Aries Weaknesses and Strengths – Fiery, Determined, and Reactive

Aries Weaknesses and Strengths

Aries are a fire sign who are absolutely filled with a hot-burning flame.

These natives are well-known for their happy-go-lucky and self-reliant attitudes. They are masters of human interaction. As a result they have exceptionally strong relationships because they are involved friends, faithful, loyal, and fiercely committed.

Aries’ assertive behavior is a strength and a weakness; this self-confidence and drive will serve them well, particularly in their hobbies and careers, but can be misunderstood in social situations (especially with new acquaintances).

These direct natives are the kings and queens of honesty. Their romantic relationships are exceptionally strong, with high-quality open dialogue that creates long-lasting relationships. Aries just needs to ensure that their partner is either thick-skinned or understanding because Aries needs to work on their delivery.

As Kristen Bell said, “Honesty without Tact is Cruelty.” Of course, Aries usually doesn’t mean harm (especially with their lover), but their words can come out wrong.

What Are Aries Weaknesses?

Aries is hot-headed through and through. Almost all of their weaknesses can be attributed to their temper and lack of patience.

They are not team players, and you do not want to collaborate on group projects with them; they are almost completely naive about how their actions affect others. In addition, they also struggle to tolerate other people who don’t share their commitment, energy, or motivation. In some severe cases, Aries has been noted to share many similarities with narcissists.

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1 Impatient, Impulsive, Reactive

Aries will miss out on many opportunities because they jump onto the first offer or option available, unknowingly leaving much better, more ideal opportunities on the table.

While a quick reaction time usually has perks in movies, in the real world, it can be a problem.

Aries is also known to not think their options through before making impulsive decisions, even big, life-altering ones.

For example; they are precisely the type of person to see an adorable animal at a shelter and immediately decide to adopt, not thinking things through long enough to remember that their rental agreement has a strict no-pet policy.

While many friends will see this impulsiveness as fun spontaneity, it is usually detrimental to Aries, over time.

Tied in with their impatient and impulsive tendencies comes the quick reaction times. If Aries thinks or feels something, everyone else will know. When emotions are high, they do not conceal their thoughts, and their first instinct will be the one that they think and act on; whether that instinct is good or bad does not matter.

This concoction of impatience, impulsiveness, and reactivity makes Aries prone to more mistakes when it comes to social situations, financial handling, and in their careers.

This lack of impatience is partially why Aries does not enjoy slow ways of living. They need lots of mental stimulation, challenges, a fast-paced career, or demanding hobby. Their work needs to also be useful and important, busywork infuriates Aries, and they will not tolerate it.

2 Aggressiveness

Aries does not understand the concept of ‘constructive criticism.’ To them, everything is a profoundly personal attack. Meaningless squabbles can quickly become full-on (physical or verbal) fights, and arguments become wars. Aries always needs to stand up for themselves, prove their points, and ‘win’ the argument.

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This willingness to fight all the time will push some high-quality people out of their life. This will cause Aries to miss out on meaningful friendships, crucial business networking opportunities, and love connections because of it.

On top of aggression, Aries is stubborn. Once they make up their mind, there is no talking them down. The only way to change their perspective is to somehow, with great caution, convince them that the new change is ‘their’ idea.

On the bright side, Aries’ directness can be beneficial at times. Their assertiveness, paired with their strong sense of right and wrong, allows them to be powerhouses of justice.

3 Selfishness

Aries is a very self-involved sign, and it can be difficult for them to see beyond themselves.

These individuals are aware of their selfish tendencies. However, they see this trait as having a strong individual identity. They want to accomplish everything on their bucket list and don’t want any unnecessary ‘side quests’ to get in the way of this pursuit.

Aries sees this characteristic as someone who is not vulnerable to losing their freedom or power, and will not have to sacrifice their meaningful time due to an unnecessary sense of obligation.

What Are Aries Strengths?

Aries are honest humans who never conceal their thoughts or intentions. They do not omit minor details in order to tell a half-truth. Aries is candid and upfront. While there are some drawbacks to this character trait, as a whole, it is generally regarded as beneficial.

They are also determined, courageous, and able to come back from almost any downfall or setback, relatively quickly.

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In addition to those traits, Aries’ negative characteristics can also be beneficial in ways. For example, their aggressive tendencies allow them to push harder and occasionally secure opportunities that meeker natives would be too shy to attempt.

These natives see their jobs as more than paychecks – they love the demanding nature of important jobs. They are especially talented salespeople, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Aries’ selfishness can have its perks too; they are strong individuals who actually know what they want out of life and will do whatever it takes to achieve all their dreams.

1 Honesty

These are truthful humans, through and through. Their relationships are always built on honesty, and never omit the truth in order to tell a half-lie.

Aries’ truthfulness allows them to be given more rein in their careers, love lives, and other aspects of their lives as well. Their partner is likely to feel secure in their lover’s fidelity and true thoughts. If Aries thinks it, Aries says it; their partner never has to worry about their lover’s genuine opinions or intentions.

2 Determined and Courageous

These natives are intelligent people who take pride in their ability to think freely and be completely independent.

They are less likely to fall for schemes, lies, or other forms of deceit that the masses may otherwise accept. Peer pressure is not a big component in the life of an Aries native.

Aries are secure in themselves; they can tolerate the quiet and boring, dull moments, such as waiting rooms, quite well because their mind is usually filled with confident, self-assured thoughts. This confidence lets them crush job interviews, first dates, and otherwise intimidating scenarios.

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Their determination will allow them to push hard in their careers, side hustles, hobbies, sports, and relationships. They always have a little bit of “oompf” hidden away for emergencies.

This forwardness translates very well into their romantic life. Aries loves to engage in fun banter and flirtatious encounters. Now, during the initial courting stages, Aries may conceal their feelings for a short while until they fully understand the scope of the relationship.

However, once they let their guard down, it’s game on and the pursuit continues. These natives will shower their lover with over-the-top gifts, trips, and affection. This is a lot, and this intensity isn’t appreciated by all. But for needier signs who love lots of validation, it’s a perfect match.

These people have also been known to go a bit overboard when it comes to sex; some even call Aries a sex addict. It’s a sure thing that a relationship with an Aries will bring lots of heat and fiery passion.

3 A+ Bounce Back Abilities

Remember above we mentioned Aries has no filter and says exactly what they think or intend at any and all times?

Occasionally, these guys will say something a bit too embarrassing. Years of practice of bouncing back from awkward or difficult situations allows Aries to develop a super-human-like sense of self-confidence and the ability to move on.

Luckily, they do not dwell on situations from the past, and that allows them more time to focus on the present and future.

Failures in their career, business, or romantic pursuits are also relatively easy for them to recover from. When a door is slammed in their face, they shrug it off and look for a new door.

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Aries are independent, honest, reactive, impulsive, aggressive, and courageous natives who know what they want out of this life and run after it, cares and second-guesses thrown to the wind.

While some don’t appreciate their aggressive drive or strong sense of self, many are grateful for (and in awe of) their honesty, trustworthiness, and sheer determination.