Moon And Mars Conjunction – Where Passion and Emotion Collide

Moon And Mars Conjunction

The Moon and Mars conjunction is an especially unique planetary relationship. This individual is going to have all the emotional depths of the Moon hooked into the passion of Mars. It signals a loud personality that can light up a room and make decisive moves on the fly.

Individuals with this conjunction are also going to face their fair share of challenges. It takes a lot of emotional knowledge to learn how to balance these powerful feelings.

Let’s take a closer look at the Moon and Mars conjunction.

Moon – Get To Know Yourself

There’s something mysterious about the Moon. The waning and waxing of the Moon that we see in the night sky is caused by the Earth’s Shadow being cast on the Moon by the Sun. In the same way, the Moon represents a side of ourselves that we’re not always in touch with.

The Moon represents our inner emotional lives. It’s both how we feel our way through the world and how we understand the emotions of others. If the sun represents the outward light we shine to the world, the Moon is our inner reality.

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Mars – What Drives You?

The planet Mars takes its name from the Roman god of war. It only makes sense that this planet represents energy, drive, and passion.

Mars in your astrological chart connects to what fuels you. This is the energy that gets you out of bed in the morning and the drive that fires up when you’re feeling really passionate. Mars also taps into our emotional side with his quick bursts of intense feeling.

Moon and Mars Conjunction Personality Traits

If you have a natal Moon conjunct Mars, you’re going to have a fiery personality. Here’s just a few of the character traits that are commonly shared by people with this natal conjunct.

1 Living the Hot Blooded Life

Has anyone ever described you as being hot-blooded?

People with this conjunct are often perceived as being alive with energy. You might even feel physically warmer to the touch. This is how intense the emotional life as an individual with this natal conjunct can be.

This often expresses itself as a zest for life. You’ll find yourself looking to explore the fullness of whatever activity you find yourself engaged in. Your emotions will quickly rise to the surface and that expressivity will become a defining factor of how people receive you.

You’ve got all of the bold energy of Mars and the emotional depth of the Moon, that’s a substantial gift to learn how to balance.

2 Expressing Emotions

Part of this balance comes with how you express emotions. Individuals with a Moon and Mars conjunction are going to wear their hearts on their sleeves. In fact, individuals with this planetary relationship in their natal charts are going to feel stifled and frustrated if they can’t express themselves.

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This expression can get a little intense for the people around them. This is especially true if you find yourself in the company of people who aren’t used to being this loud with their feelings. This is a space that an individual with this natal conjunction is going to need to learn how to navigate.

3 Bad Temper

Not learning how to express your emotions can lead to having a bad temper. This is a bit of a double-edged sword for people with a Moon and Mars conjunction.

They’re often perceived as having a bad temper. One aspect of this comes from the fact that they just wear their emotions on their sleeves. If they’re upset, they’re going to show it. This isn’t so much of a bad temper as it is just being open and honest with their feelings.

This becomes a bad temper if this individual becomes out of touch with how others are receiving their feelings. Mars is known for its connection with violence and aggression. Individuals need to keep this in mind when they see Mars popping up in their astrological charts. Balance and tempering is required to not be consumed by the hot-headed tempers of the God of War.

4 Bold Emotional Defenders

Individuals with this relationship between the Moon and Mars and their natal chart are going to be defenders of the weak and downtrodden.

The emotional intelligence that comes from the Moon and the decisive need to stand up that comes from Mars are going to connect people to social causes. Individuals with this conjunction often find themselves standing up for the little guy.

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5 Learn to Relax

This is one of the bigger challenges that individuals with the Moon and Mars conjunction are going to have to face.

With this much emotional energy and passion driving you forward, when do you have the time to relax? Burnout is a real issue for individuals with this placement. All of that energy can wear you out over time if you don’t learn how to take a break.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to slow down built-in to the Moon and Mars conjunction. You’re going to have to turn it to other aspects of your natal chart to find ways that you build some relaxation into your life.

6 Avoid Starting Your Self Destruct Sequence

Frustration is a serious issue for individuals with this conjunction. There’s a lot of emotional energy that needs to be vented when you have a Moon conjunct Mars in your natal chart.

If you can’t find an outlet for these emotions, you can quickly become self-destructive. This is just your personality naturally looking for a combination of changing circumstances and a way to vent emotions.

Whether you pick up a hobby that lets you vent your intense feelings or you find another way to express these emotions, you need to keep this energy moving in a positive direction.

7 The Sexual Connection

It’s well-known that individuals with a Moon conjunct Mars in their natal chart are passionate individuals. This also extends into their sex lives.

Individuals with this conjunction are known for being passionate lovers. This can also be a source of frustration for these individuals. Not being in touch with their sexual side can be a significant source of pent-up emotions. It can also feel like something is missing from their emotional landscape. Discovering yourself as a passionate, and generous, lover is an important aspect of the Moon and Mars conjunction in your personality.

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Moon And Mars Conjunction Relationships

The Moon and Mars conjunction in synastry is going to signal the relationship defined by the old adage: opposites attract.

The Moon person is going to bring a certain sense of sensitivity and emotional wisdom to the relationship, while the Mars individual is going to bring energy and a much-needed decisiveness.

The Moon individual might find the Mars person to be a little insensitive or overly assertive with their emotions. Mars can struggle with the Moon individual’s sensitivity and have trouble figuring out why they are always stepping over boundaries.

Either way, this relationship is going to be shaped by lots of emotional interaction. These two individuals will always be feeling something for each other. This could be frequent arguments as well as a sustained passion.

A couple that has a Moon and Mars conjunction could have the rare gift of a relationship that never loses its spark. On the other hand, this couple could burnout through sheer emotional exhaustion.

When opposites attract, it’s all about finding a balance.

Moon And Mars Conjunction Transit

You’ll definitely feel it when we’re transiting through a Moon and Mars conjunction. This is the time of powerful energy and great decisiveness.

You’re going to feel fired up and have an intense desire to stand up and get going. This is going to be coupled with a decisiveness that you might not be used to feeling in your day-to-day life. You might finally feel that it’s time to walk into your boss’s office and demand that long-overdue raise, or that you finally have the nerve to ask your crush out on a date.

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The important factor to keep in mind during a Moon and Mars conjunction transit is that you want to have an outlet for this decisive, forceful energy. Without somewhere to go, this energy can quickly turn to frustration and can even make you hostile to the people around you. If you find your tempers flaring up, you need to take a step back.

Think about the causes that matter most to you, and put this excess energy in that direction. This can be an overwhelming transit for people who are used to much calmer and slow-moving emotions.

Wrapping Up Moon And Mars Conjunction

The Moon and Mars conjunction is a relationship that is defined by intense emotions and an expressive personality. Whether there’s a transit coming up or this planetary relationship is in your natal chart, you can expect emotions to run high and bold decisions to be made.

Just don’t forget to temper some of these powerful feelings in order to find an inner balance.