Mars Square Neptune Synastry: Challenges of Manifestation & Clarity

Mars Square Neptune Synastry

Mars square Neptune synastry is an astrological relationship that can be challenging. Mars represents action, strength, mobility, and engagement, while Neptune represents dreams, fantasies, and the more theoretical and mystical areas of life.

In a square, these two personalities have a hard time relating to each other and integrating these two polarities of approach. Even though this type of synastry isn’t always easy, there are ways to make it work. With intentionality and hard work, these two people can turn dreams into realities.

The Overall Theme For Mars-Neptune Aspects In Synastry

The overall theme for this synastry aspect is one of mysticism, confusion, and illusion. These two people will have challenges with understanding and relating to each other, making compromises, and overcoming internal limitations.

There may be many conflicts in this relationship as well as moments of projection where each person sees in the other their own internal struggles.

The best way to make this relationship work is for both partners to be very conscious of these challenges and limitations that come into play when they are together. This may require a lot of patience, understanding, and compromise on one or both sides.

Even though this relationship can be difficult, it is worth the effort to try and make things work. Squares are meant to raise our consciousness and increase our ability to overcome internal challenges.

This may not be an easy ride, but when these two people are together they will bring out the best in each other’s dreams and fantasies. They will also help one another overcome their own internal struggles.

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How Mars Square Neptune Synastry Relationships Promote Growth

Even though this relationship is challenging, it can also be very rewarding when these two partners work together with intentionality in mind. They both need to remain conscious of the challenges they face in this relationship and work hard to overcome them together.

If both people are willing to put the time, effort, patience, understanding, and love into this relationship, it will be rewarding for everyone involved. They will help each other grow as individuals while also developing themselves as a couple.

The Mars person will learn how to relax, enjoy life more, and let go of their fears. The Neptune person will learn how to be practical, grounded in reality, and take action on the things they want most.

Each partner can also teach one another about different areas of life, like sexuality or spirituality. They both need to remain open-minded if this relationship is going to work.

Compromises can help make this relationship run more smoothly. Compromise doesn’t necessarily mean that these two people don’t get what they want. It is an invitation for them to think more creatively about how to achieve their desires.

The Mars person can learn how not to be so rigidly structured with their life goals, plans, or schedules, while the Neptune partner can benefit from learning about discipline and practice.

Neptune also rules spirituality, which is something that brings these two people together in this relationship. If the Neptune person can clearly communicate and express their spiritual goals and desires to the Mars partner, they can work together to achieve a sense of spirit and mysticism in their lives.

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Struggles With Mars Square Neptune Synastry Relationships

There are many struggles that come into play when these two people get together. Mars is the planet of action and Neptune is the ruler of illusions, which means that these two people are going to have a hard time understanding one another.

The Mars person may be too domineering and the Neptune partner may not know how to take action or say no when they need to. These types of struggles will cause problems in this relationship if both partners aren’t willing to put forth effort into making it work.

When these two people are together, it is easy for them both to lose touch with reality because of Neptune’s ability to create illusions. This can make it hard for them both to separate what is real from what isn’t, which may lead to a lot of false hope or fantasy in this relationship.

The Mars person may respond to this false hope with anger or frustration, while the Neptune person responds with withdrawal or indifference. These types of struggles can be difficult for both people to overcome and may lead them further apart rather than closer together.

Since a lot of confusion will exist in this pairing, it’s important that both the Mars and Neptune people have a clear sense of their boundaries and know when it’s best to walk away from the relationship. Otherwise, they may co-exist in a toxic pattern of abuse and manipulation if the problems worsen.

Advice For Mars Square Neptune Synastry Couples

The Mars person needs to learn how not to take things so personally when they feel frustrated by their partner’s lack of action and constant daydreaming, while the Neptune person needs to learn how to take action on their goals, dreams, and desires.

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Here are some ways that Mars square Neptune couples can make this relationship work:

  • Have a learner’s mind: Both people need to be open and willing to learn from one another to avoid getting caught up in a “right or wrong” debate between their two different perspectives.
  • Be practical: When it comes time for both individuals in this relationship to take action, they should work together to find a balance between their dreams and responsibilities.
  • Be patient: These two people may not always see eye-to-eye on certain things such as how to spend their money or how to discipline children. They shouldn’t react impulsively when they feel strongly about their views on these topics, but should instead work together to find a compromise that works for both of them.
  • Be spiritual: If both Mars and Neptune feel like they are on the same page in terms of their values when it comes to spirituality, then this can be a huge source of happiness and motivation for both people.
  • Be happy: This relationship is going to have its fair share of challenges, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be happy. Work on adjusting your perspectives around challenges and choose to see them as fun and valuable life lessons.
  • Don’t lose sight of reality: Both partners in this pairing need to learn when enough is enough, so they don’t get wrapped up in each other’s fantasies.
  • Seek a counselor: Since these two people tend to have different outlooks on life, having a person who can act as an unbiased third party can be helpful in this relationship.

Although these people may experience more strife than other couples, their problems are not necessarily unique. In addition to the many suggestions above, this couple can purchase books, watch videos, or read articles that are meant to help couples in this position.

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Mars In Astrology

The planet Mars represents our will and our instinctive nature. Mars is associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, passion, action, anger, and aggression.

This planet is associated with the sign of Aries, the element of fire, and the first house, which is all about our personality and how we present ourselves to the world.

It is also associated with the concept of war, which reflects the competitive and combative nature of Mars. In astrology, this planet is considered to be a malefic or negative influence when it squares with other planets in synastry relationships.

Neptune In Astrology

Neptune is the planet of illusions and deception. This planet represents our dreams, fantasies, psychic receptivity, spirituality, sensitivity to others, compassion for those in need, and our ability to go beyond the boundaries of the physical world.

This planet is associated with Pisces, which serves as its exaltation sign, and the twelfth house of astrology. The twelfth house is about secrets and self-undoing, which are things that Neptune is best known for.

This planet is considered to be a benefic or positive influence when it squares other planets in synastry relationships.

What Does A Square Aspect In Astrology Mean?

Square Aspect

A square is a strong planetary aspect involving an interchange of energy. Squares often require work and effort to balance out the energies, but they can create great progress based on the needs of the person.

The challenge of a square placement in synastry is that the two people in this relationship want to do different things and can’t work out their differences. This can result in emotional distance and stagnation, as well as the relationship not progressing. Sometimes there may also be sexual difficulties.

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Some ways to deal with these challenges include understanding the differences in the needs and desires of each person, as well as working together to make compromises. Square aspects in astrology teach us that life is about learning to give and take, which is an important lesson for all of us.

The tension that the square creates is a message for you to be aware of and work on your fears and desires. It’s a chance for soul growth, which is why we find these aspects in difficult places like the aspect between Mars and Neptune.

The overall theme with square aspects is that they create tension, but this tension can lead to great things if you’re willing to put in the effort. You can’t make a square aspect work without putting in the effort, and if you do put the time and energy into it, this relationship will be rewarding for both of you.

Final Thoughts

In spite of the conflict that can come from the Mars square Neptune pairing, people in this synastry will experience a good amount of romance, excitement, and passion in their relationship.

The tension that the square creates is a message for you to be aware of and work on your fears and desires. It’s a chance for soul growth, which is why we find these aspects in difficult places like the aspect between Mars and Neptune.

Instead of seeing this pairing as a negative aspect, you can look at the difficultly as a chance to grow together. If both people are willing to make compromises and work on their fears and desires, this aspect can be made into a positive and rewarding one.