How to Get a Pisces Woman Back: 8 Key Tips

How to Get a Pisces Woman Back

Studies suggest it takes about three months to get over an ex and feel ready to start dating again. Therefore, if you have recently broken up with someone and are thinking making up, that is the grace period to win back your love. You only need to strike with precision, and astrology can help you with this.

Take the example of a Pisces woman. With Neptune ruling over her sign, this lady is a born romantic and a dreamer who idealizes love.

She is also sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. With these traits, this woman pours her entire existence (strength, mind, and soul) into her partner when involved in a relationship.

For this reason, the end of a relationship will hurt this woman worse than any other sign. And, while a Pisces can sometimes be a glutton for punishment, a second dishing of that kind of pain is hardly something this sign would want to go through.

That said, this woman archetype could be open to taking a former boyfriend back if she believes that the breakup is also tearing her ex apart. If you are wondering how to get a Pisces woman back, check out what it takes to win back the love of this emotional sign.

1 Trigger Her Empathy

When seeking to win back a Pisces woman, you will need to indulge in a little bit of manipulation. Whilst this seems devious, the end justifies the means in this case. Making this sensitive sign feel as guilty as possible is necessary to get the ball rolling in your favor.

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Pisces natives have a big heart that hates to see others hurting. Their capacity for empathy is so high that they are ready to sacrifice their comfort for the greater good. Therefore, making your Pisces lady feel sorry for you is the best approach when asking for a second chance.

Seeing your pain over the breakup will leave her feeling uneasy. Knowing that her leaving you is the cause of your suffering will be more than this sensitive sign can bear. Guilt over the situation will tear her apart to the point that she will not be at peace until she finds a way to alleviate your pain.

2 Give Her Space

If you have spent enough time around a Pisces lady, you will realize that she sometimes takes off to be alone for a while. It is a typical trait for this zodiac sign. The need for solitude will be at an all-time high for your Pisces girl after you make your desire of reconciling known.

Pisces holds a torch for their ex long after the breakup. This sign is a big dreamer who has a fantasy-like view of love. She is likely to spend days fantasizing about the perfect dates you had together and resort to moping around the house, daydreaming of an ex crawling back begging to be taken back after a breakup. Therefore, reaching out will work to reinforce her missing you.

However, her own pain over the breakup will prevent her from rushing back into your arms. For this reason, you will have to back off and give her some space to heal. Let her stew on your words and sort out her feelings as well.

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3 Appeal To Her Friends

The Pisces female usually keeps a close circle of friends whom she loves dearly. So, you might want to try making a plea to them about talking your ex into giving your relationship another shot.

Pisces is an expert when it comes to the friendship department. Between her wise old-soul, wild imagination, and endless well of empathy, this female archetype attracts many friends.

She wears many caps in her friendships, including a healer, keeper of secrets, caretaker, advisor, and problem solver. All heart, Pisces is always willing to help a friend, even if it means going out of her way.

Her pure devotion lends her to forming friendship bonds that last a lifetime. The Pisces way of giving her all inspires deep loyalty in her friends. Her pals usually want the best for her and may therefore be willing to intervene on your behalf when they see you are sincere.

Getting even one of her circle on your side can stack the odds in your favor. Since this sign listens to her friends, your request of making up will bear more weight if it comes from those closest to her heart.

4 Turn Over A New Leaf

Pisces natives have a dramatic nature that craves an all-consuming relationship. When those born under this sign are in love, they quickly form an attachment to their partner. Usually, this results in being hurt terribly or even depressed after a relationship ends.

Once their delicate heart is broken, it will be hard to get the Pisces woman to open up to the same person again. A hurting sincere heart like hers is just about the only game-changer that could convince her to dip her toes in the same love pond again. So, if you intend to win this lady back, you will have to prove your love with actions.

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She needs to see that the breakup shook you so much that you are ready to do whatever it takes to start anew. Be more attentive if you were an aloof boyfriend, share more in her interests, check in with her daily, and show up to help or support her wherever possible.

Remember that this sign is emotionally intuitive as well as exceptional at reading a person’s true intentions. If she sees and feels that you are truly genuine, you will have a better shot at reconciliation.

5 Sweep Her Up In A Whirlwind Romance

One sure-fire way to bring the twinkle back into the eyes of a Pisces woman is to enchant her with romance. Those born to this sign are suckers for grand gestures of love.

Resort to super romantic acts like sending her a rose and sweet note every day, or taking her on a super-romantic date where the two of you get to ride in a horse carriage, and you will see her melt right in front of your eyes.

Symbolic gifts such as custom jewelry or a playlist of the songs she likes to listen to when feeling down will also boost your chances of regaining favor in her eyes.

6 Do Not Pressure Her

One thing to note is that you cannot cling onto a Pisces any more than you can hold water in your hands. This sign can be incredibly indecisive and hates the feeling of being cornered. Forcing a female of this sign to do something she is not ready to do will only cause her to repel away from you.

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So, while you may be desperate to have your Pisces ex back in your life, you have to be patient. Avoid bringing up the topic of reconciliation too often. Instead, focus on winning her over again gradually by being a gallant gentleman. Let her be the one to breach that subject, however long it takes.

7 Hear Her Out

If your Pisces lady sets up a meeting, things are looking up for you. It probably means that she is ready to try again. However, she will most likely want her feelings and thoughts known before resuming the relationship.

While the Pisces woman usually keeps you guessing what is on her mind, she will bear her soul to you and open up about how she felt leading up to & after things ended, plus her feelings at the moment. Let her do all the talking and listen carefully.

It will be cathartic for her to get those emotions off her chest. It will also help you better understand your Pisces love and thus learn how to avoid another breakup in the future.

8 Agree To All Her Terms

While Pisces people will cry buckets at the drop of a hat and give the shirt off their back to a stranger, they are not all soft. When presented with a challenge, natives of this sign rise to the occasion more often than others would expect.

Individuals with this zodiac sign also have a built-in defense mechanism that will have them quickly swim away from a person who keeps hurting them.

So while your Pisces woman taking you back is a likely scenario, you will still have to win her trust again. You better swallow your pride and accept everything she says, even if she blames you for the breakup. Also, be ready to compromise, as she will most likely set the new terms of the second chance.

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When it comes to brilliance, Pisces got the best of both worlds. Like its counterpart water sign, Cancer, the emotional aptitude of this sign is off the charts. One conversation, even if had over the phone, and a Pisces will be able to pick up on the emotional standing of a loved one.

Pisces also possess the razor-sharp mental brilliance prominent among the most astute minds like Sagittarius and Libra. A few minutes spent talking to someone is all this sign needs to determine if you have less than savory intentions.

With that said, the tips here will help blow the winds of favor in your way, but it is the true reflection of your heart that will determine if your ex-Pisces woman will take you back or not.

Therefore, be completely honest with your Pisces lady and trust that your love will shine through and get you that second chance that you crave.