Libra Sun Aries Moon – The Balance of Opposition

Libra Sun Aries Moon

There is a lot of tension when someone has a natal Libra sun Aries moon. This is a combination of opposing forces. It leads to a lot of dynamic energy that, if properly handled, can help an individual become charming as well as successful.

The Libra sun is going to pull this person towards justice and equality while the Aries moon is going to make them a consistent rebel. Learning how to balance these often conflicting emotions is the key of this astrological combo.

Let’s take a closer look at how these two signs interact.

Libra Sun

Sun In Libra

Libra is represented by the scales and this will give you some hint as to what it brings to someone’s sun sign. Libra represents balance, equality, and justice. Individuals with a Libra sun are going to be naturally drawn to social causes that allow them to help tip the scales in favor of Justice.

However, this desire to weigh and balance everything can lead to indecisiveness. A Libra sign can also spend too much time focusing on the details rather than taking action. This is a naturally balanced sun sign.

Aries Moon

Moon In Aries

If your sun sign represents who you are presently and how the world sees you, your moon sign represents where you’re headed and what your internal life is like. Someone with an Aries moon is going to be fiercely independent and assertive.

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It’s pretty typical for an Aries moon to struggle with an impulsive nature. They can be challenged by their own recklessness especially when it comes to emotional matters. They tend to move quickly from one feeling to the next which can be both beneficial and a hindrance.

Libra Sun Aries Moon – Personality Traits

Here’s a few ways you can look at the personality characteristics of a Libra sun Aries moon.

1 Freedom and Justice

This is someone that’s going to be constantly drawn to conversations around freedom and Justice. This can be a sense of personal freedom or a broader social freedom. The same is true for the appraisal of justice.

This can also be in conflict. The Libra in them wants them to have a balanced approach to things while the Aires in them is going to demand a rebellion. This might pull them into political causes where they’re fighting for the underdog or it could lead to a lot of internal conflict.

So much of the characteristics of someone with a Libra and an Aries sign in these prominent positions is going to be defined by balancing opposing forces.

2 Competition and Battles

This is also going to be someone who needs to fight battles and win competitions to keep themselves going. It’s a key part of their personality and they’ll be looking for a new contest in which they can test themselves. It’s not the winning that they’re after, but it’s the feeling that they got during the struggle.

There are a lot of ways that this can manifest in someone’s life. There are competitions that we can have while playing games, there are important social battles going on that this person can be involved in, or they can be competing with their friends over who gives the best gifts.

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This can also take on a negative manifestation as this person can often become controversial when they’re bored just to stir things up.

They have a bad habit of playing devil’s advocate when there’s nothing else to do.

3 An Emotional Steam Engine

We’ve talked a lot about the internal conflict that this individual will be going through, but it’s worth taking a closer look because this is a key aspect of their character.

They’ve got the Libra sign pulling in one direction and their Aires sign pulling in another. This creates something of an emotional steam engine. If it’s properly directed, this person’s going to have boundless energy to pursue the things they love.

However, if things get a little out of hand emotionally this person can go off the rails. They would benefit from slowing down a little bit and taking some time to do the internal maintenance to keep this proverbial steam engine running smoothly.

4 Positively Positive

Positivity is one of the key characteristics of this individual. They’re going to be well known in their social circles for always having a sunny disposition. Even when things are tough and they’re going through difficult times, they’re going to be some positive qualities about them that shine through the cracks.

5 The Need for Focus

Focus is one of the most important qualities that an individual with a Libra sun and an Aries moon can cultivate. One of the common challenges faced by an individual with this combination of astrological signs is the inability to see a project through. This means they’re going to need to intentionally work on building their focus so that they can complete the projects they start.

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6 Surround Yourself With Support

There’s one thing that this individual can start doing today that will help them a lot in their lives. This is someone who can benefit a lot from surrounding themselves with people who support them in the direction that they’re going.

While this is true for everyone, it’s especially true for someone with this much energy and signs that have this much opposition.

7 Changing from Moment to Moment

This individual is also going to be changing from moment to moment. The Libra sign is going to naturally be aware of the balancing act that they have to perform while they’re Aires sign is going to drive continuous change. This is going to make them shift from moment to moment in terms of their feelings, their goals, and the projects that they’re working on.

At the end of the day, it’s all about mastering the balancing act.

Libra Sun Aries Moon Man

A man with a natal Libra sun Aries moon is going to have an interesting combination of being very laid-back while also being intensely competitive.

He’s going to have an easy going personality that will charm the people around him. Nothing seems to get under his skin and he always has a calm, cool response to any situation that arises. However, that surface-level calm disguises a deep desire to win and a man who is looking for battles.

Competition is at the heart of a man with a Libra sun and an Aries moon. This could be fighting for a new promotion at work or fighting for a political cause. He’s also particularly attracted to romantic relationships that play a little hard to get.

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Libra Sun Aries Moon Woman

A woman who has a natal Libra sun Aries moon is going to have an interesting combination of decisiveness, compassion, and a desire to remain undefeated.

This is a woman who’s not going to have any trouble making up her mind. She’ll weigh her options and their qualities and then make a decision and that’s that. You’ll never catch her struggling to decide what to have for lunch or what major to pick while she’s in college.

She also has an interesting creative streak. This is deeply connected to a certain DIY sensibility. She likes doing things on her own and will often teach herself new crafts, arts, and even styles of music.

She’s also never going to settle with being put down. It doesn’t matter where the oppression in her life is coming from, she’s going to fight against it. You can often see a woman with this astrological combination on the front lines of political charges. She might not be the leader, but she’ll be there.

Libra Sun Aries Moon Romance

The love life of a Libra sun Aries moon is pretty interesting. This is going to be someone who wants a relationship as well as a steady partner in their life.

However, they’re also going to be pulled in the opposite direction by not wanting to have a conventional, domestic lifestyle. They’re going to need a partner that understands this dynamic mixture of a need for a stable relationship next with a desire to be free and explore.

This is also going to be someone who needs a lot of affection and attention. This is the kind of partner who will text you whether they’re at work, out with friends, or hanging out with their families. They’re also going to expect this level of attention in return.

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You can also expect them to be very forthcoming whenever there’s a problem. The combination of Libra demanding justice as well as Aries being assertive means that they’re never going to be shy about sharing their take on a dispute. This directness also means they like a partner that can keep them on their toes.

Wrapping Up Libra Sun Aries Moon

An individual with a Libra sun and an Aries moon is going to have a positive and charming characteristic.

They’re going to be drawn into conflicts that allow them to express their desire for freedom as well as to see justice win. They might struggle with indecisiveness, but they can temper that flaw by surrounding themselves with people who can support their complicated characteristics.