How to Know If a Libra Man is Playing You

How to Know If a Libra Man is Playing You

The Libra man has an easygoing charm that many women fall for effortlessly.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, a man born with this zodiac sign will also be popular with women because of his good looks. When in love, he showers his significant other with praises and affection.

On the downside, the Libra man has a reputation for being one of the playboy signs of the zodiac. So, if you have met one with this horoscope, it is understandable if you are concerned as to whether he is genuinely into you or not.

Are you trying to find out how to know if a Libra man is playing you? If so, this guide is for you.

Before he kicks you to the curb, there are some red flags that you can notice and protect yourself from investing so much emotion into a relationship that is going nowhere.

On the surface, he may seem like he is interested in being with you, but when you look closer at some behavioral cues, you will be able to tell he is playing you.

Often, the signs of someone not being the right match for a serious relationship are always right in front of us. However, it is human nature to try and wish away the truth because it can be too depressing to face. Delaying the inevitable, though, only makes things twice as hurtful when you finally realize that someone has just been using you.

If the Libra guy you are dating is not trustworthy, what signs will reveal how he truly feels? Read on to find out.

1 Dodgy Behavior & Less Communication

Librans are one of the most social signs of the zodiac. Principled and dynamic communicators, these individuals are excellent at sparking conversation with their wit and sarcasm.

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They enjoy debate and stimulating discussions that touch on social justice and equality. As such, these social butterflies can be chatty and are not known to be the silent types.

If a Libra man finds you captivating, he will certainly stay in touch and want to interact more. When in love, he expresses his feelings articulately and would hate to squander the opportunity to shower you with his warmth and kindness. Consequently, little to no communication is one of the clear signs that he is probably interested in someone else.

Dodgy behavior from a Libra man may be in the form of ignoring your texts, social messages, and calls or responding evasively.

Your prince charming may go missing for days or weeks, then comes back again out of the blue without so much as an explanation. Then shortly after spending a bit of time together, the cycle of him ghosting you and disappearing starts all over again.

He may be able to keep his distance but at the same time appear involved, making it difficult to read his inner thoughts.

When a Libra man does not prioritize keeping in touch, this is an indication that he does not consider you worthy of his time. Whether you are dating or just interested in him, it is only prudent to go ahead and cut your losses if he is not intent on building a serious relationship.

2 Keeps Making False Promises

The symbol of Libra is a weighing scale, the only inanimate one among all the zodiac signs. Fittingly, it represents justice, balance, and fairness. As such, natives born under this astrology sign try not to hurt other people directly.

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They seek harmony by trying not to rock the boat in an attempt to keep everyone happy. And, this is where Libra’s reputation for untruthfulness comes in.

If a Libra man is not interested in you in a romantic way, he may end up devising ways to conceal the truth. He will keep you in a state of limbo to avoid confrontation. Over time, this will manifest as lies and broken promises that will push you to the brink of giving-up on him.

3 Keeps His Options Open

If a Libra man has not committed to a long-term relationship, the chances are he is seeing someone on the side. Alternatively, it could just be that he is keeping his choices open.

When out in public, you will notice him eyeing other women and even flirting with them. He may have lots of female friends that receive more attention than you.

No matter how much time you have spent apart, he never misses you. What’s more, you may notice his lack of disappointment when other priorities create a distance between the two of you.

If your absence does not seem to create a void in the life of a Libra man, it suggests that he is not too fond of you. In fact, he probably seems at peace when you are not around, never communicating his sadness for not having seen you in a while. All these are signs that he only wants you to be around for the company.

4 Hides His Feelings

Another red flag that a Libra man is playing you is if you have been dating for a while, but he has never confessed his feelings.

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Natives belonging to this sign of the zodiac make it clear when they are interested. Thanks to their artistic side and excellent communication skills, they can express their emotions of affection with poetic words.

So, if a Libra man never gives you a straight answer and avoids eye contact, he is most likely hiding his true feelings. The eyes are the window to the soul, so he will prevent looking you straight in the eye to keep you from detecting his ulterior motives.

By continuing to conceal his true feelings, the Libra man you are dating may only be interested in a casual relationship that does not require too much time, energy, and commitment.

5 When He Only Makes Time for Physical Intimacy

Adept at expressing themselves, the men born under the Libra astrology sign can win your heart with flattery in no time. They have a way with words and will sweet talk you when smitten by your sexual appeal.

When a Libra man wishes to chase you purely for physical satisfaction, he will charm you to bits and toy with your feelings to get what he wants. If he only makes time for sexual intimacy and seems completely detached afterward, it means he only views you as an object of pleasure.

6 Does Not Support You

Along with Leo, Libra is one of the most unbiased signs of the zodiac. Natives born under this horoscope have absolute faith in humanity.

They are most likely to see the good in others and consider all points of view. Therefore, if a man with this sun sign does not stand by you, it implies that he is not into you.

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When he keeps disagreeing with you on just about everything and being cynical, it may be a ploy to create a rift and shake you loose from his life.

In love, a Libra man will not leave your side and can be a great source of encouragement to be the best version of yourself. Therefore, this lack of unbiased support may imply that he is playing mind games to keep you at arms length.

How To Know If A Libra Man Is Playing You: To Sum Up

With those key pointers on how to know if a Libra man is playing you, it should be easy to assess your relationship and determine where it stands.

Sometimes, Librans may hesitate to commit because they are an indecisive sign. Being open about your expectations in the relationship can help them take the bold step to get to know you.

However, if you notice that a Libra man is playing you, be candid with him about his undesirable conduct. The empowering and bold step to take is to dump him before he does more damage to your self-esteem.