How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

To get any person to reciprocate the feelings you have for them, it is important to understand some key things. Each person is different and so, the way they show love, the things they find attractive, what they want in a relationship, and many other things will vary greatly.

When it comes to a Pisces man, he is usually a romantic, dreamer, emotional, loyal, and dedicated kind of person.

Understanding these qualities will help you understand the kind of relationship you can have with him. You will not only be able to attract him into your life, but also maintain a healthy, loving, and strong relationship that only gets better with time.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some key ways you can get a Pisces man to chase you.

1 Flirt With Him

It is important for a Pisces man to know that you are interested in him. He is not like other guys who assume things, and so, you have to be clear about your intentions.

Also, due to his emotional side, he may not make the first move. That’s because his sensitive side makes the hurt of rejection a lot deeper. Therefore, make sure you start off with some light flirting.

This will give him hints that you are interested and will definitely get his attention.

You can compliment his looks, his personality traits, or anything else about him.

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You can smile at him and show eagerness to talk to him. You could also maintain longer eye contact and give other subtle clues showing him that you mean business.

Doing so will intrigue him and encourage him to make some moves of his own.

2 Develop The Characteristics That He Likes

A Pisces man is turned off by superficial qualities and he values only those attributes that show you are a genuine human being.

If you can develop these in you, it will go a long way in getting him to chase you.

It will be especially impactful if he notices that you are working on yourself to become a better person. As they say, actions speak louder than words. So, what are these magical qualities?

Well, characteristics like kindness, creativity, loyalty, compassion, and idealism are an instant turn-on for a Pisces man. These are all basic qualities that a human being should have anyway.

However, if you lack any of these, it is time to work on them. Sure, you can’t bring these changes overnight, but even a start will signal to him that you are ready to change for the better if it means being with him. This will make him fall for you head over heels.

3 Show Him Your Nurturing Side

As mentioned above, a Pisces man tends to be emotional and sensitive. So, it would be a good idea to appeal to this side of him.

Show him that you can genuinely care for him and his feelings. To take things to the next level, you can also show him that you are a nurturing person in general.

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A good way to do that is to let him see that you are good with pets and kids. Nothing says “nurturing” more than caring for a tiny living being.

He will instantly notice this attribute in you and become smitten. Use this opening to your advantage and let him know that you will always nurture your relationship with him. Despite any challenges that might crop up, you will be willing to keep your love growing and becoming stronger.

4 Be His Pillar

Due to his sensitive nature, the challenges and failures of life can be quite hard on a Pisces man. Also, he can tend to blame himself for everything that’s going wrong in his life.

At times like these, he can become extremely vulnerable. If you happen to be there during such a period of his life, you should make sure that you lend your support. You need to be his bedrock, his pillar. Listen to his problems, help if you can, and let him know that he is not alone.

He might not reciprocate feelings of love during this period, but he will definitely remember that you were there for him. He will value your efforts and you will be on his mind all the time as soon as things begin turning up. It is this that often leads to the start of a beautiful relationship.

5 Appeal To His Romantic Side

A Pisces man is a hopeless romantic. He has grand ideas about how he can show his love to you and how your relationship can grow together in the future. If you want him to chase you, it is a good idea to appeal to this side of his. Bring out your own romantic side and play along!

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When you are on a date, or at the same party, you can wear something that screams “romantic”. It will have an even deeper impact if you can incorporate a subtle element of enigma into your character.

He won’t be able to help himself and before you know it, he will be enchanted with your very existence.

6 Talk Spirituality

Most people don’t know this but Pisces men have a spiritual side to them. They like venturing into esoteric subjects and discussing them at length with the ones they are close with.

You can use this to your advantage.

Show him that you have deep, meaningful questions about life, the nature of reality, the nature of human existence, ancient spiritual practices, and so on.

If you are not naturally inclined to these topics, you might ask him how you might get started. This will signal to him that you are willing to share his interests and work towards getting his attention. This will also allow you to have more conversations with him, which is always a plus!

7 Give Him Some Space

Every person needs space in his life. This is because life can be overwhelming, with so many moving parts. So, it leaves you needing some private space and time where you can completely relax and do your thing. This helps you recharge and come back stronger.

You should keep this in mind if you are trying to get together with a Pisces man.

Let them be in peace from time to time and they will really appreciate it. In a world where everyone is trying to get your attention, someone who allows you to have your own time always stands out!

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Final Thoughts

As with any other human relationship, there are only a handful of basic things that you need to take care of to get the attention of the other person. It is really not that complicated if you think about it.

When it comes to a Pisces man, you need to come from a place of understanding. Consider this as doing your homework. Once you truly know their basic attributes, it becomes easier to understand what they need.

Then, from there on, a few simple things will be enough to get him to chase you. However, always remember to be genuine. No matter what it is, if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t do it. Otherwise, the other person will be able to tell that you are faking it.

Just be who you are, and enhance your good qualities. Everything else should then fall into place.