Sun In 12th House Synastry – Love and Mystery

Sun In 12th House Synastry

The Sun and the 12th House are two sides of the same astrological coin. The Sun is outgoing and egotistical while the 12th house is introspective and aloof. Rather than being total opposites, these two can actually be a great couple.

It’s all about learning balance and understanding. The Sun in the 12th house synastry is all about finding new perspectives and learning how to get in touch with hidden emotions.

What happens when you combine the light of the Sun and the darkness of the 12th house? Let’s take a look at this relationship of opposites.

Sun – You At Your Core

The Sun represents your core. This is the astrological body that signifies the personality that you show the world. Some people consider the Sun to be a representation of the soul, the ego, or just that spark that makes us unique.

The Sun also represents how you approach the challenges that come your way. The central role of the star is also defined by the energy that you give to the world.

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12th House – Hidden And Unseen

The 12th house has a reputation for being connected with the hidden and unseen realms that operate behind the scenes in our lives. These are unconscious impulses as well as the forbidden desires at least tried to suppress.

The 12th house also has deep connections with dreaming, rest, and introspection. While some people choose to interpret the 12th house as a dangerous and unwelcome place, it can also be seen as presenting individuals with the opportunity to confront and heal the most challenging aspects of their character.

Sun In 12th House Synastry – How It Shapes Relationships

At first it might seem like the Sun in the 12th house synastry is going to be a tale of two opposites who can’t attract. However, this connection can actually lead to a deep and fulfilling relationship as long as both individuals are ready to navigate some unique challenges.

1 In Love With a Mystery

The 12th house and the Sun are about as far apart as you can get when it comes to astrological symbols. The Sun is bright, central, and overflowing with energy while the 12th house is hidden and subtle. However, as the old saying goes, opposites attract!

These two can be drawn to each other precisely because they’re looking at the world from different perspectives. This can be constantly refreshing and provide each other with new ways of engaging with the world.

It’s important to recognize that mystery isn’t enough to sustain a relationship in the long-term. Overtime both the Sun and the 12 house individual will get to know each other and the mystery will give way to understanding.

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2 The Need for Patience

The mystery that defines the Sun in 12th house synastry also comes with a need for patience if it’s going to be a successful relationship. The Sun individual will often be outgoing and energetic while the 12th house individual will make their moves in the shadows. This is just a small example of the different perspectives that these two are going to be working from.

This means that they have to learn to be patient as they get to know each other. Part of this attraction comes from both the Sun and the 12th house individual never having met anyone like the other before. This sense of newness drives a lot of the romantic attraction, but it does mean that they need to give some extra emotional space to slowly learning to understand each other.

3 The Sun Helps the 12th House Realize Potential

In every great relationship, each individual is able to give something to their partner and help them to grow and advance their lives. This relationship is no different and both of these people are going to be able to help their partner overcome their natural obstacles.

The Sun individual is going to be able to offer a lot of energy to the 12th house. It’s going to provide illumination, direction, and motivation to pursue those things which has remained hidden. These might be lifelong hobbies that the 12th house partner has always wanted to pursue or deeper understandings of their self and their world.

The Sun often acts as something of a battery in synastry. Where it connects to planets and houses are areas of life that the Sun individual will be able to help power up.

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4 Building Up the Sun’s Unconscious Understandings

This helpful nature swings both ways. The Sun might be energetic and outgoing, but it’s regularly a little self-centered. The 12th house is going to provide some much-needed perspective to help the Sun get in touch with its own shadows.

The 12th house has a deep connection to the unconscious movements of the mind. The Sun individual is going to see them as a source of inspiration and insight when it comes to navigating their own internal world. In this way, the 12th house individual is going to be able to act like a guide helping the Sun find their own shadow.

5 New Perspectives

One of the best parts about this relationship is going to be the encounter of fresh new perspectives. These are two individuals who might have never considered things from the other’s perspective before they got together as a couple. These new perspectives can be challenging, but if faced with patience and a desire to understand, they can open up both partners to new ways of seeing the world.

6 Navigating a Maze

This is one of the biggest challenges that this couple is going to face through the course of their relationship. It’s often going to feel like they’re navigating the amazing as they get to know each other, and they start to build a life together.

This fog of perception occurs on both ends of the relationship. The Sun individual is going to be attracted to the mystery of the 12th house, but they’re also going to be confused by the subtlety and darkness that they find there. The individual with the 12th house can find the outgoing nature of the Sun refreshing, but they also run the risk of being blinded by the intensity of that light.

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This couple is going to need to learn how to move slowly through their personal lives together. This navigation gets easier with time, but there’s always going to be a subtle haze hanging over the interpersonal aspects of this relationship.

7 The Potential to Grow Together

One of the best parts about this relationship is that these two individuals have an intense potential to grow together. The difference is that the Sun has with the 12th house often wind up being complimentary.

This allows both of these individuals to connect with each other in ways that are mutually beneficial. Even navigating the hazy corners of their interpersonal relationship comes with the benefit of becoming more emotionally aware and learning how to work in challenging situations. The longer this couple sticks together, the more they’re going to grow together.

Sun In 12th House Synastry – Friendships And Work

Synastry also covers relationships outside the romantic realm. This can include friendships, family, and even work. Here’s how the Sun in the 12th house synastry can shape these connections.

Coworkers and business relationships that are defined by a Sun in the 12th house synastry are either going to find a difficult time working together or they’re going to be able to tackle distinct areas of their business. Rather than trying to force this duo together, business partners should consider harnessing their unique skill sets in ways that benefit a mutually shared goal.

Friendships that often connect with a Sun in the 12th house synastry have a unique balance to them. There is the outgoing and energetic Sun individual and the 12th house’s mysterious loner. These two can build their friendship and enrich each other’s lives by inviting each other into their personal spaces and giving their friends the opportunity to explore Prospectors they might never have considered.

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Wrapping Up Sun In 12th House Synastry

The Sun in the 12th house synastry creates a relationship that is defined by mystery and the ability to help each other see the world in a new light.

These individuals might struggle to navigate the inner workings of each other’s emotions, but they also have the ability to learn and grow from each other. Having patience is a must when they are getting to know one-other and they should focus on the ways in which each of them offer unique perspectives to improve their partner’s life.