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Your Life Path Number is a significant number in numerology. It is derived using your date of birth and can provide valuable insights into your identity.

This number can reveal who you are as a person, your traits, preferences, challenges you are prone to facing, strengths, weaknesses, potential career paths, and so on.

Suffice it to say, this is a lot of valuable information that can be used in a number of ways to grow your self-awareness and become a better person.

It helps you understand why you keep failing on a particular goal and why you seem to be stuck in the same old pattern. It allows you to understand your strengths and capitalize on them to achieve your dreams and desires.

A person who knows themself through and through is much better equipped to traverse the journey of life. And this makes the life path number so crucial.

So, now that you understand what this number is and how it can help, let’s take a look at how you can calculate it.

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How To Calculate Life Path Number

This part is quite simple but you need to pay attention to each step carefully since multiple additions are involved. As mentioned above, the life path number is derived using your date of birth.

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We will illustrate how it is done by taking an example.

Let’s say you were born on July 15, 1970. We can write this as 15/07/1970 (using the dd/mm/yyyy format).

Step 1

Now, in the first step, we need to add the individual digits of the year. Since the year is 1970, we need to add 1, 9, 7, and 0. So, 1 + 9 + 7 + = 17.

Since 17 is a two-digit number, we need to further add its individual digits to reduce it to a single-digit number. So, 1 + 7 = 8. This gives us the first number.

Step 2

In the second step, we need to add the individual digits of the day. In this case, it is 15. So, we get 1 + 5 = 6. This gives us the second number.

Step 3

In the third step, we need to add the individual digits of the month. In this case, it is 7, which is already a single-digit number. So, this is our third number.

Step 4

Finally, we need to add together all three numbers. So, we get 8 + 6 + 7 = 21.

Again, we need to add the individual digits of this number to arrive at a single-digit number. So, 2 + 1 = 3. Therefore, in our example, your life path number is 3.

There is one important thing to keep in mind in the final step. If you add all three numbers (from the day, month, and year), and you get 11 or 22, you won’t have to add their individual digits.

This is because both 11 and 22 are master numbers. Now, let’s take a look at what each life path number says about you.

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What Does Your Life Path Number Say?

1 Life Path Number 1

People with this life path number are strong-willed and highly ambitious. They have an independent mindset and love to figure out things on their own. They are also equipped with a charming personality and constantly work at improving their lives.

As such, they are naturally suited for leadership positions such as executives at corporations, army generals, politicians, and so on.

However, they can also be authoritarian at times which can rub people off the wrong way.

Also, they can be highly protective of those under their wing and this can stifle those people’s growth. If they can manage these tendencies, they can set themselves up for greatness.

2 Life Path Number 2

People with this life path number 2 are very sensitive and empathetic. They can feel what others around them are going through.

This makes them great friends and so, people trust them with their deepest thoughts and emotions. This quality also makes them suited for careers that require an understanding of human emotion (for instance politicians, healers, psychiatrists, etc).

Their sensitivity might have a caveat though. Sometimes, other people’s sorrow and despair can get to them and they can end up feeling terrible. If this is dealt with properly, they can really bring positivity to countless people.

3 Life Path Number 3

These people are highly energetic beings that love to express themselves.

Since their communication skills are usually really great, they are able to not only express themselves but also attract others towards them. This works out well for them because they also secretly like attention.

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However, they do struggle with commitment. They might start a project, a job, or a relationship with enthusiasm, but might soon abandon them. Also, their carefree nature can prevent them from making plans for their future and this might come back to haunt them later on.

4 Life Path Number 4

A person with this life path number is a down to earth and reliable person.

If there is trouble out there, this is the person you want to be in your corner. They are knowledgeable and practical, which allow them to solve most challenges they are faced with. They are also guided by their values and principles which sets a great example for others around them.

With all their positive attributes, it would be tempting to think that they are flawless. However, they do have a glaring flaw. It’s that they can sometimes be too rigid. This can keep them from living life to the fullest and experience everything that it has to offer.

5 Life Path Number 5

People under this number are very curious by nature. They have tons of questions in their heart and are always looking for answers. They prefer looking at things with a fresh perspective and are not afraid to colour outside the lines.

This makes them perfect for careers related to journalism, education, research, and so on. Perhaps the best thing about these people is that they are always growing and evolving thanks to their inquisitive nature.

They do need to keep their indulgence in check though. As they might miss everything else happening around them. They tend to forget that other people, things, and situations require their attention too.

6 Life Path Number 6

These people are highly compassionate and they stand up for other people (especially their loved ones). They can’t see injustice happening in front of them and often speak up against it.

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As such, they make the perfect lawyers, speakers, and activists. Their compassionate side also makes them ideal to become therapists.

However, their love for others can be self-harming. They can forget to care for themselves which might prove detrimental to their health. They need to find balance if they are to sustain themselves over the long term.

7 Life Path Number 7

People with this life path number are extremely intuitive. This is not surprising though as the number 7 is considered to be highly spiritual.

As such, they are quite perceptive and are able to see what others miss. This also makes them quite analytical, to the point that they are always trying to figure out the smallest detail of other people.

Their left-brained nature does have some drawbacks though. They may find it difficult to connect with other people as they are always looking for hints of deception and falsehood.

8 Life Path Number 8

These people are highly ambitious and through their hard work, achieve their desired results.

It is not uncommon to find these people are very good with money and know how to preserve and grow their wealth. They prefer to be independent and self-sufficient. These qualities make them perfect for leadership roles. They can even inspire and motivate other people with their work ethics.

Although their money management and hard work are positive qualities most of the time, they can be double-edged swords once in a blue moon. Such qualities often make these people workaholics and misers. Both are detrimental to their long-term happiness.

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9 Life Path Number 9

These people are some of the most generous people on the planet. No matter what you need them for, you can always count on them.

Almost all of the people in their life will know them to be trustworthy and people feel comfortable in their presence. They are also principled and idealistic in nature and are not willing to sacrifice their views so easily.

Their generosity might sometimes come back to bite them. People may take advantage of them without even them even realizing it. Therefore, it’s best for these people to be a little cautious.

10 Life Path Number 11

11 is a master number and people with this life path number are quite special.

They are effortlessly inspiring to others and have an almost magical ability to come up with solutions to problems. Their intuitiveness is off the charts and they can be seen helping others frequently.

They are selfless beings and only want what’s best for others. Their mere presence seems to fill up the entire space with warm energy.

11 Life Path Number 22

22 is another master number and it’s rare for people to fall under it. But those with this life path number possess a lot of power and energy.

People with a Life Path Number of 22 are inherently spiritual in nature and as such, gravitate towards a simple life. You could say that they are more inclined to become saints, yogis, or sages.

They could also become spiritual leaders and spread positivity throughout the world. Due to their deep knowledge and wisdom, people often seek them out for advice and solutions to their problems.