8 Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

If a Leo woman has caught your eye you may be wondering if she feels the same way as you.

Though love may be complicated sometimes astrology can give you an insight into how she feels and the little giveaways that indicate that she likes you.

If the thought of her is driving you crazy and you want to get inside her head then it helps to get to know her sun sign. These key characteristics will help you to know if you have a shot or not. Here are several important signs that a Leo woman likes you.

1 She’ll Let You Know

Leo women are confident and aren’t afraid to show it. Unconventional and eccentric, she will put on a grand display of her affections to you. No need for game playing, Leo women like the thrill of the chase and will hunt their ideal partner down.

Public displays of affection are the Leo women’s specialty. She won’t be subtle with her efforts, she’ll go to the extremes to make sure that you know she’s into you. If there’s any sign that you won’t get mixed messages from it’s this fiery feline.

Leo women will bring a unique burst of energy to your life and will shake things up with their love of drama. If you don’t return her affection in a suitably elaborate manner don’t be surprised if she makes a scene.

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2 She’ll Want Your Attention

The typical Leo woman loves being the centre of attention. If she’s not your sun, moon and stars she’ll simply think you’re not interested. If she wants you she’ll demand every bit of your attention and want your eyes only on her.

Whether she says something that intrigues you or wears an eye-catching outfit she knows you’ll like, she’ll pull out all the stops to get noticed. It’s all part of her show and she’ll expect a standing ovation when she’s finished.

If you notice that she wants your attention and you’re interested, give it to her. Express your affections and let her know how much she stands out to you. There’s nothing that a Leo woman would like to hear more than how different and interesting she is.

3 She’ll Be Loyal To You

One of the best traits of a Leo woman is her loyalty. She is fiercely protective of the people she cares about and spares no energy or effort to ensure that her loved ones are taken care of. She’ll stand by you when you need support, stick around when nobody else will and she’ll give you what you need to feel good about yourself.

If there is any area in your life that you need help in she’ll be the first one in line to give you a hand. Whether it’s your career, home or if you’re having problems with some of the people in your life, she will protect you. Nobody can cross or upset you when a Leo woman is around, she’ll make sure of it.

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If you date a Leo woman she’ll be faithful and will be there through thick and thin. Nobody can turn her head once she’s invested in someone she has feelings for. Make sure that her loyalty is reciprocated and she will put her trust in you. Any effort on your part will help her to feel more comfortable and connected to you.

4 She’ll Show You Off

If there’s a family party she’ll walk in on your arm, if her friends are having a gathering she’ll invite you and put you on a pedestal.

When a Leo woman likes you she’ll make sure that everyone knows about it. Only a Leo woman could turn a simple ‘let me introduce my new partner’ into a public service announcement.

Even if it’s not official yet she’ll still find a way to make everyone green with envy. Don’t be surprised if she posts pictures of the two of you on social media, this is part of the journey of being with a Leo woman. Everything is whimsical, fun and full of drama.

If you’re attention shy then this may be uncomfortable for you, particularly in the early stages of your relationship. It may take a while to get accustomed to her interesting habits and ‘out there’ persona but you should feel flattered as this is one of the biggest signs that she’s into you.

5 She’ll Talk About You… To Everyone!

It doesn’t matter if they’re a friend, foe or family member, if a Leo woman likes you she’ll tell the whole world. The chatterbox in her can’t wait to tell everyone about her new infatuation. She’ll sing like a canary whenever she likes someone and will tell everyone how she feels about you.

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There are no doubts about a Leo woman’s affections when she speaks so openly about a person. It’s like she wants to pour sunshine on everyone’s day and make them feel the love that you have placed in her heart. Privacy isn’t one of the Leo woman’s strong suits, she just can’t hide her feelings.

It’s clear that she wears her heart on her sleeve and she will make no effort to hide that fact. She will shower you with praise and speak about how wonderful you are to everyone around her. If a Leo woman likes you there’s a chance you may find out from someone else before she gets a chance to tell you.

6 She’ll Mark Her Territory

Like a lioness, she will naturally defend what she believes is hers and will clear any threats from her path. If there’s a chance that someone else likes you too she will take them down and remove them from the competition. A Leo woman’s roar is something to be feared and should not be taken lightly.

If you have just started dating and she has decided that she wants to be with you she’ll be on the lookout for enemies. As a predator, she’s always on the hunt and now that she’s found someone she likes (hopefully you!) she’ll ensure that no one will get in her way.

Though this is not necessarily in relation to aggression, women do tend to have a feisty side. Her strong feelings and appreciation for her romantic interests can be an endearing quality. Rather than being cold and unbothered if you are entertaining someone else, she will show her emotions and defend her ideal partner.

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7 She’ll Share With You

Leo women are generous. They are as open with their possessions as they are with their hearts. If a Leo woman likes you she’ll most likely splash the cash in a bid to make you happy. This involves showering you with gifts and dazzling you with acts of kindness.

She’ll always have her finger on the pulse and will know exactly what to get you. As she likes to splurge on people she likes it will give her immense joy to see you getting pleasure and gratification out of her presents. Her purchasing power is impressive and is a strong indication that she likes you.

This is her love language and the way that she expresses her interest in someone. Anytime that she offers to pay for a meal or movie tickets it is simply her way of saying ‘I like you’. Take note of the times that she does this for you and always repay her kindness by picking up something that she likes from her favourite boutique or store.

8 She’ll Put Her Best Foot Forward

A Leo woman wants you to think the world of her, therefore she’ll convey the best image possible in a bid to get you to like her. Not only will she put in a big effort to look physically attractive and catch your eye but she’ll show the best parts of her personality. Only when she’s completely secure and comfortable with you will she allow herself to be vulnerable.

All of her flaws will be swept under the carpet and embark on a mission to give off the best perception of perfection she possibly can. If she has a particular talent she will play on it to the max and will do everything so that you can see how great she is. If there’s something that she wants you to notice you won’t be able to avoid it.

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Leo women take pride in their appearance and public image therefore she’ll want you to think that she is amazing. Her tactics and ploys to divert any attention to the lesser sides of her personality are creative, cunning and demonstrates the charismatic qualities of the Leo woman.