Jupiter Sextile Saturn – Balance, Growth, and a Little Luck!

Jupiter Sextile Saturn

A few of the planetary combinations are well known for their positivity, but we should also give close attention to the ones that have a much more mild impact. The Jupiter sextile Saturn aspect has a positive impact on your life, but it’s going to operate in subtle ways that can be harder to notice.

This astrological combination is here to help you discover your balance as well as an even way of looking at the world.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are intellectual and thoughtful planets which means this individual might have a knack for philosophical or critical schools of thought. Just don’t let all of this even, level headed balance lead to inertia.

Here’s how this planetary aspect has been shaping your life and what you should be looking out for.

Jupiter – Abundance And Thought

Jupiter is known as a planet of great bounty. This planet brings growth, positivity, and abundance wherever it connects with a natal chart. Jupiter is also a “thinking” planet that favors philosophical subjects over the rational or occult thoughts of other planets.

The Sextile – Relaxed Positivity

Sextile Aspect

A sextile opens up when two planets are 60 degrees apart. This is thought of as the other “positive” aspect with the trine being the most positive aspect of all. Sextiles are associated with easy going and helpful energy that can open up new directions.

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Saturn – The Responsible Teacher

Saturn has a reputation for being known as the taskmaster or the teacher of the zodiac. Saturn is responsible and level-headed and has a strong drive and determination when it comes to working towards one’s goals. Saturn is often associated with a sense of discipline as well as emotional and cognitive maturity.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Jupiter sextile Saturn is a positive aspect for a variety of reasons. Jupiter brings out positive, regenerative energy wherever it goes and naturally calm and beneficial relationships gravitate to this planet. Let’s take a few of the subtle ways that the Jupiter sextile Saturn placement can improve life.

1 Balance in All Things

We need to talk about ways of finding balance with a Jupiter sextile Saturn relationship in your natal chart.

Jupiter and Saturn are large planets that have beneficial and intellectual impacts on an individual’s life. Given that both of these planets favor a level-headed sense of balance, it’s even more important to pursue that balance when they show up in your natal chart with a positive relationship.

2 Reasonable Optimism

If you have a Jupiter sextile Saturn in your natal chart, you’ve got a reasonable reason to be optimistic. This isn’t the blind optimism that can cause people to become passive in the face of despair and it’s not a sense of jaded doubt that often comes with being overly intellectual. This is a reason that can balance the positive outcome.

Here we can start to see how the discipline and focus of Saturn starts to play off of the abundance and beneficial nature of Jupiter. Things are very optimistic whether this is on your natal chart or in transit, but this is a reason to take on optimism that might not be your wildest dreams.

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3 Ambition and Appraisal

Much like this reason for optimism we were talking about, there’s also an ambition that has met with a careful appraisal.

An individual with a Jupiter sextile Saturn aspect is going to be very ambitious, but they’re also going to be able to accurately appraise exactly what their goals are and how they’re going to approach them. This isn’t someone who wastes their ambition, but rather it’s someone who can focus their ambition into goals they’re confident that they can reach.

This might cause some challenges depending on how it develops in your personality. It’s very reasonable to want to do things you think you can achieve, but if you underestimate your skills you’re always going to fall short of your true potential.

Thinking about the reason you’re pursuing these goals can help you overcome this inertia.

4 Moderation

This is the kind of individual that is going to absolutely thrive on moderation. The Jupiter sextile Saturn relationship is all about embracing a reasonable and level-headed approach to life. This covers everything from moderation and alcohol consumption all the way over to moderation and how you dedicate your energy to your day job.

The combination of Jupiter and Saturn is going to be defined by this positive and healing relationship between two planets who put so much value on intellect and thinking.

5 Make Use of Good Fortune

If you have Jupiter sextile Saturn in your nail chart, you got plenty of good fortune in your life already. Having this positive astrological combination is a great sign of good luck, but there’s also luck coming from these planets themselves. The abundance of Jupiter and careful intellectualism of Saturn are recipes for good fortune.

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When you get the kind of fortune an individual can have with this aspect, you should think about the ways that you can do something really good with this fortune. It might not be a monetary fortune, but you could have skills, expertise, or abilities that could do positive work in your local community or in the lives of the people that you care about.

6 A Good Sense of Personal Boundaries

There’s plenty of internal wisdom going on inside of Saturn as well as a sense of generosity and care coming off of Jupiter. This can help individuals understand a good sense of their own personal boundaries as well as how they can share that information with the people closest to them.

This often starts with a very strong understanding of your internal life and how that shapes the boundaries that you have in the world. This astrological combination will spur you on to face the wild unknown and challenge your personal boundaries, but it will be very beneficial for helping you figure out the shape of those boundaries to begin with.

7 All About Growth

Jupiter is the planet of abundance in Saturn signals the presence of forward momentum and intellectual development. When you put these two plants together you get a powerful force of personal growth.

This growth can take any form, but it’s going to shape the character of your life. This astrological combination can help you grow in terms of your career, your love life, or just about any area of your personal existence that you feel could do with some growth.

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Whenever you feel like you’re being stifled, lean into this sextile as a way of pulling out some natural growing energy from the universe. And if you find the kind of balance that this sextile promotes, you’ll have a good way of knowing when and how to grow through a problem.

8 Let’s Take a Career Check

It feels like we all have a few friends that are blessed to know what they’ve always wanted to do since they were children. There’s a good case that they’ve been working towards this goal, even subtly, for years.

Individuals with a Jupiter sextile Saturn aspect are going to need a specific kind of career. Working in a factory wont be for you, but finding a place where you feel recognized and in community will help things greatly. Don’t be discouraged by changing jobs so frequently. You’re searching for something and that’s perfectly valid.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn In Transit

When Jupiter sextile Saturn is in transit, you’ve got an interesting opportunity to take calculated and cautious risks that you might not otherwise take on. There’s a subtle optimism at work here and whether or not plans ultimately succeed, this transit promotes growth and positivity regardless of the final outcome. Jupiter sextile Saturn in transit is here to remind you that there is plenty to gain on the journey to one’s goals.

Wrapping Up: Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Jupiter sextile Saturn showing up in your natal chart is all about growth, moderation, and a certain sense of maturity. This aspect is here to let you know that you have great potential to find balance as well as direction in your life.

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When Jupiter sextile Saturn is in transit, don’t be a subtle optimism that’s working its way through your life. Take advantage of this time to take those small moves and changes that can help improve your life. This is a positive force, but it is a mild one.