New Moon In Pisces – Emotion, Intuition, and Cosmic Housecleaning

New Moon In Pisces

What should you do during a New Moon in Pisces? This is a time of open emotions and crystal clear intuition. Even if you’ve got a natal chart that isn’t’ typically in tune with the world of feelings, now’s your chance to get sensitive.

There’s a low of power when a New Moon combines with Pisces. The moon is emotional by its very nature and Pisces is one of the most powerful signs for navigating our inner worlds.

Let’s get in touch with our cosmic sensitive sides!

New Moon – Ready For A Fresh Start?

The New Moon represents a time of darkness, but trust us when we say that this is a good thing.

Darkness brings creativity and the space that we need to refresh our lives. The New Moon represents something of a cosmic reset. Now’s the time to set new intentions for the next two weeks and let go of old things that are holding you back.

New Moons are also a great time to take care of everything that we need to refresh in our lives. The time around a New Moon is the perfect occasion for refreshing your haircut, buying some new clothes, or even being bold and going out and getting that tattoo. Let’s take some “me time” and get ready for the next two weeks!

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Pisces – Navigator Of The Emotional Tides

Like the fish that this sign is represented by, Pisces are natural swimmers in the waters of human emotion. Emotion is a turbulent space that other signs find difficult to process or understand, but Pisces is one of the signs with the most space for emotion.

Pisces is a sign of empathy. This opens you up to new emotional potential and lets you connect clearly and directly to the emotions of people around you. Pisces is also known for its kindness and its connection to spirituality. This sign isn’t afraid to look towards the more mystic things in our lives for answers to even the most mundane and material problems.

What The New Moon Has In Store For You

A New Moon in Pisces is a great time to take stock of your emotional world, do some personal house cleaning, and get ready for the next two weeks. Here’s what this astrological phenomena has in store for you.

1 Feeling Out the Next Lunar Cycle

One of the best things you can do during the New Moon in Pisces is to feel out the next two weeks. This is a refresh in the lunar cycle and due to its connection with Pisces you’re going to be able to feel more clearly about where the next two weeks are going to head.

2 Amped Up Intuition (Or Even Psychic Sensitivity)

Do you believe in psychic sensitivity? If so, the New Moon in Pisces is an ideal time to flex your psychic muscles.

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Even if you don’t believe in paranormal powers, the New Moon in Pisces is a time where people experience an amped up intuition. The little sensation that tugs somewhere deep inside your chest is going to be a little bit more pronounced during a New Moon in Pisces. Remember the old saying and trust your gut.

3 Think About Refreshing Boundaries

The New Moon in Pisces is a great time to consider refreshing the boundaries that you have in your life.

The heightened emotional awareness and intuition as well as the New Moon’s predisposition for refreshing things makes for an excellent time to reconsider where you put up your personal border posts. These boundaries can be renegotiated at any point in your life.

Now is a good time to refresh your sexual boundaries with your partner, the boundaries you set up in your work life balance, or the physical boundaries that are dictated by how you’ve arranged your home. Boundaries, borders, and other spatial delineations experience a clearness and a fluidity during the New Moon in Pisces that you can take advantage of.

4 A Time of Emotional Clarity

The New Moon has a natural clarity and openness to it. Regardless of the sign it’s connected to, a New Moon is a great time to appreciate a clear perspective on issues. When the New Moon is in Pisces, this is only more apparent.

Since Pisces is naturally connected with emotion and intuition, the clarity of the New Moon enhances this insight. You can expect the New Moon in Pisces to be a time where people start to see a little bit more clearly than they usually do.

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5 Mutable and Water Signs Watch Out!

Mutable signs and other water signs are going to be hit hardest by a New Moon in Pisces.

This means that: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius as well as Aquarius, Scorpio, and of course, Pisces are going to feel this enhanced period of emotions and intuitions much more deeply than others.

While people with other sun and moon signs are going to feel a refreshing breeze of emotional clarity, individuals with mutable and water signs might feel this as something closer to a maelstrom. These enhanced emotions and psychic intuitions can be a little overwhelming for signs that are already predisposed to those sensations.

If you have a mutable or water sign with a prominent placement, you might want to take the days leading up to a New Moon in Pisces to batten down the hatches.

6 A Chance to Take a Personal Reset

Emotions dictate so much of our lives. Even if you tend to live by logic and rationality, there’s often deeply held and unacknowledged emotions running beneath that surface. A New Moon in Pisces is going to give you the opportunity to take something of a personal reset.

This is a wonderful occasion to allow all those built up emotions to wash over you. Let go of the things that you’ve been carrying around with you and experienced some emotional weightlessness even if just for a day.

The New Moon in Pisces is a great time to take stock and take perspective. Things don’t always have to be the way that they are but those first steps forward are often the hardest.

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7 Clearing the Air

All right, we’ve been talking a lot about clearing the air and opening up to our emotions, but other people are going to be doing this too. The New Moon in Pisces is a great time to realize that the universe isn’t as self-centered as we often allow it to appear.

Our family, friends, and the people we love most are also going to be more in touch with their emotions during this time than usual. This might lead to conflict.

People might approach you with problems that they have with you that they haven’t had the emotional bandwidth to connect with before the New Moon in Pisces. Be ready to open up to these experiences, because they’re giving you an opportunity to grow even if this growth means going through a little bit of pain.

Lean into the empathy that’s in the air and you’ll make it through this New Moon all the better for it.

New Moon In Pisces Love

The New Moon in Pisces can be a wonderful time for lovers. Your emotional connection will be very direct and open during this New Moon. This can be challenging if you’re not used to being very open with your feelings, but this is a great time to get in touch on a deeper level.

This can be discussing changing boundaries in your love or sex life, talking about where your relationship is going, or just enjoying each other’s emotional lives. The connection is open – take the time to embrace it.

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New Moon In Pisces Career

You might not be thinking that career concerns come up during the New Moon in Pisces, but this is a great time to think about your relationship to your job.

We’re often very emotionally connected with the work that we do. We spend most of our day with our co-workers and at our jobs. This is a considerable emotional landscape that isn’t often traversed. The New Moon in Pisces can give you some empathy and intuition that you can use to consider where your career path has taken you and where it’s going.

Wrapping Up The New Moon In Pisces

When the New Moon is in Pisces you know that emotions are going to be at the forefront of every conversation.

This can be a time of overwhelming empathy and feeling, but is also an ideal time to take stock of where your feelings have been taking you. Use the New Moon in Pisces to feel out where you’re going in the upcoming weeks and take some time to refresh your boundaries and explore your own intuition.

At the very least, the New Moon in Pisces gives everyone an opportunity to open up to feelings that might not otherwise get their time to shine.