How to Tell if an Aquarius Man is Testing You

How To Tell if An Aquarius Man is Testing You

Are you wondering how to tell if an Aquarius man is testing you? You are not alone. The Aquarian male is like a magician. You never know what he will pull out of the hat with his eccentric personality.

One of his main characteristics is that he tests the women he dates in unusual ways. It might take him a while to commit before he ticks everything off his list. With that in mind, here are the signs to look out for when an Aquarius man wants to know whether you are the one for him.

Obvious Gaslighting, Lies, And Other Mind Games

A woman looks distressed by a man standing behind her as she sits on a sofa.

Majority of his testing entails him acting oddly and then turning to see how you’ll react to his strangeness.

Perhaps up until now, he has been a perfect gentleman who has never looked at other women or tested your confidence in him. Then, out of nowhere, he may start acting strange, checking out other women in front of you, pretending not to understand why you’re questioning who he’s texting, or even telling you about women who are interested in him.

This is all a test to see how jealous you are, if you’re possessive, whether you’re actually into him, or how well you communicate when you’re frustrated and flustered. It is not his typical behavior. It’s just his unhealthy way of figuring you out in a hurry.

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to keep a level head and politely set your boundaries. He will respect the coolness and most likely cut it out immediately.

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Don’t expect him to acknowledge his toxic behavior verbally because he knows what he’s doing. However, he doesn’t feel great about how he’s acting toward you.

Random Acts Of Indifference And Dodgy Behavior

The ever-independent Aquarius man has to feel he is in control of his time, resources, and future. When he starts to notice that he’s developed feelings for you, he will feel his freedom and sense of self are under threat.

When this happens, he will pull away and reclaim more of his “me time” to calm himself (first and foremost) and test how you’ll react to this. It’s more of an afterthought and not some pre-meditated test. This behavior will show up as him not making as many plans together, making plans without you, waiting a while to return your calls and texts, or pushing off dates with you for later.

What he needs from you is your quiet understanding and respect for his space and boundaries. If you can show that you’re also independent and happy to have time alone, he will see that as a green quality that makes him feel safe with you and safe to create a meaningful relationship with you.

If you’re unable or unwilling to give him his space, this relationship will not be healthy and can easily slide into toxic territory. You have to genuinely enjoy a bit of time away from him with your own company, be it a quiet night in with a book or a movie series or going out to enjoy some hobbies.

There’s an often-unmentioned aspect at play regarding what an Aquarius man looks for in a partner. He finds it off-putting or ‘icky’ when people are overly clingy or simply unable to be alone. He will probably never vocalize this opinion, but almost all Aquarius men hold it, so keep this in mind.

Getting combative, irritable, or outright giving him the cold shoulder is the fastest way to fail the test and shut down a potential relationship with an Aquarius man.

He Starts Asking Deeper Questions

Finally, a healthy, natural test! When he feels that your relationship has the potential to progress in seriousness, so will his questions. He will try to figure out if you two can be compatible in the long term. He doesn’t want to waste any of your time, plus he is excited about you and wants to learn as much about you as soon as possible.

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Some questions will probably relate to your long-term goals, your relationship with your family, how your previous relationships ended, what you want in a partner, and how your work life is going. He isn’t doing this to make you uncomfortable or to pressure you. It’s because he is genuinely interested in you and wants to know how the puzzle pieces of your two lifestyles will fall and mesh together.

If he’s asking you these questions, take it as a compliment and answer him as honestly as possible. If there are topics that you don’t want to talk about just yet, speak up and communicate that clearly. You should also feel free to reciprocate and ask the questions you have in mind. After all, it is an excellent opportunity to lean into it and enjoy those early relationship talks with your Aquarius guy.

He Makes Plans For You To Meet His Friends And Family

Family having a picnic in a garden

If he intentionally puts you near his friends and family, he is serious about you and feels like you two have the potential to create a long-term relationship and life together.

The test here is threefold: to determine how you treat other people, to see if you will get along with the most important people in his life, and to learn what you think of them.

The best thing you can do for this test is to be your true self. Be honest with him and yourself about how you feel about these other important people in his life.

If you don’t like being around his friends or family, you probably aren’t the right match. They are essential to him, and if you don’t enjoy their presence, you should cut your losses and move on.

If, however, he really is worth it to you, then be on your best behavior. Be kind, polite, helpful, and respectful. You should be able to get along with everyone, from his young playful nieces and nephews to his oldest and most rigid grandparents.

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Of course, if you love his friends and family (and they like you back), you’ve definitely hit the jackpot. You are all set to have a great relationship with him.

