Leo Negative Traits – The Dark Side of the Fiery 5th Zodiac Sign

Leo Negative Traits

It is hard not to like a Leo. This fiery individual will lure you in with their confident demeanor and bubbling energy and have you swooning over their charming self in no time. But more than just a dazzling personality, Leo natives also have grit and substance.

Ruled by the sun, Leos are one of the warmest and most zealous personalities you will ever come across. They care with the same intensity they use to go after what they want. These bold and courageous individuals thrive off challenges and attack goals with laser-sharp focus.

But just like any of the other zodiac signs, Leo has a not-so-flattering side as well. This individual can be vain, bossy, opinionated, and sometimes hurtful.

To relate better with those born under the Leo sun sign, one must understand the entirety of their personality. So, read on to find out what makes up their negative traits.

What Are Leo’s Negative Traits?

The fire, sun, & fixed modality combo associated with this zodiac sign makes Leo natives luminous powerhouses. Unfortunately, it is also what contributes to their weaknesses.

When a person feels, views, and approaches things as passionately as the regal Leo, there is the possibility of taking things to the extreme. And when this happens, many of Leo’s positive traits turn into negatives. Here is a look at how the dark side of Leo manifests itself.

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1 Brutal Honesty

With Leos, there are no half-measures. These individuals go all out on everything, including their tendency to tell the brutal truth.

Straightforward, direct, and honest, people with the Leo sun sign do not know how to sugarcoat a terrible truth or skirt around an uncomfortable topic. Their bold personality makes them speak what is on their mind without stopping to consider how others will take it.

Good or bad, a Leo will tell you exactly what they think about everything in your life. To them, it is simply the truth. However, it can sometimes be hurtful to the person on the receiving end of their honesty.

2 Tragic Sensitivity

The kings of the zodiac may be quick at giving out hard cold truths, but they are terrible at taking it. Leos are so sure of themselves that they believe they are right and perfect in everything. Consequently, a word of criticism (even if it is coming from a place of love) is a deep cut on the pride of the zodiac lions.

The sensitivity of Leos also comes to light when they feel they are not getting the attention, respect, or credit that is rightfully theirs. Since Leos put themselves out there, they take rejection personally. These individuals feed on adulation from people and thus fall into a gloomy mood or even throw temper tantrums when they perceive their efforts to be unrecognized.

3 Possessive and Jealous

Leos not only command attention, but they also love being at the center of it. It is part of the reason why they are usually the loudest, funniest, best dressed, most charming, and outstanding individuals in a room.

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Their need for the spotlight proves to be problematic in relationships. They demand all of the attention and affection of their friends and romantic partners. You must spend all your free time with the Leo in your life, as well as shower this zodiac lion with gifts, compliments, and praise.

When constant affection and affirmation from loved ones is lacking, the mind of a Leo goes to dark places. Feelings of jealousy crop up, and these individuals may even try to scare off people who they think are getting closer to their loved ones than them.

4 Self-Centered and Egomaniacal

Like the sun that rules their zodiac sign, Leos are born to shine. These natives are natural-born leaders, enterprising, and have a magnetic personality that thrives in social settings.

The problem is that Leos shine so bright that they have an eclipsing ego and inflated sense of self. They are born with all the pride and built-in survival instincts of the maned creature that is their sign’s symbol. Accordingly, the zodiac lions tend to look out for number one and have a superior attitude about themselves. The fact that they are usually the best works to further stroke their ego.

5 Overly Competitive

One of the admirable qualities of Leos is their intense commitment to everything they do. They are great at getting things done since they pursue goals with insane focus and relentless aggression. However, one of the Leo negative traits is that these people are sore losers.

Due to their inner lion, Leos aim to be the alpha in everything. A Leo will kick butt in a friendly office competition game as aggressively as they will work to be the first to hand in a work project. They work hard to be the best and get extremely jealous of people who seem to outshine them. At their worst, a Leo can resort to using underhanded tactics to be the one at the top.

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6 Inflexible and Condescending

The astrology kings do not just carry themselves as the best, but they also see themselves as royalty. They are set in their ways and have no time for the opinions of others. The influence of the sun and fixed sign modality makes them hard-headed and stubborn in their views and opinions.

For Leo, everyone should fall in line and follow their lead. Their confidence and inflated egos lend them to the arrogant notion that they are better than everyone. For this reason, Leos can talk down to or be dismissive of people who do not see things their way.

7 Super Independent and Controlling

While it is not a bad thing to be self-reliant, Leos take it to the extreme. The lions of the zodiac are too proud to ask for help and would rather sink in their problems than let other people see them as vulnerable.

Because of this, one can never fully know what is going on in the mind of a Leo. They are great at hiding their pain and can smile through a tough time or hide the shame of a loss.

Leos also make terrible team players. Not only are they allergic to help, but they also hate it when other people try to put their stamp on things related to them.

The lions like things to be done their way and will never change a course of action no matter what. Even when someone else comes up with a better idea, Leos will hold onto theirs out of stubbornness. Due to this, working for or with a Leo can sometimes be unbearable.

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8 Manipulative

Unyielding in their resolve, Leos are not above using manipulation to get what they want. And they are great at it too.

Leos have an astonishingly charming side that gives them the power of convincing others to do just about anything. They are also gifted smooth-talkers and can even talk you out of your principles/beliefs if you are not careful. Their humor is also a tool they use to win people over.

9 Selfish

Yes, Leos have a high capacity for kindness and generosity, but they are also selfish at the same time. They would rather talk about themselves than hear about the latest escapades of their friends.

Naturally unrelenting in their ways, Leos like to do things that interest them and would never consider the likes of others. And since they love to have the last word in an argument, they never compromise for the sake of another person.

When push comes to shove, Leos will put their interest before others. It does not matter if this means screwing over anyone who is in the way of a goal or something they want.


For Leos, their fiery personality and zest for life are both their biggest strength and Achilles heel. And while Leo negative traits make them hard to be around, these natives are not evil. Quite the contrary, the planet’s most loyal, loving, optimistic, easy-going, and upbeat people have Leo as their solar sign. Most of them are able to mature with age and tame their negative tendencies.

Besides, we could all learn to be more understanding of the zodiac lions. Let Leos be the boss since they need it. Give them a healthy dose of praise and affection, and they will reward you with more love than you can handle. When fulfilled, a Leo will release their positive vibes to the world, lead people to success, and spoil their loved ones (like only the astrology kings can).

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