Scorpio and Aquarius Friendship: A Complementary Clash of Personality Types

Scorpio and Aquarius Friendship

Friend compatibility can be tricky, especially when zodiac signs are involved.

So much emphasis is usually placed on romantic relationships, but platonic friendships are often overlooked. A well-matched friendship is powerful, and can stand the test of time, even better than some romantic couplings.

When it comes to a Scorpio befriending an Aquarius, it’s a coin toss on whether their friendship will last for long.

On one hand, they are both great conversationalists who ask thoughtful questions and immediately whiz right past awkward small talk. Their ability to get to know each other on a deep and meaningful level is relatively high.

Unfortunately, though, these two have some polarizing traits that can feel rude or abrasive to one another. They have differences of opinion when it comes to how frequently they should see each other, how much they should trust one another and the overall dynamic of the friendship.

In addition to this, they also have a tendency to be secretive of their personal lives, which can make it difficult for them to truly know, and therefore, become involved with the other person.

Ready to learn all about these two, and whether they are meant to be friends or not? We’ve got it all covered below.

Scorpio, The Bold Friend

Scorpios exist to humble others. These tough natives are impressed by no one and like to give the truth to others straight. They sugarcoat nothing, and never hold back their thoughts.

Ironically enough, they have an emotional side that often catches other people by surprise. Scorpios can be dramatic too, so when they have a meltdown, it is a sight to see. It’s also exhausting for the Scorpio, and their friend who is there to witness it.

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Scorpios regard themselves highly, and, even though they respect and admire their friends, they don’t always come across this way. Their egos get in the way, and they will always feel a bit superior, even to their nearest and dearest friend. Scorpios can also feel abrasive as friends because of their fierce independence.

Yes, they enjoy the company of their friends, but they also make it known that this friendship is a want and not a need. They are happy to be alone too, and they aren’t afraid to show it. During arguments, especially when Scorpio’s pride is involved, it is rare for them to chase after the friend to make amends or apologize.

Don’t let the above frighten you though, Scorpios are loyal, encouraging, supportive, and very determined creatures. Their passion and ambition is impressive to watch in action, and they will stop at nothing to prove themselves, reach their goals, or help their friend whom they love.

Another benefit of a Scorpio friendship is their ability to cut through lies and deceit to find the truth. They have a gift of being able to read between lines, suss out lies, and figure out when a statement is only a half-truth.

For people who don’t have the intuition or strong gut feelings of a Scorpio, having a Scorpio around will be a huge help. A by-product of their ability to find the truth is their desire to also be truthful and to the point.

Finally, Scorpios are bold people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, speak the truth, or stand up for those who need it, especially their best friends.

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Aquarius, The Go-With-The-Flow Friend

Aquarians, often called the Humanitarians of the Zodiac, are free-spirited, free-thinking optimists who give great advice and are highly trustworthy.

One of the best traits in Aquarius is how deeply they desire to protect and nurture their closest friends. They won’t hesitate to go out of their way to help others. Whether it means taking a long cross-country trip to help a friend, stepping out of their comfort zone, or even putting themselves in harm’s way to save the people they love, Aquarius will do whatever it takes to protect.

Aquarians also hold some of the best conversations, always knowing how to push conversations along, elicit good responses, and ask smart questions. They will never let the conversation die out or go stale because they always have a hat full of good topics and interesting observations to pull from.

While they are capable of engaging in small talk, they definitely prefer to deep-dive into thoughtful, meaningful conversations that meander from topic to topic, and allow them to really learn a lot about the other person.

As mentioned earlier, Aquarians are free-spirited and curious about everything. They see the world through a unique perspective, and because of this, they have interesting insights. This characteristic is also one of the reasons why they are such good independent thinkers.

It’s rare for these natives to adhere to societal norms, and they are always questioning the status quo. In doing so, they often push their friends to also think outside the box , ask good questions, and find creative solutions to otherwise difficult issues. This translates to Aquarians being flexible and open to change. They go with the flow, and do not feel tied to old traditions. They want to do better, be better, and encourage others to embrace positive changes as well.

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Because they accept change so well, unexpected problems, roadblocks, and changes of plans don’t phase them one bit. They are happy to abandon itineraries and old plans if it means having more fun or being more effective.

