the person he loves. Be kind to him, and he’ll love you that much more.

9 If He Treats You Like A Best Friend, He’s Into You

Again, this is similar to public displays of affection. If an Aquarius man is interested in you, he’ll treat you like a best friend.

Don’t expect him to be all over you, or super clingy or lovey in public. That’s just not how he shows his attraction. If he takes the time and energy to spend time with you, get to know you, or call and text you frequently, he’s into you. Don’t get too wrapped up in the stereotypical romances because that’s not how Aquarius men operate.

Friendship qualities are far more important and telling for an Aquarius man than romantic qualities.

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10 He’s Extra Kind To You

Aquarius isn’t a tough sign, but they are known for being a little distant or even cold at times.

If you notice him being extra kind to you, such as extra affection, compliments, and outward tenderness to you, it’s because he likes you a lot.

You’ll probably also notice that he seems to be warmer and have more expressions. He’s going to go out of his way to make you feel welcome, appreciated, and wanted. When he cares about someone, he makes them feel good and treats them right.

As much as his friends wish he would act like this towards them, this behavior is reserved just for his one particular love interest.

11 He Listens To What You Have To Say

Suppose you notice your Aquarius man has remembered little details about you, from your favorite color to your coffee order to your favorite music. In that case, it’s because he’s trying to figure you out.

When Aquarius men are in love, they do everything they can to learn about their partner so they can do a better job of caring, providing for, and loving their person.

Listen for deep questions too. Yes, Aquarius men will listen to their friends too. But they won’t ask beyond surface-level questions. Pay attention to the types of questions he asks you to gauge how he feels.

Make sure you’re also taking the time and making an effort to get to know him too. Aquarius men can be selfless, but that doesn’t mean they should go without or live a one-sided life.

12 He Invites You Out Constantly, Even On Errands

Pay attention to how much time you two spend together and how often he asks you to be with him. If you ever catch yourself out buying groceries together, dropping dry cleaning off, or detailing his vehicle together, just know that he likes you.

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He doesn’t ask other people he isn’t romantically interested in to do these things with him. If he’s always looking for new ways to see you, it’s because he is very curious and wants more time with you.

13 If He Gushes Over Your Looks, He Likes You (A Lot)

When an Aquarius man is in love, he makes it known. He will constantly talk about how beautiful you are, how proud he is of you, and how grateful he is to have you in his life.

Aquarius men are not subtle; it’s part of who they are. If he seems to go on and on about your appearance, that’s how you know he’s interested in you.

14 If He Says He’s Interested, Then He’s Interested

Aquarius men don’t play games or say things they don’t mean. Rest assured, if he says that he likes you, he means it and wants the very best for you.

He only can genuinely care for a very small group of people in his life. The fact that he says he’s interested means a lot, so soak up his love and affection every chance you get; what you have is special.


When an Aquarius man is into you, he’s going to soften up, warm-up, and go out of his way to be extra kind and accommodating to you.

He will take an extra interest in you, becoming fascinated, or even obsessed, with learning everything he can about you. Aries men are known for moving fast, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.