How Does a Gemini Man Test a Woman?

How Does a Gemini Man Test a Woman?

When a Gemini man starts falling in love with a woman, his first instinct is to panic at least a little and then sort through his doubts, fears, and insecurities about himself and his new partner. The best way for him to accomplish all of this is to quietly and (mostly) subtly test the woman to see if things will work out okay.

These are some of the most prevalent tests you may catch a Gemini man using on you, plus how to decipher, handle, and pass them.

1 He Acts Apathetic Or Ignores You

Acting indifferent is a classic move that many men from several zodiac signs use when they start developing feelings for a woman. He feels pressure, gets nervous, asks for space, and then you’re left wondering where you went wrong.

Typically this action begins out of anxiety for him but develops into a convenient test when he realizes he can use this scenario to gauge how serious you are about him.

The best thing you can do here is to gently show him that you want to be a constant in his life and then patiently wait for him to come to his senses and enter your life again. You can’t grill or pressure him when he starts to come back.

If you find this behavior irrational and annoying, you probably won’t be happy with a Gemini man. Don’t worry, though, because once he feels secure with you, he will improve on communicating his need for time alone or with friends. He is capable of being less flaky. It just takes time and patience from you and a bit of extra effort and forethought from him.

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2 He Pushes Your Hot Buttons

Gemini men want to explore everything, and your personality is no exception. They are curious by nature. Once he feels more connected with you, you can expect your Gemini man to press your buttons and test your boundaries. He does this to figure you out and learn how you react when upset, irritated, surprised, or confused.

Geminis are great explorers but not that good at planning. His fascination with learning is usually not preceded by the thought of “what could be the consequences of this action?”. Gemini men are notorious for acting first, only to later on realize their mistakes and suffer the consequences.

For this, do your best to take this in stride. Your Gemini man will tend to jump before looking. Have a conversation with him about it, but absolutely prepare for that to happen again because that’s just who he is.

3 He Drags You Into His Spontaneous Chaos

Were you planning a cozy weekend inside with takeout and some classic movies? Well, he just booked a round-trip flight for you both to a national park, and he’s already got your bags out to help you pack to go with him.

This test is him trying to decipher how well you can go with the flow, whether disruption upsets you, and how willing you are to try something new. If you love spontaneous adventures, this trip will really solidify your relationship. If not, be prepared to let go a little or learn how to cut him loose because this is a core part of his personality.

4 Then He Acts Utterly Bored

A bored looking man

So you survived the crazy trip he randomly chose for you two, and now he’s acting bored and lazy. This test is nearly impossible to detect if you don’t know what to look for, so noticing the signs and passing the test is a huge deal.

Unless he is sick, hurt, severely tired, or dealing with depression, it is not like him to feel dull or lazy. Instead, it is a test to see if you’re willing to take the lead and incite something fun and unique for you two.

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You certainly don’t have to match his energy when doing something fun, but you do need to keep the conversation fun and flowing. While an impromptu dinner at a brand-new restaurant could be fun, at the bare minimum, you need to show him that you won’t let him feel stagnant around you.

5 He Starts Asking Lots Of Questions

This test is much more straightforward and easy to spot. When a Gemini man starts asking about your background, personal beliefs, what you think about current events, thoughts on conspiracy theories, and what kind of a future you envision, it is a good sign he is serious about you or interested in getting to know you.

There isn’t a perfect way to pass this test other than being honest with yourself and him. It’s best practice to be open with your thoughts and feelings and ask good reciprocating questions. That way, you will also learn more about him.

Deep conversations are a great way to learn about someone quickly and decide if you have any chance of a future together. Sometimes you might even figure this out almost right away. Be yourself and think about what you want when your Gemini man starts to test you with questions.

6 You May Try New Things In The Bedroom

Gemini men will never let you feel bored or stuck in a mundane routine, in or out of the bedroom. But this will be very apparent when you two start to get serious about your relationship. He may up the spicy, ask to try new things with you, or surprise you by initiating new moves you haven’t tried before.

Of course, part of this is him just happy to express his enthusiasm for you, but part of it is a test to see how you respond to his advances. He will not be upset if you set boundaries or decline a few things. What counts is how you say no and what you decide to do after you say no.

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You should show a Gemini man that it’s not personal when you opt not to do something and then offer something different for you two to try.

If you get upset or angry with his moves, communicate this openly. Consent always trumps everything else. So make sure you later explain your boundaries and set expectations with him so he knows what to expect and how you two can be spontaneous and fun while respecting each other’s wishes.

