How to Text an Aries Woman

How to Text an Aries Woman

Texting can be complicated. Losing nuance, tone, and facial expressions can make it easy for a lot of meanings and intentions to get lost in translation. If you want to be an effective communicator, especially with a certain Aries, you have to learn these key tactics and understand a few things.

For instance, Aries women see the world through an intellectual lens, and so it’s usually good advice to approach and speak to her while keeping that perspective in mind. Did you know that? And do you know how to text her with the influence of thoughtful logic?

We’ve got you covered. Read on to learn all about it, so you can nail how to text an Aries woman.

1 You Have To Understand The Aries Lady First

Aries women crave attention and affection, even if they try to hide it.

A bold, tenacious, intelligent woman, she loves a good challenge and prides herself on her problem-solving skills. Most Aries women come with an extensive list of impressive accomplishments. She is passionate about her work and makes a fantastic leader. Even in her most frustrating or complex situations, she’s sure to keep a smile on her face and her nose to the grindstone.

Aries women don’t care for the little details or your processes. She wants a quick, to-the-point overview. Skip the small talk and nuances, and get into the nitty-gritty.

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Of course, she cannot stand unnecessary meetings or long-winded phone calls; she prefers quick explanatory Loom videos or emails in lieu. Getting to review information on her time is important to her, and her preference. Because of this, text messages are right up her alley.

She is a fiery woman who needs action and adventure. She’s the type to figuratively leap first and then hope for water or a parachute on her way down. Sometimes this gets her in troublesome situations, but sometimes it fuels the fire and passion burning inside and quenches her soul’s thirst for action and newness.

Her fixation on what she wants out of life can make her a bit selfish. She doesn’t intend to act this way, it’s simply in her nature. Luckily, it is possible for her to gain self-awareness and work to keep this tendency in check.

2 How To Text An Aries Woman As Her Colleague, Boss, Or Business Partner

If you are texting an Aries woman in a professional setting, first, know that she probably likes you because you are sending a text. Thank you for not wasting her time with another meeting or unnecessary phone call. She does like face-to-face interactions, but she’s a busy lady, and texts will suffice.

Sure, some people may see texting as unprofessional, but she sure doesn’t. She sees it as quick and efficient, and she appreciates you for that.

Get right to the point in your text. Don’t beat around the bush or try to coyly allude to your point. She doesn’t care to read between the lines, so skip that game altogether.

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Frame your text in the sense of logic and reason. She is in touch with her feelings, but she views and interacts with the world with her intelligence and mind leading the way. You are more likely to get (or stay) on her good side if you also lean on logic rather than emotion.

Also, don’t text her over minor details, and certainly not when she’s trying to sleep. She values her rest and can get aggravated very quickly if you disrupt that.

She also secretly battles burnout. Not only that, but she works extremely hard and puts everything into her work; that gets exhausting. Whenever possible, let her rest, and give her time to decompress. She will never tell you about her struggles, especially if she sees you strictly as a professional connection, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

3 How To Text An Aries Woman As Her Friend

Aries women are always going at a hundred miles an hour. It’s difficult for her to force herself to stop what she’s doing and to pick up the phone to text back. You’re going to have to find a way to grab her attention on the first text, so she feels compelled to talk to you more. Tell her something surprising or exciting, or ask her a thoughtful question.

Keep in mind as you text that she acts confident but often has deep-seated insecurities that weigh heavily on her mind. Her fears and harmful self-talk can make her seem cold or distant when she texts you.

If she is texting you back though, she wants to. Aries women are the queens of waiting weeks to reply to a text message because she has better things to do. If an Aries woman is texting you back, know that she probably likes this conversation; otherwise, she would ghost you.

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Make sure you cater to her ego and selfish sides as you text.

Focus the conversation around her, ask her lots of questions, and give her your undivided attention. While she tries to be equal and ask questions to show that she is interested in what you have to say and your life, it’s just natural for her to be the center of attention and wants to talk about herself more. Don’t take it personally; it’s just who she is.

Lastly, as her friend, you may need to pick up the slack. She can get sidetracked by other things easily. If she doesn’t respond within a few minutes, it can be a good idea to double or triple text her.

It’s pretty common for an Aries woman to pick up her phone to reply to a text, accidentally open a social media app, and then spend the next two hours falling down rabbit holes, bouncing between social platforms, or obsessively checking her work email. She cares about you; she is just easily distracted.

To hold her attention, you should keep your texts relatively short, or at least to the point, and bounce around between several topics to keep your talk interesting. It’s even better if you send multiple texts covering multiple topics at once.

Aries women love to multitask text conversations and she finds it much more engaging to have two or more “different” conversations going with the same person all at once.

The chaos seems to feed her soul and keep her feeling happy and stimulated.

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4 How To Text An Aries Woman To Win Her Over Romantically

If you’re interested in an Aries woman for romantic or sexual reasons (or both), the best thing you can do is to visualize yourself in her position occasionally.

Reassure her, compliment her, and verbalize your thoughts and feelings. She may be an analytical creature, but she still has feelings. As a matter of fact, she is more likely to uncork her bottle of emotions when she’s with a person who she is in love with and feels like she can trust.

Since she isn’t one to talk about her feelings with others, she will likely have a lot to say to you. Take this as a gigantic compliment, and listen closely to what she says. Her words carry a lot of weight.

Always be a calm and forgiving person. These qualities are important to her, so be sure to drop in hints about this aspect of who you are whenever possible.

Verbalize what you’re thinking or feeling too. Again, Aries women have secret insecurities. It is possible that she is having the same thoughts or feelings as you, but she doesn’t feel confident or comfortable enough to share them with you just yet.

If you can go first, she will be so grateful to you. Don’t worry; as your relationship strengthens, she will come out of her shell and eventually have no issue telling you precisely what she thinks or how she feels.

Every text you send her should have some type of motivation or key objective. Remember that Aries women don’t like small talk or meaningless conversations.

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You will probably need to have an idea or a list of topics to cover if you want her to stay interested. As soon as you’re wrapping up with one topic, start moving on to the next. It would be best if you talked about her a lot, as she tends to like the extra attention. When you do talk about yourself, try to use your best, most interesting stories or facts to grab and hold her attention.

When something or someone catches Aries’ eye, she tends to fixate on that for a while. You want to become her next obsession, especially if you want to see this relationship become a long-lasting success.

Final Thoughts On How To Text an Aries Woman

You’re going to have to keep up if you want to text an Aries woman.

It is difficult to hold her attention, she hates minor details, and she wants to jump from one captivating topic to another. The key is to cut to the chase, have a talking points list on hand, and ask (and listen) more than you speak (or text in this case).

If you want to keep the conversation chugging along, you need to focus on her more. Ask lots of open-ended questions that provoke thought and make her feel special and valid as a person. She really appreciates this and is sure to want to keep you around because of it.