Mars Opposite Mars Synastry – Rewards Through Conflict

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry

There are certain combinations in synastry that cause people to worry, but this is often due to an over simplified approach to astrology. When both people in a relationship have Mars in opposition, it can create a lot of challenges and a lot of opportunities for a unique romantic bond.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unexpected things that aren’t regularly discussed about the Mars opposite Mars synastry.

Mars – Energy, Ambition, Drive

Mars is the Red Planet, the God of War, and everything about us that speaks to our energy and our drive. Mars connects into our ambitions when we pursue our life’s goals as well as other aspects of our drive such as our sex life.

We should take a moment to highlight that Mars can be negative or positive. The same energy and ambition that drives us towards positive goals can also take us down reckless paths of violence. Finding balance with the energy from Mars is one of the keys to keeping it in check.

Opposite – Balance Or Imbalance?

Opposition Aspect

Opposites have something of a troubled history when it comes to synastry.

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More basic approaches to astrology tend to see opposites as being a negative imbalance. This can be true when the two planets are at odds with each other and one becomes more dominant which makes them hard to level out.

On the other hand, it’s very common for a relationship to have one or two major opposites in their synastry. These opposites can balance each other out and create some necessary diversity that keeps the relationship interesting. This also makes sure that the spark never fades away.

Things do get a little more complicated when we have a Mars opposite Mars synastry.

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry

The Mars opposite Mars synastry is often depicted as being a negative in a relationship. While it is true that this couple is going to have some interesting challenges to overcome, for the right people, this can be more of a blessing than it is a burden.

Here’s how a Mars opposite Mars synastry can inform how you approach a relationship.

1 Is One Mars Dominant?

Mars is considered to be dominant when it is in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Mars is also thought to be more passive when aligned with Libra, Taurus, and Cancer. If one Mars is dominant and one Mars is passive, this could create an imbalance.

This could be a problem for couples that don’t like this kind of energy imbalance. It’s going to take a lot of work to help the more passive partner step forward, and it’s going to take the same amount of restraint for the dominant partner to step back.

Some couples don’t mind this power exchange. With the right emotional clarity, both Mars placements could benefit from being able to trade off their power dynamic. This would require strong bonds in your synastry and in other emotional areas.

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2 Challenges With Aggression and Passive Aggressive Behavior

One of the biggest challenges that this couple is going to face is an imbalance with aggression and passive-aggressive behavior.

There’s often a tendency for one individual to feel like they can never have their voice heard which leads to them becoming very passive-aggressive in conflict. This happens while the other individual is unaware of how they steamroll over their partner.

This isn’t always the case with the Mars opposite Mars synastry, but it can be very challenging to overcome. This requires doing things that are difficult for prominent Mars placements such as slowing down, listening into someone else’s feelings, and taking conflict in stride. Love isn’t always a conquest and sometimes Mars just needs to lay down their arms.

3 Powerful Dynamic Energy

Mars is here to create some powerful dynamic energy for this couple. The fact that they have a Mars opposite Mars synastry is going to mean that this dynamic energy becomes more influential in their romantic relationship.

This is going to mean that this couple experiences passionate romantic feelings and sexual encounters. This might even be a little overwhelming with how energetic it can be. This is one of the more positive manifestations of the tension that builds between a Mars opposite Mars synastry.

4 Career Goals at Crossed Paths

Sometimes life’s material goals get in the way of a relationship fully blooming. A Mars opposite Mars synastry often involves two individuals who have career goals that move in opposite directions.

This could create some important tension that your relationship will need to resolve. Individuals with opposed career goals might have jobs that caused them to move apart, work at different hours of the day, or just otherwise have work lives that make their romantic lives a little more challenging.

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This could also create some interesting benefits in your relationship. Some couples need more time apart and working a job that involves traveling might give them the space they need to fully exercise their autonomy, for example.

5 Awareness of Conflict

It’s no lie that a Mars opposite Mars synastry is going to be something of a challenge. Even under the best circumstances, these are two strong personalities that don’t always see eye-to-eye. This means that a healthy and successful relationship is going to be aware of this conflict.

Let’s talk about how this is challenging first. Individuals who aren’t used to this level of emotional knowledge might find it a little difficult to see their place in a larger conflict and know when to step aside. This can especially be the case if one partner is more dominant in the relationship than the other.

This can also be a positive thing for the relationship. A Mars opposite Mars synastry means that these two individuals are going to be more in tune with the nature of their conflict. This is going to give him a stronger awareness of their interpersonal dynamic and inability to stop arguments before they start.

6 Challenging and Motivating Each Other

There’s a lot of good that comes to the Mars opposition Mars synastry. However, even the beneficial things about this planetary aspect require innovative approaches to handling how both Mars placements will challenge each other.

This is the exact type of couple you’d expect to honestly enjoy being challenged by each other. Whether they’re competing to see who can bring home the biggest salary or they seem to be always out doing each other with gifts and displays of affection, this couple is driven by competition.

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This can be a very healthy way of growing together as a couple. Some people find it mutually motivating to be with a partner that’s always holding them to higher standards. However, both of these individuals should have clear communication and a strong level of access to their emotions to make sure that this competition doesn’t become a conflict.

7 Learning to Back Down

A key component of the Mars opposite Mars synastry is learning when to back down. This is especially the case when one Mars is more dominant than the other, but it also applies when both individuals are on equal footing.

These are two strong personalities that are seemingly evenly matched. This creates a situation where no one has a natural path to stepping back during a confrontation. This could create the type of argument that just seems to go on until both individuals are too exhausted to argue anymore.

Conflict management and resolution skills are going to be very important here. Sometimes winning an argument isn’t nearly as essential as coming together as a couple and finding your way through a conflict.

8 A Synastry Dependent on the Rest of Your Chart

The Mars opposite Mars synastry is heavily dependent on the rest of your synastry as well as both of your natal charts. This is one of those oppositions that’s in a very delicate balance. Mars opposite Mars can be very positive, or very chaotic, and a lot this depends on where the rest of your synastry lines up.

There are some things that you can look for in your synastry to get some insight into how your Mars opposite Mars will interact. If the two of you have a lot of favorable connections when it comes to emotional understanding, conflict, and your life goals, your Mars opposite Mars connection will likely be more beneficial than chaotic.

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However, you also need to look for imbalances and those aspects of your synastry. Too much tension when it comes to handling conflict and emotional challenges can cause a runaway effect with the Mars opposite Mars synastry.

No matter which way you look at it, this is all about balancing a challenging situation.

Wrapping Up Mars Opposite Mars Synastry

Mars opposite Mars synastry is definitely a sign that both individuals needed to slow things down and take a close look at their emotions. However, this isn’t the relationship ruining synastry sign that many people make it out to be. In fact, for couples that love a challenge and have a strong emotional knowledge, this can be a very powerful combination.