7 He Takes You Out To Parties Or Social Events

A group of friends at a social gathering

Geminis are undeniable social butterflies who are happy to discuss anything and everything. They bring so much light, life, and energy into every setting, especially when it comes to social gatherings.

You don’t have to shine in the spotlight quite like he does, but he would love to see you happily meeting and mingling with other people too. If you’re hiding in the corner or avoiding people, he will probably see that as a red flag and feel more apprehensive about starting a relationship with you. You don’t have to be super social, but try not to act like a stick in the mud.

8 You May Notice Some Strange Side-Eying From Him

While you’re out in public around other people, he will quietly try to assess how faithful you are. He cannot (and will not) handle any iota of cheating or out-of-pocket flirting from you to other men (or other women).

Loyalty is a lot more important to a Gemini man than he likely lets on, so keep that in mind and stay on the straight and narrow. Try not to give him any reasons to doubt you. If any issues arise, have an honest conversation with him and talk about how you two can better handle situations in the future.

9 He Reveals Some Of His More Hidden And Mysterious Side

When a Gemini man is in love and ready to test your compatibility, he will begin to open up and reveal more of his true self. The odds are good when he talks about parts of himself that he doesn’t share with anyone, not even his friends and family.

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Gemini men seem like open books, but there are facets of themselves they keep tucked away out of fear, anxiety, or self-consciousness. If he starts telling you about his fears, secrets, or just aspects of his personality that he doesn’t like, you have to listen up, take him seriously, and recognize what an honor this is.

You are welcome to open up and delve into your hidden side too. However, listening to and being willing to keep the secrets of a Gemini man is more than enough to pass this test.

10 He’ll Spark Some Interesting Conversations

A couple having an interesting conversation

Gemini men are fantastic at keeping conversations rolling, even if they rely on their unpredictable nature to make that happen. He wants to ensure you can reciprocate in keeping the conversation alive and find out if you’re a healthy communicator too.

When there is a pause or an awkward moment, use that time to your advantage to ask a new question or steer the question into another engaging topic.

Remember, a Gemini man likes being spontaneous. Chaos is his favorite hobby. So it’s perfectly okay to ask something unrelated but interesting if it keeps things fun and exciting. The bottom line is not to make him “carry” the conversation every time.

11 He Invites You To Learn About His Hobbies

If your Gemini man offers to show you his hobbies (or talk more about his career), it indicates he is interested in you and curious about how you’ll treat his interests.

While it would be nice for you to try out whatever hobby he has, the main point is that you show an interest in what makes him happy and prove that you’ll be supportive and curious.

He isn’t asking you to work a similar role or to make his hobby your hobby. He only wants to see how interested in him you are and learn if you are seeing him the same way he sees you.

The best thing you can do here is to show genuine interest by asking questions. After that, feel free to share about your career or hobbies too. You can also use that to gauge the support and interest of a Gemini man.

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12 He’ll Ask You To Make A Few Decisions For Him

Even the most mature Gemini men will want to occasionally revert to boyhood and have someone else call the shots for him. He sometimes finds making adult decisions draining, so having someone he can rely on to call the shots for him will really mean a lot and prove that the relationship has legs.

This test can be tricky. On the one hand, the Gemini man wants you to choose the more interesting (reckless) option because that’s just who he is. On the other hand, he would appreciate it if you acted like a mature adult and chose to be more responsible, stable, disciplined, or intentional with day-to-day living.

Just use your best discretion here. The trick is to demonstrate you are understanding, a positive force, and capable of grounding him when needed.

13 He “Forgets” How To Be Punctual

For every ounce of playfulness in a Gemini man is another ounce of procrastination. Yes, he’s a hard worker and wants to do great things, but he often gets sidetracked by his many interests.

When a Gemini man begins to show you his forgetfulness or lateness, you’ll know he’s getting comfortable in the relationship. That’s a great sign that he likes you, but it is incredibly frustrating to deal with or accept. You have to call him out immediately and get him to correct the issue, or at least communicate with you better, or it will become more prevalent.

He doesn’t do this to hurt you. Also, this isn’t an intentional test. It is what he naturally does subconsciously. Be kind but also upfront and tell him what is and isn’t acceptable. He already knows right from wrong and sometimes needs reminders and encouragement.

If you can’t handle a procrastinator, you have a long and arduous process ahead of you because a Gemini man may or may not fix this issue. You need to be introspective during his tests because you should also vet if he’s a good match for you.