Scorpio And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

When a Scorpio and an Aquarian find themselves in a friendship, great things happen.

Right off the bat, both people realize that the other is great at holding interesting, fast-paced discussions that go deep.

Scorpio brings an element of darkness and mystery to the conversation, while Aquarius knows all the right questions to ask to keep it flowing. Aquarius asks intelligent, open-ended questions that allow them to get to know Scorpio on a whole new level. Scorpio appreciates the efforts of Aquarius and reciprocates with thoughtful, kind comments, and deep questions to learn more about Aquarius.

Next, these two form an alliance of sorts, and will stop at nothing to protect each other. Sure, Scorpio is the more independent friend of the duo, but they are fierce protectors who feel compelled to stand up for their friend. Aquarius feels the same way, and will return the favor.

Aquarius initiates with thoughtful, unique ideas, and Scorpio has the guts and sheer boldness to act on them. Scorpio appreciates how carefree Aquarius acts, while Aquarius admires the Scorpio’s dark and mysterious demeanor.

Both signs are persistent creatures with tons of ambition, passion, and dedication.

Still, there will be many obstacles for them to overcome, as their personality types are likely to clash, and so will their hobbies and interests.

Pluto and Mars vs Uranus

Scorpio is ruled by two planets instead of one; Pluto and Mars. Pluto is a planet of strong emotions, strong intuition, and has everything to do with death, mystery and transformation.

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Mars, on the other hand, has to do with conflict, aggression, passion, sex, war, and taking action in general. Scorpio is a culmination of all of the above-mentioned traits, rolling into one person.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is responsible for surprises, change, shock, progression, and innovation. Uranus pushes Aquarius to challenge what is the standard, be more unconventional, and work as a humanitarian.

Water vs Air

Air and Water Sign Compatibility

Scorpio’s water element and Aquarius’ element of air make for a beneficial, yet sometimes combative, relationship.

Water and air benefit each other with balance. Air encourages water to be more methodical and thoughtful in general, allowing water to see new perspectives, open change, and work on being more flexible. Water pushes air to identify, understand, and become more in tune with its feelings. This allows air to make better connections with other people, and improve their intuition.

Analytical air may not enjoy water’s drama, but there are critical lessons to be learned here. Water may not appreciate how free-spirited air is, but learning to accept and embrace this behavior can give water many advantages in life.

Can A Scorpio And Aquarius Friendship Work?

Scorpios and Aquarians are generally compatible signs, especially as friends.

Even though their conversations are deep, reflective, and meaningful, their friendship may only be surface level.

Both of these signs are independent, in different ways, and so they are not as inclined to spend much time together, despite liking the others’ presence. Their personalities work well together, especially in conversation, but it is unlikely that their personal problems and aspirations will be brought up much.

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While both signs feel fiercely protective over their loved ones, it is unlikely that this strong feeling will overcome either of them for the other person. They just don’t know each other that well, and don’t have the common interests to make themselves know each other better.

If somehow, they are able to find common ground to get to know each other, these two will be exceptionally loyal to one another. With this loyalty comes the utmost honesty, kindness, and a desire to push each other to be better and fulfill each others’ needs.

Aquarius will not tolerate how naturally controlling Scorpio is, and Scorpio will loathe how wishy-washy and free-flowing Aquarius acts.

Both of them will like their time alone. While Aquarius sees time away from each other as healthy and normal, Scorpio may see Aquarius’ time away as suspicious. If Scorpio acts on their urge to snoop or pry, Aquarius will blow up on Scorpio. Communication and trust is something that they will both have to significantly improve if they want the friendship to succeed and last any amount of time.

Final Thoughts About Scorpio And Aquarius As Friends

Scorpio and Aquarius have similar traits and levels of passion and loyalty, but it can be difficult for them to push past surface-level acquaintanceship.

Most likely, these two are destined to know each other, respect one another, and occasionally share a good conversation, but most likely they will not let the friendship go much deeper than this. These two will probably be friends for a season, but not a lifetime.

Still, if they are able to overcome the odds and find a place where their interests overlap, a strong but unique friendship can form.