When a Leo Man Dumps You: How to Get Him Back

When a Leo Man Dumps You

Being in a relationship with a Leo man has its highs. This is the type of guy who will treat his better half to all the fine things in life. He will shower you with expensive gifts, take you out for some luxurious fine dining, and make you the center of his universe.

It is not surprising if your Leo man treated you like a princess before the romantic relationship you had going came crumbling down.

People born under this zodiac sign have a loving, generous, loyal, and passionate personality that makes great lovers. So, when a Leo man dumps you, it is understandable if you feel devastated and want to find out how to get him back.

One would think that the ego-centric and determined Leo would never go back on a breakup. However, that could not be further from the truth. It is possible to get back together with a Leo man after splitting up. Here are some helpful tips on how to win back your great love.

1 Reach Out Nostalgically

A Leo man is an extrovert who feeds off the affection that he gets from people around him. Once you part ways after a failed relationship, he will most likely spend a lot of time with his friends trying to move on.

Keep in mind that a Leo man cherishes the beautiful moments in his life just as much as he relishes the attention of others. There will be nights he will go home and reminisce on the great memories you had together.

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You will have to initiate reconciliation with a Leo man because once he dumps you, his instinct is to stand by his decision.

Texting about the cherished times when you were together or a picture from the good old days can really strike a chord in his heart and make him remember the special connection the both of you shared. Once he gets nostalgic about the good moments, he will be more inclined to text you back.

Ultimately, do not be afraid to let your Leo man know that you want him back. Keep the faith that the two of you can patch things up instead of drowning in regret because that would be a sure path towards permanently breaking up.

2 Engage With His Inner Circle

If you are close with friends of your ex-Leo boyfriend, you may want to find out from them what prompted him to break things up. Additionally, you could ask them to intervene in subtle ways by telling him how the two of you made a great couple.

The Leo man places a lot of importance on the opinions of his friends and loved ones. Therefore, the possibility of reconciliation is real if people in his inner circle encourage him to do so.

3 Offer A Heart Felt Apology

If the reason your Leo man dumped you had to do with a mistake on your part, then offering a heartfelt apology is the first thing to do once you get him talking.

It is essential to avoid ridicule, insults, or blame games, no matter how much he may have disappointed you in the past. If there is one thing that this zodiac sign cannot forgive, it is disrespect. The last thing that you want to do is to add salt to injury by further bruising the already wounded pride of your Leo man.

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Express how sorry you are for hurting him in an earnest and respectful way. It may be a long shot, but there is a good chance that he will come around and decide to give the two of you another chance.

However, do not expect reconciliation if you cheated on him. Leos are the extremely overprotective loyal types that find it hard to forgive betrayal.

4 Feed His Ego

Leo always has to be the center of attention and does not even try to hide this innate self-centered nature. As such, the male personality born under this zodiac sign loves to be flattered. He usually gets impressed when paid compliments and tends to open up to people who show him admiration.

With that in mind, make sure to stroke his ego when talking to a Leo man about getting back together. Tell him he is the only one for you and talk about your most favorite qualities about him.

You will likely get more attention if you keep flattering him. Feeding his ego is a prudent approach to tempt a Leo man to come back and create happier memories with you.

5 Don’t Lie To Him

Just like their animal sign, the Lion, Leos fears absolutely nothing, including telling the truth.

These natural-born leaders have a noble inner code and understand that other people will not trust them if they are not truthful. Therefore, they are brutally honest and take great pride in upholding their forthright reputation.

A Leo man values honesty. If you are not willing to give him that, it is unlikely that he will want to take you back.

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Since these natives hate being lied to, it is essential to be utterly sincere when talking about getting back together. You Leo ex will appreciate it when you keep it real with him and most likely open up about the idea of mending fences.

6 Focus More On Your Career

Another way to get a Leo man pestering you for dates after breaking up is to show him you can rise to his level. He finds women who are ambitious and successful quite alluring. Spending more time at the office, running your business, or focusing on a career will make you irresistible in his eyes.

Working on your self-development to become a hot commodity plays on a Leo man’s insatiable need to have the best of the best. When he sees you soaring high, he will not want to miss out on a potentially electric relationship.

7 Keep Looking Your Best

Leo men cannot resist a beautiful woman. Play on your ex’s desire to have the best in life by always letting your feminine side shine.

Whether you plan to run into him or when meeting up to talk, always make an impression. Treat yourself to some new sassy outfits, keep your make-up on point, and have your nails and hair done.

Putting up an effort in keeping up your appearance is a sure way to get noticed by other men. Since a Leo man wants to be first at everything, he will make an effort to be the only one that manages to be with the stunning woman that many other suitors are dying to have for themselves.

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8 Focus On Living Your Best Life

While it may hurt when a Leo man dumps you, it is essential to keep living your life. Doing what you love most will keep you from feeling depressed. More importantly, it will make your attention-seeking Leo man wonder why you seem so happy.

When living your best life, his ego will not be able to take the fact that you are so much at peace without him. And, this may very well push him to want you back in his life to share the joy you are experiencing with him once again.

Bottom Line

When a Leo man dumps you, the chances of getting him back largely depend on the reason that led to your break up.

If you cheated, there is not much you can do. However, there are many other reasons a Leo man may end a relationship. These range from not getting enough adoration, feelings of rejection, and non-appreciation to embarrassment, criticism, and no being there for him.

If your Leo man broke off what you thought was a good thing going, make sure to talk to him about what went wrong. Applying the tips shared above, which are based on his zodiac sign traits, can help you win back his love.