Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon: Fiery Travellers

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon are passionate people who live life to the fullest.

Travel, dares, humor, and strong competition keeps them feeling happy, healthy, and at their very best.

These natives are honest, even to a fault, and don’t hesitate to speak their minds. Their directness is well-intentioned and also usually good-humored but can be hurtful to those around them.

Their pride is extreme, and Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon tends to be self-centered. This selfishness, along with their strong sense of competition and high drive, can make these exceptionally polarizing individuals. Others will either love or hate them, depending on how they feel about having such an intense person in their life.

Both of their signs are fire signs, which explains their intensity and passion.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Creative And Hard Working Individuals

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon must be careful to choose activities and tasks that stimulate their minds, have a purpose, and require some amount of creativity.

They are chock-full of unique and incredible ideas. Their imagination is vivid, and their mind never slows down, let alone shuts off. Of course, with this bright, fast-paced mind comes a lack of focus, hindering their personal and professional lives.

These natives are often called hard workers; however, they do not work hard simply because they want to; they work hard because they are inspired by whatever they are doing.

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These natives burn both ends of their candles bright and hot, so it is easy for their flames to be extinguished if they are faced with monotony, meaningless busywork, or an otherwise mundane lifestyle.

They aspire to inspire, motivate, help, and educate others. If this need isn’t met, they are susceptible to burnout or depressive episodes.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon is not the quiet type. They do not sit still nor keep silent for any amount of time. They are high-energy.

Sometimes it is difficult for these people to commit to one person. They love a life of adventure, newness, and variety. Commitment becomes much easier if their partner is also someone who operates at a higher level of vibration, has lots of energy, and has a compelling drive to explore the world and go on adventures.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon craves freedom and wants to learn all about themselves. There is a danger in this. These natives have such a robust and predetermined picture of who they are that it may be difficult, if not impossible, for them to learn, let alone accept, their actual forms.

Sun In Leo Meaning

If Solar Leos were to be described by only one word, it would be passion.

These individuals feel the strong desire to explore, go on adventures, live a meaningful life, and creatively express themselves.

Some people speculate that this is because those with their Sun in Leo see themselves as the focal point of everything, much like the sun. Their strong personality compels them to want to organize the masses and lead. And luckily, they are good leaders.

Solar Leos are confident, high-energy, passionate (of course), encouraging, good decision-makers, and generous; all strong qualities in a leader.

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Moon In Sagittarius Meaning

Moon In Sagittarius

Those with their Moon in Sagittarius are known to be optimistically inspiring. They are highly likely to be the cause of significant changes in this world. These natives allow insults, criticisms, and doubts to roll off their backs like water off a duck. Taking leaps of faith is a normal part of their lifestyle. Walking outside of their comfort zone is somehow also part of their comfort zone.

It is easy for others to perceive Lunar Sagittarius as reckless, but somehow luck is almost always on their side.

Lunar Sagittarius is magnetic, and others are more likely to go out of their way in order to spend time with this native to feed off their high energy and good vibes. These natives are open-minded, open-hearted, and optimistic about the future. These good feelings are radiant and contagious.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Traits

These natives are honorable people. They will keep their word, even when it doesn’t always benefit them. Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon is also honest, sometimes, to a fault.

These natives are almost incapable of any two-faced behavior, which almost everyone can appreciate. They do not set out to hurt others’ feelings, but they do not keep their thoughts or feelings to themselves, and they do not filter out any of their ideas. Some are put off by this direct, sometimes too blunt speaking style, while others feel safe knowing that Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon isn’t holding back or keeping secrets.

Because these natives are so honest, they also believe that those around them are honest as well. They are trusting and respectful of others until they are given a strong reason not to be.

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Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon are a people of initiation. If they see a task that needs doing or a cause that needs leading, they jump in with both feet right away. They are ones to take action rather than introspect.

Their high drive and strong passion mean that they will always accomplish their goals and grasp even their most lofty aspirations. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Positive Traits

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon is honest, dedicated, energetic, passionate, respectful, respectable, caring, and adventurous.

They are full of life, feeling young, and still wanting to take risks, explore, and lead no matter their age. They are vibrant people who have a lot to offer the world.

These natives are very likely to initiate change and pursue a better life for themselves and create a better world for everyone else. They are noble, honest, and well-meaning people who want to leave a lasting, positive influence.

They are creative and hungry for knowledge. They will never stop learning about themselves, their world, and their passions.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon seems to have a never-ending supply of creativity and unique yet very good ideas. These natives were truly born to create solutions.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Negative Traits

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon can be selfish, pretentious, impatient, blunt, restless, unfocused, drawn to drama, and can have a hard time committing.

These natives need a lot of stimulation and variety in their lives, professionally, personally, and romantically speaking.

If they are in a position where they need to take and obey orders or repeat the same tasks over and over, they will not do well. Restlessness is common with them; the mundane is their kryptonite.

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Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon feels drawn to lead but can let their power go to their head. Their selfishness and power-hungry personality can be a formidable combination for others to deal with regularly. Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon must work hard to keep this in check.

They must also work on focusing on one task and seeing it through to completion. Their need to seek out new stimulation means that they are prone to abandoning projects. If they want to unlock their true creative powers, they have to double down and power through to finish their work. The results will be astonishing and incredible; it will do a great deal for their sense of self-worth and confidence.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon men are independent, often to a fault. He loves to be in charge. He is a good boss and leader, though. He will never be pushy or mean.

These men are charming, magnetic, and proud. He lives to help others and takes pride in his ability to do so. In addition to this, he is a truly powerful being. He excels in seeing the big picture, coming up with creative solutions, persuading others, and taking action, even in the face of criticism or adversity.

His sense of humor is good, though sometimes misunderstood. Usually, he uses it to defuse tension or awkward situations and show others his vulnerable self.

He may have difficulty settling down. But if he can find a partner who loves him deeply, is honest, adventurous, and has high energy like him, he will commit.

His lover will enjoy his expressiveness and open heart. If his partner’s love language is gifts, they will be pleased with the Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon man. He loves to shower his lover with grandiose gestures and expensive gifts. With that said, he demands a lot of attention in return. He needs lots of time and affection to feel truly loved and happy.

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Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon women are equally independent. She thrives off new information, the truth, and action.

She loves to travel for the change of scenery and opportunities to explore. This can apply to physical travel and mental, emotional, romantic, and sexual journeys, too.

She loves her freedom but will commit to the right person. Make no mistake, while she does crave newness, sometimes in the form of a relationship, she is no cheater. Her desire for nobility, truth, and honesty will trump her urges to seek new adventures.

She is open-minded, open-hearted, and willing to accept what the world has to offer her. She adapts quickly and is flexible when it counts. Because of this, she is creative and capable of finding new solutions to nearly impossible issues almost immediately.


Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon are incredible people who, no matter how many years they actually get to live, will live whole, vibrant lives.

These natives will elicit change, travel, lead, and do so much. They are creative, energetic, charming, compassionate, and truthful people.

They have good intentions and do their very best to leave a significant, lasting positive impact on their communities. Through and through, Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon is a kind sign which has a lot to do and offer.