Libra’s Negative Traits – A Full List

Libra's Negative Traits

Everyone has good and bad traits in their personality.

If, on the one hand, your positive traits become a reason to win others’ hearts, on the other hand, your flaws or negative characteristics could annoy others and serve as a hurdle in relationship building in family and society.

And Libras are no different, despite often being viewed as the most adorable natives on the zodiac.

Libras positive traits are that they are socially cool, lovable, and idealist beings of the astrological chart. With such an impressive resume some find it hard to believe that these perfect creatures may possess some negative traits.

But the reality is no one is perfect in this world. And, in this guide, we’ll walk you through Libra’s negative traits.

Libra – Traits And Qualities

People born between September 23 and October 22 belong to the Libra sun sign. They are born under the planetary rulership of Venus, and as a cardinal air sign, they love connecting with people.

Everyone loves these friendliest and most charming people. They are best at harmonizing their relationships. They attract admiration from every side because of their highly developed social skills and easy-going nature.

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Their aptness to recognize others’ potentials and motivate them to create a world of their own makes them prominent in social gatherings. They are fun to enjoy life with.

Libras have a keen ear and patience to listen to people and decide fairly in a pleasing manner.

Libra’s Negative Traits

As with every good thing in life, there is also a bad side to Libra.

All of their good characteristics have a corresponding negative side. However, Libras constantly strive to live positively, and this acute sense of perfection exposes them to negativity.

Below you’ll uncover the top 13 flaws of Libras that hinder their positivity, make them lose their temper, and create conflicts in their relationships.

1 Unreliable & Fickle

People often complain about the erratic behaviours of Libras. They are fickle and unreliable when it comes to keeping someone’s secret.

Do not depend on them ever to not spread the word about you, among others. Libras can rarely be trusted for anything. If you have Libras friends, sharing important details or information with them is never a good thing.

2 Dominant & Self Centered

Libras want to rule everyone and think that they are the best at everything. They easily perceive others as selfish but never admit their dominating and self-centred approach.

They can easily switch sides or build boundaries when they see the circumstances or people are not in their favour. They give supreme value to their priorities in life.

3 Bad Secret-keepers

These romantic idealists are the worst secret-keepers.

They have a huge friend circle they love to gossip with. If you share anything with them and expect them to keep it a secret, don’t be surprised when it becomes common knowledge.

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While gossiping with friends or family, they can easily spill the beans and not even realize it. To avoid clashes and ruin your relationship, be mindful of the fact that Libras are bad at keeping secrets.

4 Emotionless

Libras are emotionless. They do not feel or see things deeply. They have a shallow approach to life and feelings. They often do not even care for the sentiments of their closest relationships.

Sometimes their detached and emotionless behaviour causes hurt feelings. But sadly, Libras are completely unaware of this. They are insensitive and cannot relate their feelings to others.

They are choosy and can find a million reasons to support those who hold a special place in their heart, but if they do not want to empathize with someone, no matter what the situation is, they will have no regard for them.

Such a dispassionate mind is another negative trait of Libra’s personality.

5 They forgive but never forget

Libras hold grudges in their hearts.

They may forgive someone, but they never forget their mistake. If someone hurts them, they never trust that person again.

They become cold with them and often do not reciprocate warmth and care for such people. They fight their battles meticulously. Once they decide to part their ways from someone, they silently do this.

Although these social butterflies are known for their peacemaking trait, they silently plan their revenge and give no idea what is really going on in their head to others.

6 Manipulative

These master communicators are intelligent and skilful manipulators. They can quickly manipulate anyone for their benefit, and people even do not know that they are being used.

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They play with the psyche of others. They strategize well to bring down the morale of those they dislike with no mercy. Libras are not always to be trusted because they mask their true sentiments.

They fake their intentions to make people believe them and then utilize that for their benefit. They know to cash others’ weaknesses for their benefit.

7 Indecisive

Libras are the people pleasers. They want to keep everyone happy. They are always making choices at the back of their minds. As such, they are indecisive and take too much time to weigh the pros and cons of everything.

On one side, thinking before deciding is a good trait, but on the other side, it becomes your flaw when you fail to choose timely. Their choice for keeping everyone happy makes them doubtful, even in the minor issues and settlements.

8 Narcissistic

Owing to their narcissistic ego, they believe whatever they do or think is right and justified. They do not give others credit or admire their good plans because they believe only they and their goals deserve acceptance and appreciation.

Considering them perfect and believing they know everything is their notorious trait.

9 Artificial & Vain

Sometimes Libras behave or think superficially. They become vain and artificial, and the most unfortunate thing is that they do not give such behaviour a reality check.

They are the gifted liars. Under the influence of Venus, they have a prime love for beauty and appreciation. They try their best to look best at social events to draw everyone’s gazes towards them.

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They feel incapable of holding company to people they consider lacking in good looks or fashion sense. Such artificiality and vanity become a hurdle in their growth.

10 Selfish & trouble maker

Libras are selfish and self-obsessed. They can quickly lose their calm when others do not agree with their ideas or act as their pawns. They are control freaks who love controlling everyone but hate to be controlled.

If you ever smell trouble, never run for advice to Libras. They will never give you a solution; instead, you may invite more trouble or damage under their guidance.

These trouble makers can cause more problems for you instead of resolving the situations. It is better to run away from Libras in the time of trouble than surrounding yourself with them.

11 Laziness & Self-pity

Libras are lazy and run away from responsibilities.

They always look for shortcuts or choosing the most manageable tasks to perform. They lack the ability to work hard and want work where they can sit on their easy chair with a cup of coffee and work as per their own schedule.

You will never find Libras making any extra effort to complete their tasks early and efficiently. They fail to bring an end to most of their assigned projects.

12 Tit-for-tat Mentality

Libras try their best to avoid unpleasantness in life. But that does not mean they never get angry in life. If they feel annoyed with someone, they believe in paying in the same coin instead of letting go or ignore.

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They possess a natural flair for tit-for-tat behaviour. No one can escape their rage.

13 Impatient & Unapproachable

Libras are hasty and become impatient when things do not go as they plan. They blame others for their irresponsibility out of their superiority complex. Their diplomacy brings restlessness for them.

Libras often fail to express themselves in a time of stress. Instead of making others realize what is going inside them, they become unapproachable and aloof. This might be an effort to maintain peace, but people dislike such an attitude and consider it an escape from reality.

Libra’s Negative Traits: The Bottom Line

There is no perfect horoscope sign. All 12 signs have positive and negative characteristics. Please remember that it is not someone’s zodiac sign that reveals your true personality.

Everyone can hone their positive traits more and make a conscious effort to overcome their flaws. Instead of hating your own or others’ negative traits, work with others to amend the faults and start making the right choices.

Libras hide many things under their picture-perfect exterior. Their fairness, friendly behaviour, and heart of gold are more attractive than all these negative traits.