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Soul urge number calculator

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The Soul Urge Number is one of the most crucial aspects of Numerology.

It provides valuable insights into the deepest and fondest desire of your soul. In essence, it tells you what your soul yearns for the most.

This revelation can be quite meaningful for any person. It can tell you why you do certain things and why you are naturally drawn towards certain people and situations.

It can help you understand your past decisions and actions and can also potentially help improve your future choices.

But perhaps the most important thing here is that your Soul Urge Number helps you understand who you are at the core of your being. This self-discovery can be the most powerful and beneficial thing you do for yourself.

Given its immense significance, it is important to know what your Soul Urge Number is. It is based on your name and you can easily calculate it on your own. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

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How To Calculate Soul Urge Number

To know your particular number, you need to use the name that was given to you at birth.

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This means you can’t use your nickname, married name, adopted name, or anything like that. The name to be used here needs to match exactly as it shows up on your birth certificate. Any variation can totally mess up your calculation and give you a false Soul Urge Number.

So, let’s take an example to understand how you can correctly calculate your number. Let’s say your name is Jacob Jones. Now, you need to separate out the vowels from this name. So, we have A, O, O, and E.

Now, each vowel is assigned a specific number in Numerology. Below is a list of the vowels and their respective numbers:

A = 1
E = 5
I = 9
O = 6
U = 3
Y = 7

One thing that most may not know is that the letter Y is also considered a vowel in Numerology. So, if your name has a Y in it, you need to count that too.

Next, you need to add up all the numbers that correspond to the vowels in your name. In our case, A + O + O + E = 1 + 6 + 6 + 5 = 18. So, your total is 18.

Now, if your total comes out to be 11 or 22, then it will be your respective Soul Urge Number. However, any other double-digit number needs to be reduced to a single-digit number.

In our case, 18 is not 11 or 22. So, we need to reduce it to a single-digit number.

We do that by adding the 1 and 8. So, we get 9 (1+8). The Soul Urge Number for the name Jacob Jones is 9. If you follow the above process, you could get any number between 1 and 9. Or you could get an 11 or 22. Below, we talk about what each of these Soul Urge Numbers mean.

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What Does Your Soul Urge Number Say?

1 Soul Urge Number 1

If your number is 1, then you are probably a highly self-sufficient person. You believe in your own abilities to achieve your dreams and desires. You also like to pay attention to the littlest of details and any lack of efficiency might bother you.

Ideas are what drive you in life and you would do anything for some passionate brainstorming. Your unique qualities might make others around you feel a little jittery. But that is no fault of your own.

2 Soul Urge Number 2

The people with this number are masters at their craft. They operate in such a way that their actions lead to results and no one even realizes that they were involved.

As such, these people love working from the shadows and hold an invisible influence over others. This could be deliberate or it might happen on its own. This also makes them suited for jobs or work that require persuasive qualities. They could do wonders in any sales department or even as advisors in a company.

3 Soul Urge Number 3

If you have this soul urge number, you are probably a child at heart. This instantly makes you special as most adults lose that side of themselves growing up. You, on the other hand, are still as curious about life as you were when you were little. You still look at things with the same awe and wonder. This makes you learn anything much quicker than others. Also, you are probably the center of attention at any party and you have an uncanny ability to draw people in.

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4 Soul Urge Number 4

This soul urge number is associated with people who have a two-dimensional view of reality and life.

If this is your number, then you probably see things are black or white, good or bad, and so on. You might be able to examine anything from different angles.

Also, you probably have a tendency to follow all the rules and run your life according to pre-determined norms. As such, people might think that you are a little uptight. Despite some of these flaws though, you are always reliable and your values stem from traditions which is always a plus.

5 Soul Urge Number 5

If your soul urge number is 5, you are an explorer at heart. You like going out, seeing the world, experiencing the different cultures, people, food, and the sights that nature has to offer. This quality alone makes you really fun to hang around with as you appear to be filled with energy all the time.

However, people might assume that you are averse to commitments or long-term association with any people or place. This may or may not be true. Also, you are inquisitive by nature and you want to understand how things work at the fundamental level.

6 Soul Urge Number 6

People with this soul urge number find their fulfillment by nurturing and supporting other people.

Their nature makes them father or mother figures in people’s lives. As such, other people find comfort in their presence and look up to them for guidance.

They truly represent the best that humanity has to offer. Their love and compassion for everyone around them are unparalleled and they always see the good in others.

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7 Soul Urge Number 7

Seven is considered to be the most powerful number in the universe.

Naturally, people with this soul urge number have some great qualities that set them apart from the rest. The most glaring of these qualities is intellect. These people are some of the most intelligent people on the planet and are suited to be scientists, doctors, engineers, etc.

As is often the case, their intellect also comes with an introverted nature. This makes them want to work alone and not deal with the nonsensical drama of other people’s lives.

8 Soul Urge Number 8

If you have a soul urge number 8, success will probably be the most important goal in your life. You will find yourself vehemently looking for ways to “make it” in the world. This will eventually make you an achiever and people around you will be impressed by your drive.

Also, this number makes you a Jack of all trades. So, no matter what you choose to do, you will probably be great at it!

9 Soul Urge Number 9

Here we have people who are naturally inclined to look inward. They are spiritual by nature and spend a lot of time contemplating the nature of their being. They despise the artificial divisions that humanity has created for itself and want everyone to acknowledge the oneness that we all share.

People with this soul urge number are also very generous. They freely give away their time, energy, and money if it means helping other people. This makes other people reach out to them in times of their need.

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10 Soul Urge Number 11

The number 11 holds a deep spiritual significance. Logically people with this soul urge number have qualities that make them spiritually adept. They are highly intuitive and have an almost supernatural understanding of how things work below the surface.

They are also very sensitive to the vibrational frequencies of other people, situations, and things. On occasion, this could leave them open to vulnerabilities from bad vibrations.

11 Soul Urge Number 22

If you have felt like you are out of place or don’t belong in this reality, then this is your soul urge number.

Out of all the soul numbers, this is perhaps the most unique. It is almost as if they are from a different realm or different time altogether and have come to our physical reality to help us human beings.

The way they conduct their lives speaks volumes about their uniqueness. They are often regarded as old souls who have had a very long journey of manifestations in the physical realities.