Virgo and Scorpio Friendship: A Loyal and Long-Lasting Pair

Virgo and Scorpio Friendship

The Virgo and Scorpio personality traits are a great match for friendship. They enjoy being with one another because they can have deep conversations that will leave them both feeling satisfied and fulfilled. This is not to say that they don’t have their differences, but rather, they know how to work through those kinks in order to maintain the friendship.

If you’re looking for a friend who will always be there for you, this could be your answer! Read on to learn more about the compatibility of these two signs.

Virgo Sun And Scorpio Sun Compatibility

These two signs are compatible, and usually have a lot more in common than you might expect.

Both Virgo and Scorpio’s theme is transformation, but considering how often their symbolism overlaps with death (think about scorpions stinging people to death), it may not sound too comforting at first. However, this deep, shadowy overlap allows for these two to do some serious healing and growing together.

What binds them together is that both of these signs will do anything for someone they consider their loyal friend. They get great joy out of making long-term and even lifelong commitments to each other, and tend to have a familial bond over time.

However, if there’s bad blood between a Virgo and Scorpio, it could take a long time before either of them come around. Scorpio has a tendency to hide behind their shell and keep their feelings in the watery unconscious realm. Virgo is overtly picky and confrontational, so this may push their Scorpio friend even further into avoidance.

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Reflecting on mistakes is a natural stress reliever for Scorpios. On the other hand, Virgos have a habit of overthinking problems, which leaves them feeling emotional and in need of an outlet for their thoughts.

One way they might release their stress is by looking at humorous memes together or telling jokes that have been shared with each other before. This helps both signs to return to the present moment and let go of the past.

Earth And Water Sign Compatibility

Virgo is ruled by the element of earth. The earth element represents stability and the physical world. The earth element can also represent your sense of self-worth, consistency, tactfulness, a strong sense of belonging to the physical world or your hometown.

Scorpio is ruled by the element of water. The water element is often tied to emotions and feelings because it’s connected to the moon – which causes tides. It represents all things that are fluid, changeable, and flowing.

Earth sign personalities find themselves understanding and appreciating the material plane of existence. Conversely, water sign personalities enjoy the fluidity of life experiences.

These two personality types can get along very well when they find ways to meet in the middle; for example, by going out into nature together or just taking a moment to unwind and decompress from the everyday pressures.

Virgo and Scorpio signs are both highly motivated people who love challenges, but under pressure, an earth sign will tire itself out much faster than a water sign will because the earth operates more aggressively. Whereas, waters operate more flowingly and diplomatically due to their higher emotional intelligence.

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Earth signs often feel frustrated that water signs are often so carefree about things like money. The Virgo may worry about future consequences, while the Scorpio doesn’t want too many constraints on their decisions. However, they can strike a balance by seeking a middle path.

Sixth House And Eighth House Compatibility

The 6th house is associated with the Virgo and governs health and wellness, both the risks to one’s long-term mental and physical health, as well as the way in which we optimize parts of our lives to make it easier to keep up with self-care routines such as eating a healthy diet or exercising.

The 8th house is associated with the Scorpio and represents a person’s deep inner feelings and deepest secrets. The 8th house rules sex, power struggles, extreme emotions, and spiritual issues. People with planets aligned here are gifted communicators who can see into people’s souls and hold strong convictions on their own beliefs.

These two houses come together to heal and refine our process of shadow work. The energy of Virgo can organize, name, and categorize emotional power struggles that the Scorpio encounters. While this process may be occasionally painful and confrontational, it’s necessary for fully completing shadow work.

Mutable And Fixed Sign Compatibility

Virgo is a mutable sign. A mutable sign in astrology is one that tends be flexible and considers a variety of options and perspectives. Mutable signs excel when there are changes and new beginnings.

Individuals born under a mutable zodiac sign are like water, able to change shapes and adapt to different settings in order for life needs to meet while minimizing damage along the way.

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This ability to change and shift pairs the Virgo well with the watery sign of the Scorpio. The Virgo is able to adapt to the emotional needs of the Scorpio, a fixed sign.

Fixed signs are steadfast and often on the practical side. They’re organized, reliable, focused people who don’t like to deviate from what they know is right because deviation from routine in their opinion leads to dissatisfaction.

They might be more of a conformist than anything else, which means that they have a stronger need for security and stability in their life rather than the thrill of risk-taking or change. Furthermore, they also have a tendency for worry and anxiety because instability stresses them out easily.

The Scorpio, as a fixed sign, can help their Virgo friend to commit to their decisions and ignore the opinions and suggestions of others. In this way, Scorpio can help Virgo accomplish large lifelong goals by keeping them along the path of consistency and confidence.

Virgo And Scorpio Friendship Strengths

Though they are quite different, Virgos and Scorpios still have a lot in common. Their motivations are similar as well; both strive to be in charge of their circumstances or at the top of their game.

The difference is that while Virgos like to measure progress, Scorpios prefer planning for the future. With these similarities, a mutually beneficial lasting relationship can work out well without too many obstacles because both will want to make sure things go as planned. They will applaud each other’s accomplishments without jealousy or envy.

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This pairing is very sensitive, and this quality translates to every area of their life. This means that they will get the most out of their activities and will both be motivated to take time to process and talk about what they do. They like getting deep into the meaning of their lives and support each other in finding this.

They are also both intense, meaning that they may seek peak experiences in life. This pairing may choose to take a big international trip, jump out of an airplane, or try something else that provides an experience they will never forget.

Scorpio and Virgo do very well one on one and tend to stay solo or in small groups. This way, they can go deeper and get more time to connect in their relationship. There’s never enough quality time that these two can share!

Virgo And Scorpio Friendship Weaknesses

Virgo and Scorpio have different life pursuits, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and ways of communicating. This can create tension in long-term relationships. They may have different expectations and feel let down emotionally if they aren’t met.

The best thing for both parties is to work through each other’s differences without trying to change one another. This way there will be more love in the relationship than resentment between the two friends.

Here are some helpful tips that can help Virgo and Scorpio to have a healthy friendship:

  • Give each other gifts. Both signs appreciate regular signs of affection from small acts of gifting.
  • Help each other with projects. While Virgo and Scorpio may have different projects going on, they will both appreciate when the other takes time to help out.
  • Laugh as much as possible! Both of these signs can get quite serious, and good humor is a great way to reset and revive the energy of the relationship.
  • Make art. Creative projects can help this pairing to try something new and appreciate their friendship.
  • If you’re a Virgo, be patient during a fight. Let your Scorpio friend share everything fully and give a moment for pause after. Ask additional questions for a deeper understanding. This will help the Scorpio to feel fully heard.
  • If you’re a Scorpio, be proactive during a fight. Understand that your Virgo friend wants solutions and a plan of action. Help them to problem-solve for full resolve.
  • Scorpios can work on being more flexible with their Virgo friends. This is challenging but rewarding when compromise can happen in this relationship.
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Virgo and Scorpio Friendship: Final Thoughts

Scorpios and Virgos make great friends. They have the potential to be lifelong friends and can help each other grow in many ways.

If you’re a Scorpio or Virgo reading this post, don’t give up on your friendship! This information should provide some helpful pointers for creating an awesome relationship with someone that’s not like you-especially if they happen to also be one of these two signs as well.