Discover What a Leo Woman Likes and Dislikes When in Love

Leo Woman Likes and Dislikes

With the Sun as her ruling planet and represented by the lion, the Leo woman is a strong, determined individual that attracts many suitors. She exudes a warmth and radiance that is simply irresistible.

When it comes to love, the Leo woman is a picky person. She settles for nothing but the best. The right partner for her is someone who will respect and admire her qualities, great beauty, and unmatched boldness.

The lioness of the zodiac sets high standards for what she would like in a lover because she believes the right person is out there somewhere.

If you are curious to know what a Leo woman likes and dislikes in a relationship, this guide is for you. Keep reading to find out what turns her off, how to get in her good graces, and win the keys to her heart.

What Does A Leo Woman Want In A Relationship?

Like any other zodiac sign, the Leo woman has her preferences. When it comes to matters of the heart, she can be very demanding. It is essential to know what she wants in a partner, especially if you intend to catch her attention and keep her happy in a romantic relationship.

1 Unwavering Loyalty

In the eyes of a Leo woman, her ideal soulmate is someone she can trust with her life. For this reason, she prefers to be with a faithful and trustworthy partner.

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When in love, the Leo woman invests her whole self into the relationship. She enters into a relationship hoping that her partner is head over heels in love with her.

The Leo woman has to be her partner’s first and only choice. Her level of commitment is unwavering, and she expects the same from her significant other. She values a man who understands her desire to build a relationship rooted in transparency and trust.

Charming and flirtatious, having a Leo girlfriend will take some getting used to if you are the jealous type. Although this woman enjoys being noticed by other guys, ultimately, she is a devoted partner and only has eyes for her chosen lover.

If you are the lucky chosen one, a Leo woman will expect you to have her back even when in an argument with someone else. The lioness is very protective herself and prefers to be with a loyal man who will love and support her no matter what.

2 Boatloads of Affection

Some women find public displays of affection or big romantic gestures cheesy and immature. However, this is not the case with Leo women.

Much like their ruling planet, the Sun, Leonean women love to be the center of attention. When in a relationship, this person wants to be admired and feel like she is in a romantic movie. She appreciates a partner who will make her the apple of his eye, someone who worships the ground she walks on.

Going a day without saying those three little words to your Leo queen makes her restless. A romantic partner who is attentive and treats her with the utmost importance is the one who will be likable to the Leo woman.

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3 An Ambitious Partner

Leo natives are attracted to the fine things in life. Generally, they are very hardworking, even though sometimes that may not appear to be the case when you find them in one of their languid moods.

In marriage, a woman born under this zodiac sign envisions herself with someone who has a sense of direction in life. After all, she has an ambitious personality and wants to be with someone she can brag about to her family and friends.

The Leo woman is intrinsically attracted to someone who has big dreams. She will be smitten by a partner who knows what he wants in life and goes after it with passion. A man who is at the top of his game and capable of helping her materialize her own goals will be her muse.

4 Free Spirited

Whereas other zodiac signs have a down-to-earth personality, Leo natives are upbeat, expressive, and full of life. These free-spirited souls romanticize about being with someone who is just as carefree as they are.

The Leonean lady will take a liking to a man or lover who is light-hearted and does not take life too seriously. She is the type of person who goes with the flow, taking the good and the bad as it comes. As such, the perfect partner for her will be someone with a laid-back approach to life despite being ambitious and having big dreams.

5 Confidence

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol, often a spirit animal, which characterizes the quintessential traits of those born under it. The ferocious lion for Leo gives women natives of this sign a brave personality.

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As such, this self-assured lady will want to be with a love partner who is equally confident and capable of handling her exalted ego. She appreciates a man or lover who is secure in his own skin. Someone with high self-esteem who does not mind when a Leo woman takes center stage is likely to win her heart.

6 Sunny Disposition

Leo is one of the six zodiac signs that have a positive polarity. With the Sun ruling them, it makes sense for individuals born under this sign to desire a lover who has a warm and radiant personality. As a result, the Leo woman feels drawn to a partner who has a cheerful disposition.

What Does A Leo Woman Dislike In A Love Partner?

Assertive and direct, Leo women will be vocal if not happy about something. Besides telling you about something that needs to change, these bold feminists will not hesitate to break up with you if their dislikes go unaddressed. If you are into a Leo woman, beware of these things.

1 Dull Persona

Nothing can turn off a Leo woman more than a boring personality. The zodiac sign of this female archetype belongs to the fire element. Therefore, this makes women born under Leo come across as fiery and extroverted individuals. They like to have fun and being around people that can match their zest for life.

The sun-ruled Leo woman is a drama queen. She sees the world as her stage, and there is no fun being with a dull partner.

Someone who does not see the charm or thrill of trying different things inside and outside the bedroom will fail miserably in capturing the heart of a Leo woman. A person who sticks to routine and is not open to the idea of having fun is not for her.

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2 Being Ignored

A Leo woman abhors feeling as if she is someone’s rebound partner when in a romantic relationship. In case you are not over your ex, the lioness will not play second fiddle.

When trying to get this woman to chase you, it might be tempting to play hard-to-get. However, that will backfire because Leos are naturally possessive and jealous.

An aloof and cold kind of guy will not seem attractive to be around either. Therefore, it is essential to be sensual and use affection to let a Leo woman know how you feel about her constantly, or else she will set her eyes on someone else.

If you are not ready for a relationship, don’t pursue one with a female partner of this zodiac sign because it will be a disaster. The Leo woman loves to feel that she is a priority in her partner’s life. If you are into a Leo woman, you had better be ready to give her the attention she demands.

Ultimately, it would be a huge mistake not to pay attention to what is important in the life of your Leo woman. If she feels like you don’t listen to or see her, you will make her feel diminished and insignificant. Paying close attention to what lights her up or hates is a way of showing her that she matters to you.

3 Pessimism

As mentioned earlier, the Leo woman is naturally an optimistic person. That means she finds pessimism to be an unattractive quality. She will not want to be around someone who is constantly whining and complaining.

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If you want to have a chance when dating this kind of woman, then having a glass-half-full mentality is essential.

4 Being Called Dramatic

The Leo woman is a drama queen through and through. She hates receiving the third degree about this aspect of her identity. It is something you should embrace and not be ashamed of in the slightest. She attracts a lot of attention, and the ideal partner is someone who is proud of her in all her glory.

Conclusion: What a Leo Woman Likes and Dislikes

Is there a special Leo woman in your life? Knowing what she likes and dislikes will increase the chances of building a thriving relationship.

Generally, Leo women desire a cinematic love story. They are attracted to an upbeat go-getter, of basically, someone who is not afraid to live life to the fullest.

These drama queens love it when everything revolves around them. However, don’t call her dramatic or date her if she is your second choice.

Remember to pay attention to your Leo woman to make her feel important. Usually, women born under this zodiac sign are loving and generous partners who will embrace your identity and love you just the way you are.