Aquarius In 6th House – Changing and Being Changed

Aquarius In 6th House

Aquarius is known for being something of a dreamer, but what happens when it gets connected to the house that governs material and bodily concerns? This unique cosmic connection is the case for Aquarius in the 6th house.

Change, careers, and even how we make friends are all shaped by this placement. It even connects into health and wellness. This placement leaves a strong impression on some of the most important aspects of our lives.

Here’s how the 6th house plays a role in the lives of Aquarians.

Aquarius – Future Focused

Individuals with Aquarius signs are focused on the future. They’ve got big plans not only for their personal lives but how they’d like to change society. Aquarius personalities are often defined by their self-reliance combined with a notable “out there” eccentricity. This is a creative sign that likes to innovate wherever it finds itself.

Aquarius also has a reputation for raising some personal challenges. Aquarius signs can have their heads in the clouds and that self-reliance can also lead to detachment.

6th House – Who You Are Becoming

The 6th house has some interesting, and significant, things to say about personality and the trajectory of life. If the first house is who you were when you’re born, the 6th house is who you are on a day-to-day basis. This house governs everything from health and healing to daily routines.

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One of the biggest things at the 6th house governs is how you work. This house won’t tell you what kind of career field you’ll wind up in, but it will tell you how you work when on the job.

Aquarius In 6th House – Personality Effects

There’s a lot of powerful combinations when Aquarius enters the 6th house. Aquarius has big plans and you really start to feel that energy connect with the material needs of life in the 6th house. Aquarius has something of a reputation for being a little lost in their own thoughts, but the grounding of the 6th house gives the sign some concrete direction.

Here’s just a few of the ways having Aquarius in the 6th house shapes our character.

1 Remain Open to Change

The 6th house represents your health, your body, and how you do the work that you love. These are all very material things which are powerfully affected by Aquarius’s drive for something greater. This creates a life that can often be defined by the changes that it goes through.

Aquarius is pretty powerful when it comes to change. In fact, the drive for change is one of the defining factors of Aquarius. Aquarius in the 6th house is going to represent everything from frequent career changes to changes in your own personality.

This might sound a little chaotic, but some individuals just change more regularly than others. You can rely on the people close to you as well as the rest of your astrological chart to navigate these frequently changing circumstances. That knowledge and support makes a difference between these being beautiful transformations or hazardous challenges.

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2 Did You Ever Guess You’d Wind Up Here?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “How did I ever wind up here?”

This is a classic internal thought felt by individuals who have the Aquarius in the 6th house placement. This is because the changes that these individuals go through are often sudden as well as frequent. There are also longer cycles of change that are frequently only experienced when we reflect back on the journey of our lives.

It’s pretty common for an individual with the Aquarius in the 6th house placement to reflect back on the last few years of their lives and be more than a little shocked at how much things have changed. It can be even more jarring how easily these individuals adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

3 Know Your Body

There’s a lot of strength that comes from knowing your body. This is true for everyone, but it’s even more important for individuals who have this relationship between an Aquarius and the 6th house.

Aquarius is well-known for its ability to get deep insights. This is a sign that loves looking at the bigger picture as well as getting lost and complicated details. Since the 6th house is all about health in the body, this wisdom finds a way to ground itself in our bodies and our health.

This means that individuals who have this combination of Aquarius in the 6th house are going to be able to be in touch with their physical needs. This also means they’re going to derive a lot of clarity from health and well-being.

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If your life has been feeling a little sluggish, listening to your body and improving your health might be a good way to pop yourself out of a rut.

4 Great Team Players

Aquarius always has a humanitarian streak no matter where it shows up in your astrological chart. However, Aquarians become real team players when Aquarius winds up in the 6th house.

This is a combination of Aquarius’s ability to think big, their natural altruism, and the 6th house really connecting with how people work. This will have individuals with this astrological placement quickly sliding into new teams as well as building up the strength of their team over long-term projects.

If you’ve got your Aquarius in the 6th house and your work life has been feeling a little stagnant, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can work in a team setting?

5 The “Wild Genius”

We’ve talked a lot about how Aquarius has a reputation for being a little eccentric. This gets a bit of a material flare when it’s connected into the 6th house.

It’s common for individuals to be something of a rogue genius when they have this astrological combination. They’ve got a keen sense for how things operate on a mechanical level as well as the kind of visionary foresight that allows them to innovate.

This can show up as a love for science and engineering, but it can also have more unique applications. The same genius and intuitive understanding of physical systems can help guide individuals to become anything from a great dancer all the way to a street magician.

No matter how it manifests, they’re going to have a unique brilliance that shows up in material talents.

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6 Finding Your Friends

There’s no astrological combination out there that doesn’t pose its own challenges. The gifts and insights given by the stars often have a counterbalancing effect elsewhere in our lives. It might take years, and trial and error, for these Aquarians to find a friend group that they really connect with.

This isn’t to say that they are anti-social. In fact, this placement is known for being something of a social butterfly that can easily slot into new groups and social dynamics. However, that deep sense of friendship, connection, and trust that comes with a real bond can be a little tricky for them to find.

Luckily the answer also lies in another characteristic of this astrological combination. The constant change that these individuals experience will eventually guide them to friends that they will share rich and deep connections with.

7 The Helping Hand

Individuals with their Aquarius in the 6th house, are going to find that lending a helping hand is a core part of their lives.

These Aquarians are natural helpers. They’ll gravitate towards situations where they can offer help to people in need. This might be volunteering for a social cause that’s close to their heart or it can be as simple as lending a hand when your friends are doing some yard work.

This altruism also has its own benefits. Lending a helping hand to the people around you brings you closer to them and lifts you up as well. If you’re ever stuck in a rut, consider helping someone in need as a way to help yourself.

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Aquarius In 6th House Careers

Careers and work are two important areas for individuals with their Aquarius in the 6th house. This is such a significant topic for this astrological placement that it requires its own section.

These individuals are going to change careers often. They might be moving from company to company or even completely reinventing the field that they’re in. While the type of work that they do might stay the same, it’s going to be a long time before they settle down in any one job.

This isn’t to say that they do bad work, but that they gravitated towards cycles of change that slowly guide them towards where they need to be. All the while they’ll be building up their skills and learning new things that are going to make them indispensable when they finally land in the place they were always meant to be.

Wrapping Up Aquarius In 6th House

Having your Aquarius in the 6 hours is a sign that cycles of change are going to become an important part of your life. These cycles aren’t chaotic like they can be with other signs, but are the natural rhythm of this Aquarian life. Embracing the flow of change is the key to finding harmony when you have your Aquarius in the 6th house.