Venus in Aquarius – What It Means For Your Love Life & Personal Traits

Are you here because you just found out that your natal placement shows Venus in Aquarius? Well, what you are about to read will help you to better figure out your personality traits, qualities and the symbolism behind the combination of Venus in this star sign.

Let’s dive right in.

The symbolism of Venus in Aquarius

In astrology, Venus is fondly regarded as the planet associated with femininity due to its major traits of style and beauty. Venus is also principally noted for guiding human relationships, finances, wants, and needs.

Aquarius, on its own, is the zodiac sign of friendship. In addition to friendship, Aquarius oversees groups or any other forms of social relationships. Further, it is in charge of dreams and hopes.

When Venus is in Aquarius, it signifies that the time has come to showcase the qualities related to being unique, kind, and united. People with this sign are required to be open to receiving love in different forms and to avoid isolating themselves from others.

General qualities of Venus in Aquarius

Variety is the spice of life and no one knows this better than people with Venus in Aquarius sign. These individuals are popular in their social circles for their ever readiness to try new things.

Nothing is absolutely off limits in their experiments. In fact, the more outlandish, the better. The thrill and reactions that they get when they engage in their endless experiment emboldens them to partake in more.

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It is a common thing for these personalities to be misunderstood. One major reason is because Venus in Aquarius signs do not conform. They tend to create their own path and are passionate about seeing it through to the end irrespective of the obstacles on the way.

Venus in Aquarius signs are born humanitarians. They are the type of signs that can donate the last shirt on their backs to someone in need. They normally spend a huge chunk of their money on charities or causes they are passionate about.

In addition, it is usually common for them to bankroll or sponsor activities in their social circle or groups. Even though the placement of Venus in Aquarius signifies the attraction of wealth, these signs are absolutely not interested in amassing a lot of money and just storing it in the bank. To them, money is a means to an end, not the end itself.

People with this sign tend to have big dreams, solid values, and unmatched creativity. As long as they do not diminish or dampen the influence of these traits, they can expect to see all of their dreams come to fruition.

Positive traits of Venus in Aquarius

If you are an individual with this sign, it is safe to say that your social circle revolves around you. And why not? You are extremely outgoing, social, and open to all forms of experimentation just as long as it promises to be fun.

Little wonder everyone regards you as the life of the party.

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What’s more, your friends can testify that their relationship with you is literally a breeze. Apart from the fact that you are selfless and non-toxic, you are also easygoing. To those who are close to you, this should come as no surprise because you tend to surround yourself with people of like minds.

All of your friends are those who have the same outlook on life as you. This eliminates the need for constant friction or clashes due to opposing values.

Besides, whenever you are making friends, you usually disregard any connection of the heart. Instead, you are more focused on ensuring that there is a mind-connection before you take it to the next level. You take this extra step because your social circle means everything to you.

Nothing gives you more joy than being surrounded by people. In fact, you find it easy to give your time, money, and heart to groups rather than sharing them with an individual.

In addition, the creativity trait that comes with this sign can be seen clearly in your personal style. You are inadvertently the trendsetter and the one who always stands out.

However, your style is never static for long, which can make it difficult for others to keep up with. Normally, you frequently alternate between hippie and alternative styles.

Negative traits of Venus in Aquarius

Individuals with this natal chart are notorious for being erratic. Not even those that are close to them can accurately predict their behaviours in the next minute. This unstable trait can put people on guard around you as they don’t know what to expect.

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Venus in Aquarius signs hardly pays attention to their finances as it does not interest them. They are usually irresponsible with money and have poor financial habits.

This particular trait explains why some of them can hobble just above the poverty line. To prevent this, these individuals should at least be watchful over their expenses and income.

Making use of budgets is also another ideal way to keep them on top of their finances. Taking these actions can ensure that they live comfortably without becoming a financial burden on others.

Venus in Aquarius and relationships

These personalities are pretty adept at playing and flirting around. However, when they do fall in love, they get into the experience wholeheartedly.

But don’t expect the feeling to last because they soon become bored. And once boredom hits, they are naturally on the hunt for the next thrill or feeling that will catch their attention.

When this happens, don’t assume that a Venus in Aquarius sign will even pause to consider how this erratic behaviour might make them look to others.

Because as far as they are concerned, it is none of their business. So when it comes to love and relationships, Venus in Aquarius signs are renowned heartbreakers.

To circumvent this, their partners should be open to having unconventional relationships. Venus in Aquarius signs are partial to relationships that are not governed by stereotypes or societal norms. In addition, adding spontaneity can make them stay in the relationship.

Last words

If you are a Venus in Aquarius person, experimental, individualistic, social butterflies, and creative are some of the traits that can be used to define you. But even though your unpredictable nature can drive your friends up the wall, you more than make up for it with your outgoing personality.

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