Sun Square Mars Synastry – What It Means For You

Sun Square Mars Synastry

What if you had a way of knowing how a potential relationship will turn out?

How much heartache would such information save you from?

Is there even any information like that or are we just pulling your legs?

Quiet as it’s kept, astrology can help you determine if a relationship is worth your while. To do this, it involves comparing the natal charts of both you and your partner in a process called synastry.

Now, unlike a horoscope that gives a generalized and sometimes vague relationship analysis, synastry goes much deeper. Synastry deciphers the good, the bad, and the ugly in a relationship. It also looks at your relationship potential or if you are better off finding love elsewhere.

In this article, we will be analyzing one such synastry – the Sun square Mars synastry.

If you have recently discovered that this is your synastry, this guide will provide the answers you are looking for. From deciphering the pros and cons to uncovering the meaning behind this synastry.

Symbolism Of The Sun And Mars


The Sun plays a prominent role in astrology.

Apart from sustaining life on earth, it stands for vitality, rationality, life force, reasoning, ego, willpower, and consciousness. The Sun is also the natural ruler of ambitions, vanity, wealth, success, fame, advancement, authority, action, confidence, individuality, and egotism. When the Sun is in a person’s natal chart, it enables them to know their life’s purpose because it reveals their passions and motivations.

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Mars, on the other hand, is the planet of fierceness and power. Its small size notwithstanding, the red planet rules over-aggressiveness, brutality, anger, war, courage, passion, intolerance, conflicts, sports, destruction, and the military.

People with Mars in their sign can be imposing and domineering. They also tend to have a violent streak and a knack for getting into conflicts.

Positive Features Of The Sun Square Mars Synastry

What happens when two fiercely masculine energies come together in a synastry?

The result is the aggressively dominating force present in the Sun square Mars synastry. But rather than being repelling, this masculine energy creates an instant physical attraction between the Sun and Mars signs.

However, this attraction does not dissipate nor dilute the aggressiveness, passion, and domination common to this synastry. Instead, these energies create a passionate and intense relationship that can take both signs on a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions. And if care is not taken, the relationship might prove to be too overwhelming for both signs.

Thanks to the intense physical attraction on both sides, the relationship usually starts off on a high note. They soon become in tune with each other’s presence, energy cycles, goals, and emotions. Just being in close vicinity with each other is enough for both signs to be invigorated.

In addition, the relationship gives both signs the freedom to express themselves in whichever they want. And even though they are pursuing different things, there is an ambience of harmony that encourages real productivity.

Unfortunately, this honeymoon phase is not forever.

Negative Features Of Sun Square Mars Synastry

During the early phase of the relationship, Sun and Mars are so infatuated with each other that they ignore their partner’s flaws. However, like all infatuations, this does not last long.

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As the intensity of the attraction begins to wear off, both signs will start to notice the seemingly harmless flaws of their respective partners.

Similarly, their incompatibility tends to become much more noticeable. For some other synastry, a compromise can be made at this point to salvage the relationship. But this is not so easy for the Sun square Mars synastry.

Remember that this synastry is made up of two masculine energies that love to dominate. So, compromise is not a word that you will find in both their dictionaries. In addition, their competitive spirit means that both signs want to win and would never admit their wrongs.

So, since both parties are unwilling to bend for each other, unending disagreements, bickering, and arguments begin to rear its head.

With time, it usually escalates into full-blown conflicts and fights over the most mundane issues. And, of course, a once harmonious relationship becomes tensed and chaotic.

What could have thrown a wrench in such a beautiful relationship?

Well, it is based on how both partners interpret each other’s behavior. The Sun person sees their Mars partner as rude, aggressive, and difficult to converse with.

In turn, the Mars partner views their Sun spouse as selfish, bossy, and selfish. And once this one-sided view of each other has been solidified, it is impossible to change the mind of both signs.

Surprisingly, despite this chaos, the physical attraction between Sun and Mars is still there. But it is not strong enough to cancel out the incompatibility between both signs.

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This lack of compatibility can disintegrate to the point that they can’t stand to be around each other. And on the occasions that they have to be in each other’s presence, there is a high chance of physical violence or fights happening. By this time, the relationship is no longer the bone of contention because both signs are locked in a battle for dominance and their egos.

Building Harmony In The Sun Square Mars Synastry

After reading the above section, you might be tempted to think that there is no hope for this synastry. But that is far from the truth. The relationship can always be salvaged if both parties are prepared to do the work.

First, you have to understand that this relationship has a constant undercurrent of intense energy that can easily trigger conflicts. If none of the signs have the wherewithal to control this energy, then it is best they go their separate ways.

This is where personal development comes into play. Both signs should work on themselves to the point where they learn to control their need to dominate each other.

In addition, tolerance on both sides will be a necessary tool in this relationship. Sun and Mars should recognize that compromising sometimes is not a weakness. Every issue should not be seen as an opportunity to win. They should recognize that their partner is not the competition, rather, both of them are on the same team and working towards the same goals.

If they keep this in mind, it will not be difficult for them to compromise when it is needed. And this alone could significantly reduce the conflicts between them.

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Last Words

The Sun square Mars synastry is fraught with conflicts and fights that can task even the most saintly of people.

After the short-lived infatuation phase, there is barely any time for both signs to relax and luxuriate in one another’ company. Instead, the high energy levels in the synastry keep them hopping from one disagreement to another.

Thus, it is advisable that both signs develop tolerance before venturing into a relationship. In addition, overcoming the urge to dominate will also be a characteristic that will propel this relationship to safer grounds.

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