Make A Libra Man Chase You with These 10 Fool-Proof Tips

Make A Libra Man Chase You

While there is no such thing as a perfect man, the Libra gent comes very close. With Venus (the planet of love) ruling this zodiac sign, the Libran male is inherently romantic and always seeks to be in an exclusive and loving relationship. When he finds a love interest, he will pull out all the stops to make her happy.

Sweet, affectionate, supportive, a good listener, and downright selfless, the Libra man is a keeper. Getting onto his radar is, however, not an easy task. With his charming and flirtatious nature, he attracts women like a moth to a flame.

Luckily, we have just the perfect approach to get into his head and heart and make a Libra man chase you. If your love interest was born under this zodiac sign, use the following tips to make him look past all his admirers and focus on pursuing you.

1 Package Yourself Well

Although Venus exerts dual rulership over Taurus and Libra, the planet has a different effect on the two signs. Unlike in Taurus, where Venus rules the material world, the planet’s influence reigns strong over personal taste, aesthetics, and relationships with Libra. It is why the Libra man is attracted to beautiful things and is always the best-dressed guy among his friends.

When it comes to relationships, he likes his women beautiful and elegant. So, to catch this man’s attention, you will have to play into his love of aesthetics. Look your finest and carry yourself with grace.

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Keep in mind that the taste of the Libra man is all about refinement. Therefore, outfits that are too short, tight, or revealing will not get you anywhere with him. What you should aim for is a stylish look that exudes good taste and class.

Find what works for you, and do not be afraid to rock your own style. If anything, standing out from other women will make your Libra man chase after you like a prized jewel.

2 Ooze Confidence

While a black tie-worthy appearance will catch the eye of a Libra man, it is not enough to retain his interest. Like their exquisite taste in clothes, art, and pretty much everything, Libra men like women of substance. Hence, to get this kind of man smitten by you, confidence is a good starting point.

Confidence portrays a strong character with depth. Libra men find a confident woman intriguing and worth getting to know. So, walk like you own the ground beneath you and project the attitude of a calm and collected person who is comfortable in her skin. Before you know it, your Libra crush will be coming after you.

3 Express Your Interest

Dressing up elegantly and radiating confidence will get you in the crosshairs of a Libra man. However, if you are intent on winning the adoration of this man, you also need to go for the kill and let him know you are interested.

All Libras are naturally hesitant and indecisive. For this reason, a Libra man can spend days mulling in his head on whether to ask a lady out on a date or not. Therefore, you might as well be the one to take the initiative.

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Come out and tell him bluntly that you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, or you can be subtle about it and ask him out on a date.

You will also have to back up your words with actions. Libras are very skeptical and do not believe in anything until they see it with their own eyes. Focus your full attention on him when you are together, flirt a little, ask personal questions, and listen keenly when he is talking.

When a Libra man is impressed by you and aware that you are into him, he is likely to make the leap and chase after you.

4 Speak Your Mind

Libra natives are not only clever but have a mind that is on high alert at all times. They have superb powers of observation and can read people by their actions, body language, and micro-expressions. So, fooling a Libra guy is practically impossible.

Since Libras seek to date someone open and genuine, you should be honest from the get-go. Always communicate your thoughts, opinions, doubts, and worries since he will sense when you are lying about something or not candid. Showing a Libra that you are not one to shy away from uncomfortable discussions will spark a desire to want to be around you.

5 Create An Aura Of Mystery

It is one thing to speak your mind and another to reveal everything about yourself. So, even as you stay honest with a Libra man, do not share all your secrets at once.

Libra males have a curious mind that will not resist going after a mysterious lady. Letting your good traits slip out little by little will keep a Libra man coming back for more.

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6 Keep Conversations Flowing

Due to a strong connection to the mental realm, air signs of the zodiac like Libra men are known for their excellent communication skills. Libra is the more balanced sign among its counterparts.

Natives of this zodiac symbol not only love to talk, but they also like to hear what other people have to say. So, one way to hold a Libra man’s interest is to keep the conversation alive whenever you are together.

Get small talk going by asking about his family and work or strike up a conversation about issues that interest him. He will take the ball and chat away for hours.

More importantly, a Libra man will like that you are interested in knowing him. In reciprocation, he will want to spend more time getting to know you as well.

You can also bring up fascinating topics about politics, religion, philosophy, the economy, or a book you read, anything that touches on equality and social justice, which Libras seem to care very much about. You may have to brush up on your general knowledge or do some research, but it will be worth it.

Libras forge connections through intriguing and intellectual conversations that get their mental juices flowing. The more you engage this side of a Libra man, the more he will like you.

7 Get In Touch With Your Social Side

Libras are always up for a good time. They enjoy the company of others and thus maintain a socially active lifestyle. You can use this trait to make your Libra man like you more.

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Invite him to hang out with your friends or for a night out. Scout for cool clubs, restaurants, museum shows, & gallery exhibitions, and keep your ear on the ground for up-and-coming social scenes. A Libra man will seek out your company if he sees you are as social as he is.

8 Keep Things Light

Libras do not do well under pressure. They have a tough time making decisions and would rather make no choice at all when feeling pressured. That is why you should put out a relaxed vibe when looking to snag a Libra man. Show him that you are up to seeing how things develop between you two but are in no hurry to get serious.

Give him space to make up his mind about things, however long it takes. Invite him to go out but do not hit the roof when he turns you down. Similarly, do not rage out if he does not call or text as often as you would want. Your Libra guy will stick to you when the idea of entering into a committed relationship comes from him.

9 Go With The Flow

One sure thing about Libras is that life is never dull when they are around. They are naturally curious and will want to learn and try new things. If there is a pottery class nearby, you can be sure that a Libra will sign up.

It’s best to just buckle up and enjoy the ride. Show your Libra man that you are up for whatever, and you will become his go-to person for fun outdoorsy activities. With Libra’s fun nature, you are sure to be glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and shared in his interests.

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10 Don’t Be A Downer

If you are a chronic complainer, you may want to take up yoga, start listening to motivational tapes, or invest in books about positive thinking. Anything to help you develop a positive mindset will do. This is because the Libra man trait that most defines him is his Zen attitude towards life.

Libras are known to remain impressively chill in the face of difficult situations. They simply do not like to waste energy whining over things that are out of their control. Consequently, spending time complaining about everything from how your boss is a slave driver to how the lighting in a nightclub sucks will be a huge turn-off for the Libra man.

Work on keeping an upbeat attitude and seek out the silver lining in everything. Staying calm and positive will make your Libra man want to be around you all the time.

How To Make a Libra Man Chase You: Conclusion

In summary, Libra men are hesitant when it comes to selecting a romantic partner. As much as they are willing to go the extra mile in a relationship, they look for a partner who can be their equal. Having a charming personality, a clever mind, an easy-going attitude, an adventurous soul, and a heart of gold is what it will take to impress your Libra man.

Big on balance, everything is a two-way street with the Libra lot. Therefore, if you show your Libra man that you are up to the task of being a worthy partner, he will be powerless to follow you.