Mars Conjunct Mars: Ambition, Ego, and Creativity

Mars Conjunct Mars

Mars In Astrology

Mars is the planet of energy, action, desire, and passion. The sign Mars is in will give clues as to the way they channel this raw energy. In one chart, it can represent a highly motivated person with drive and ambition, but in another, it may represent someone who constantly gets into arguments or fights.

It is the ruler of Aries. Its element is fire and its quality is cardinal. This means that Mars delivers the message of Aries to the rest of the zodiac and is hot-headed, impulsive, assertive, and impatient. It also has a decided tendency toward aggression.

Mars is meant to teach us how to get more of what we want, but not at the expense of others. It’s about learning to express our desires in constructive ways that are fair and equal for everyone involved.

The Conjunction In Astrology

When two or more planets are situated close together in the sky (usually within 8° distance) we say that they form a conjunction. It is considered an important and positive position because it represents a bridge between elements, providing ideas to make things happen. This bridge is based on mutual exchange and understanding.

Conjunctions teach us how to make the best of our resources and synthesize them with other people or aspects of our lives. It leads us towards integration and wholeness.

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Mars Conjunct Mars In The Natal Chart

Mars conjuncts Mars when the planet returns to its natal position. This is known as the revolution of a planet. This occurs once every two years and is meaningful because it represents the end and beginning of a cycle.

When this revolution occurs, it lasts for about 4 days. At this time, it’s important to assess your projects, actions, and intentions. Are the current projects in your life something that you want to carry on with for the next two years? What have you achieved by this time?

It’s a good idea during this conjunction to realize that you are at the end of something and the beginning of something else, so it’s important to be willing to let go. It is said that this conjunction brings an increased ego drive because it marks a time where you should look back over your life and assess what has worked well for you up until now.

For those with a strong Mars or Aries presence in the birth chart, this ego drive is particularly strong. But it’s important to use this drive in a productive way, rather than destructive or hedonistic.

For those with negative placements for Mars (such as Mars placed in the 12th House), this conjunction brings an opportunity for them to look at their own anger and tendencies toward self-harm. Are they harming themselves? Or, are they trying to control and suppress their anger in a way that is self-destructive?

It may be time for them to release the past and allow themselves to feel pain. It’s important for them to realize that feeling pain isn’t something to be afraid of when it comes to experiencing life fully.

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One example of this is with Mars in Scorpio. They may be used to using anger as a defense mechanism, or they may have so much buried rage that it’s starting to eat away at them inside.

Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry

When two people have Mars conjunctions in their natal charts, it shows compatibility and shared energy. In Mars conjunct Mars synastry, two peoples’ Mars placements in their natal chart form a conjunction.

These two people are very much alike. They push each other to do more, accomplish more, and be more active. There is an intense sexual attraction since they are so similar that it feels as if they have known each other forever.

If there are no negative aspects between them, this relationship can give both individuals a sense of self-confidence because the similarities between them are so apparent. However, when there is disharmony between this aspect, their actions can result in disagreement and even violence if not resolved.

The ego plays an important role here because it is difficult to act objectively when emotions are involved (especially for Mars signs). An excess of ego makes it impossible to understand the other person’s point of view, while a lack of self-confidence can make them feel inferior and disliked by their partner.

How Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry Relationships Promote Growth

Mars conjunct Mars can be healthy if the people involved are aware of their own ego issues and how to deal with them.

It’s important for these people to work on themselves rather than on their partners. They have a strong sense of self and are good at making decisions quickly. They are both confident and self-sufficient.

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When they push each other to do things, it’s beneficial for them, because it helps them become more active and involved in their lives. They may not be the type of people who would go out and accomplish something on their own, but when they do it together, they find that they can accomplish anything.

Mars conjunct Mars couples are great at initiating projects together, but the collaboration only works if they are willing to compromise. Other placements in their birth charts can greatly support these shared efforts and bring them closer together.

The conjunction will ultimately work the best if both people are willing to communicate with each other openly and honestly. When they achieve this, this synastry will work very well.

Struggles With Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry Relationships

Although conjunctions generally bring positive interactions among the people involved, this is not always the case with Mars conjunct Mars.

When they’re faced with decisions, one person may try to assert their dominance over the other. This can turn into an ego battle that becomes more important to them than the relationship itself.

When the harmony of this aspect is broken, it can cause both individuals to feel angry and misunderstood. They may stop talking to each other altogether. Fearful of confrontation, one person may withdraw while the other becomes even more forceful. If these issues are not resolved, they can quickly escalate into physical aggression.

It’s important for these individuals to understand that when they fight, there will always be a winner and a loser. They must learn how to communicate honestly, to avoid this outcome.

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Practical Tips For Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry Relationships

There are many ways a Mars Conjunct Mars synastry aspect can manifest. Here are some ways that these two individuals can connect and grow together.

  • Start a business partnership that will bring the two of you together to fight for a common goal.
  • Make sure you both have enough space, so as not to smother each other.
  • Mars is balanced by celebration, so consider having rituals around your success and accomplishments.
  • Take time for a weekly dialogue and check-in, where you can share your concerns and plans for the coming week.
  • Give each other a little breathing room. Make sure that at least once a week there is a personal project or event that each person can engage in independently.
  • Make time to compliment and appreciate one another each day. This can be as simple as taking 5 minutes in the morning to share a gratitude with each other.
  • If power struggles are present in the relationship, you two may want to consider seeing a couple’s therapist or counselor. While independent therapy may also be helpful, this will make sure that there is guided space for making negotiations and compromises in a fight-free space.
  • Make date nights or vacations focused on spontaneity and creativity. Since Mars is a fiery planet, it craves novelty and excitement. Plan a creative night out, go somewhere new, or try something you have never done before.

Mars Conjunct Mars: Final Thoughts

Mars conjunct Mars in a natal aspect is an opportunity to redefine and breathe life into personal projects. Make sure to take this time to assess what you have been growing for the past two years. Did you stay on track? Did these goals serve you in a positive or negative way?

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Once you answer these questions, you can make a clear and confident decision as to what you want your next steps to be.

Mars conjunct Mars synastry is a powerful aspect that can have a beneficial effect on a relationship, but it requires both people to be aware and sensitive to the needs of their partner.

Make sure you both take time for yourself and your own projects every week. Choose activities that are about self-development during this aspect, as Mars is all about individual power and ambition.

By taking care of your self-development, you will be able to allow more space for your partner whilst also bringing positive, novel experiences into your relationship.