He Lets You Know What They Think About You

After your interaction with his friends and family, the test isn’t over yet. If you passed the previous test, the next one is to see how you react to their opinions of you.

Of course, the test is simple if they love you because he will tell you they approve of you and the relationship. At the same time, he’ll look to you to see what you think of them.

The test is tricky if their opinions of you aren’t so straightforward. For one, he’s curious to know how you handle rejection. On the other hand, he wants to see if you’ll reassure him that you’re serious and willing to overcome the challenges that are your friends and family.

Even though he’ll never openly act self-conscious, he is deep down. He loves any reassurance that you’ll give him.

You’ll Start To See His Quirks And Weirder Side

Man and woman having an uphappy discussion

Almost every Aquarius man has a hidden side that he’ll wait to reveal later on when he starts to feel safer with you. Whether it’s strange behavior, weird hobbies, a dark sense of humor, or an obscure kink, there’s likely something that he’s been keeping tucked away for later.

When he starts developing a good connection and wants to know if your relationship has legs to stand on, he’ll begin to unveil his weirder self. The best thing you can do is embrace the strange and then show him your weirdness back.

If both of you agree that you can put up with what makes you both different, then you’ve set the relationship for a rock-solid relationship. What if it’s too much? Well, now you have a fun story to tell your best friends later on and laugh it off. It’s part of life, and it happens sometimes.

He Takes An Interest In Your Political, Spiritual, And Ethical Perspectives

You may think he’s doing this to see if you’re similar, and he may be doing that too. For him, the critical part here is that you’re open-minded.

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You can have radically different viewpoints and still fit well together. What matters is that you think independently and back up your opinions with valid points.

Aquarians, men and women alike, are unconventional and destined to stand out a bit. Provided that you don’t get your thoughts and ideas from blindly following the crowd, he’ll be happy with what you have to say.

Of course, if you have entirely different perspectives, expect to have a little debate. Remember that it’s not about your ideas. Instead, it is about how you came up with them. It’s sort of like a science class where most of your points come from your method, not what you come up with as the final result.

He Pays Close Attention To How You Act Around Other Men (Loyalty Test)

Men acting oddly and making a woman uncomfortable

You should know that Aquarius men are not the type to act outwardly jealous, possessive, or insecure in any way. He isn’t wild about being super vulnerable with one person in the first place. He will make absolutely sure that he doesn’t come across as needy or jealous.

If an Aquarius man doesn’t like your behavior, he won’t tell you, nor the other man standing in front of you. He will quietly note your actions and then cut off contact with you later. He has to feel like he can implicitly trust you, especially in a sexual and romantic sense.

Is it unfair for him to treat you this way when one of his tests for you is to try to make you jealous? Absolutely. Aquarius men have their flaws, and this is one of them. That’s part of who he is. Whether you find that acceptable and worthwhile is entirely up to you.

He’ll Take You Out And Watch How You Interact With Other People In General

The Aquarius man can be introverted, extroverted, or straddle the line between the two. Regardless, he has good communication and people skills and would strongly prefer it if you did too.

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Remember that this is a driven guy. He secretly longs to be part of a ‘power couple’. Even if you prefer a night in rather than a night out, you should have some people skills tucked in your back pocket.

Being able to ask good questions, avoid awkward silences, pick up on social cues, and make others feel good about themselves when interacting will go a long way.

He Puts You In Weird Or Uncomfortable Situations

Woman in uncomfortable situation with her hand held up

Okay, he may or may not intentionally put you in strange situations, but he will absolutely observe you if you end up in one together. When an Aquarius man feels connected to a woman, he will try to decipher if she is trustworthy, calm, collected, and resourceful when between a rock and a hard place. These traits connect with the desire to be a high-achieving couple. He wants someone who can overcome and win, even when things get tricky.

Whether it’s a dinner faux pas, a flat tire with no cell service, or an awkward small-talk conversation with strangers, you will get some major brownie points if you can navigate your way out with class.

You don’t have to be flawless here, only confident. Keep your cool, and try to find a good solution. Your Aquarius man will be impressed with that alone.

Aquarius Men Will Test Your Boundaries

We’ve already established that the Aquarian man is fiercely independent, and he wants a self-sufficient partner too. But we haven’t covered all the ways he’ll test you to see how well you can stand on your own two feet.

When he realizes that your relationship has the potential to get serious, he’s going to try to figure out how well you set and hold boundaries very quickly. It’s important to him that you do both and don’t relax these boundaries without a good reason.

So if you tell him you have some important event coming up, and he asks you to ditch it or be late, that’s probably a test. The same goes for him pushing your physical boundaries (like kissing on the first date). He will also test you emotionally, like discussing topics you aren’t comfortable having with him yet.