How To Make an Aries Man Chase You Again

How To Make an Aries Man Chase You Again

Aries men are all emotion and ego; if you can learn to play to these characteristics, he’ll be putty in your hands.

This man is curious and full of child-like wonder for the world around him. Aries men are always down for an adventure, he is spontaneous, and he remains outrageously optimistic, even in the most miserable times. He can be a strong and steady shoulder to lean on during times of chaos or crisis.

Aries men are charming, though not overly romantic. However, his genuine love and pure admiration for his partner shines through, even if his love sometimes feels more platonic than romantic.

With that said, he’s always ready for sexual intimacy; his libido is high and never-ending. He also has an endless need for love and affection; Aries men are some of the neediest people in the zodiac.

He wants your care and attention almost all the time. Luckily for you, he will treat you like a queen in return. He will shower you with attention, acts of kindness, acts of service, gifts, and more.

What Does An Aries Man Want?

Aries men want to tastefully stand out from the crowd and work hard to earn your love and admiration.

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He wants a partner who gives him space and who he can be proud to show off to the world. If you can be charismatic and diplomatic, he will love that about you and be more inclined to want you as his partner.

Aries men are constantly working on improving themselves, so your self-improvement journey is attractive to him and awe-worthy. He would love to have a partner similar to him who wants to keep making herself better.

Now we understand what drives the Aries man when it comes to relationships here are 8 key tips on how to make an Aries man chase you.

How To Make An Aries Man Chase You

1 Become the Best Version of Yourself

Aries men are beyond obsessed with self-improvement. These men are curious, ambitious, in-shape, well-read, and educated. This education may be formal, or it could be an impressive culmination of his life experiences.

He will also be more likely to chase after you if you look your best. Aries men love bold looks, so play that up with your hair, makeup, and clothing that you choose.

If you can prove to the Aries man that you are actively working toward’s self-improvement, you’ll find that he is far more receptive to you.

He wants to be with a person who he can be proud of; your achievements, hard work, appearance, and intelligence are all points that he would love to respect in you and also boast about to others.

Not only will setting goals and taking steps towards them catch your Aries man’s eye, but this will also boost your confidence, improve your life, and make him want you even more because of your newly gained confidence and improved lifestyle.

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2 Accept Him for Who He Is

While the Aries man is continually working to better himself, he would love a soft place to land to be himself.

If you can show him that you love him for who he is, with no improvements needed, he will feel so grateful to have you in his life. Having a person who thinks he is worthy will boost his self-esteem and make him appreciate you all the more.

3 Be Truthful

Aries men have a strong intuition that they rarely ignore. They will see right through you if you try to lie to them, omit the truth, or tell partial truths. Lying will upset him and may cause him to write you off as a loss.

Talk to him about your true feelings, and make a special effort not to censor your words. He wants to know the entire truth; if he feels that you’re holding back, he will become increasingly more upset.

Aries men love straightforward speakers. Tell him exactly what your feelings for him are, and leave it at that. Keep in mind that while he is needy, he does not particularly enjoy other needy people.

Say what you intend to say, and then leave or give him a moment to process. He is much more likely to be receptive to what you say, so long as you are honest and willing to give him the space he needs to contemplate what you just told him. This leads to our second point.

4 Give Him Space

Aries men love a good pursuit, especially when it comes to their relationship.

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If you want an Aries man to fall in love with you, you must let him chase you. Make it known that you like him, and then walk away.

Fight the urge to linger around, asking when he’ll change his mind. He is significantly more likely to change his mind and fall for you after you’ve given him space to examine his thoughts in peace.

On a related note, resist the urge to call, text, email, or message him while he thinks about your potential relationship. It’s also okay to ignore him a little bit. This allows him to reflect and will result in him feeling a stronger drive to track you down and rekindle that old flame.

When he does show an interest, play a little game of hard to get. This appeases his drive to pursue you and will give him time to develop a healthy pang of jealousy.

It can also be helpful to find a friend or create a group of people for emotional support. Aries men are not exceptionally compassionate or emotionally supportive, so it can be good to find your own people to fill this gap. Avoiding your Aries man with your emotional needs will make it much easier to convince him that he wants and needs you.

5 Fight For Him

Aries men are emotional and egotistical. Feeding into his emotions by explaining how much he means to you and how much you want him can really convince him to admire and chase you again.

Make it clear that you want him, but absolutely do not beg, plead, or suffocate him with lots of questions. Don’t go overboard, though. Keep your plan-making to a minimum, and keep your text conversations short.

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This is a powerful weapon, so use it carefully.

6 Win Over His Friends

Aries men are secretly insecure and have a lot of emotions radiating from their bodies. If you want to get him to chase after you, win his friends over.

He will discuss you with them, so make sure they’re on your side. You are far more likely to win him over if those closest to him will back you up.

7 Let Him Lead, and Accept His Chivalry

Aries men feel naturally compelled to protect those they care about. He does this out of chivalry, kindness, love, and respect. Protecting others is also a result of love, so allowing him to become protective may lead him to believe he loves you even more.

This can result in him exploring those feelings more deeply, which can turn into him chasing you down.

While you’re at it, allow the Aries man to trust his instincts and also follow them yourself. He will perceive this as good communication between the two of you.

8 Make Aries Men Laugh

You’ll need a healthy dose of humor to make a relationship with an Aries man work.

If you’re also playing the hard-to-get card, tasteful humor will soften the blow and keep you fun and interesting to him. Dry humor is his favorite but go with the style that you’re best at.

Aries men are tense and usually insecure. He can be a master of false outward confidence. Breaking the ice with good-hearted humor can let him let his guard down in a healthy way.

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9 Stay Faithful

While you may be on a break or a grey zone, you have to stay strictly faithful.

He will immediately give up his chase if he thinks you have feelings for someone else.

He sees a relationship or intimacy with another as a sign of disinterest on your behalf. You don’t want to send these mixed signals, or he will quit chasing you and find someone else.


While Aries men can be hard to win over once again, they are not impossible. Convincing him that he wants you or wants you back is as simple as playing to his ego and emotions.

Using the steps mentioned above in this article, especially remaining faithful, working to become the best version of yourself, and giving him his space, you’ll get your find you Aries man chasing you again.