11 Reasons Why a Taurus Man Keeps Coming Back

Why a Taurus Man Keeps Coming Back

A Taurus man desperately seeks comfort and stability in his life, which is especially true for his relationship. He will seek out and pursure a suitable partner who offers this stability and try to hang on to them, even after the relationship ends. With this in mind lets explore in more detail the 11 key reasons why a Taurus man keeps coming back.

1 He Sees Her As A Stable, Grounded Person

Taurus men are practical, logical people. These natives always pay their bills on time or in advance; they never miss a deadline and can see the world in a realistic, yet still optimistic, way.

Taurus men want a partner who is similar to him, and if he keeps coming back to you, it’s because he sees those traits in you as well.

This stability is evident in how you live your day-to-day life but also in your personality. If you’re emotionally intelligent, he can pick up on that, and he adores you for it.

He is a drama-free man who loves the simple pleasures of life and wants someone to share his life and these pleasant experiences with, too.

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Don’t worry; while he likes his routine and comfort items, he still enjoys the occasional adventure and spontaneous travel. In addition to this, he seldom tries to impose his routine or list-making ways onto his lover. He is accepting of differences, but he does appreciate someone who has similar, level-headed, down-to-earth qualities that he possesses.

2 She’s Patient, Nurturing, And Self-Sacrificing

This trait goes hand in hand with stability, but it is so important to the Taurus man.

Very few other signs in the zodiac are as loving and giving as a Taurus man. Because of this, he wants a partner and lover who also shares these traits.

As a result, he will never exploit these traits in his person for personal gain. The Taurus man simply seeks them out because they protect him from being used by his partner.

He also wants these qualities in his woman because he’d like these characteristics in the mother of his children. He will make an excellent father one day and wants to make sure that he gives his babies an equally caring, emotionally available, selfless mother.

If he keeps coming back, it’s likely because he’s in love with this aspect.

3 They Have A History Together, And He Can’t Let Go

As mentioned earlier, Taurus men crave what brings them security and comfort. Even if the relationship wasn’t a good match, if it lasted a long time, it’s comforting to him. Taurus men can get wrapped up in familiarity so tightly that they’re willing to deal with unstable, poorly matched, or even toxic relationships.

He knows he should let go; he isn’t blind to the situation. Still, he doesn’t like facing the unknown by himself. He’s holding on because of the fear of being alone and because he doesn’t accept change well.

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4 He Feels That She’s His Once-In-A-Lifetime Love

Tauruses, in general, both men and women, want to find their lifetime partners immediately.

While he can manage just fine on his own, even thriving, especially at work, in his hobbies, and socially, he wants someone to share it all with. He doesn’t like being alone. Even more so, he doesn’t like not knowing who his forever person is going to be.

He dreams about finding her, but that isn’t enough; he has to finally meet her and start living their lives together to feel truly secure and as if his life is complete.

If he keeps pursuing a certain woman, it’s because he instinctually feels that she’s the one for him. His intuition is solid and accurate too, and he knows it.

5 She Loves The Same Things He Does

Again, this is a comfort thing.

If she’s someone who is content cuddling up on the couch with a plate of snacks, a cozy blanket, and a movie, he’s going to be thrilled.

Physical touch and quality time together are his primary love languages, so finding someone to enjoy a quiet evening alongside means a great deal to the Taurus man.

If her home is curated and cozy, he’s that much more interested in her. And, of course, bonus points if she’s a decent cook. Taurus men are easy to please. They see a night cooking, dining, and then cleaning in the kitchen with their love as a complete, exciting date night; they adore this time spent together.

6 She Protects Him From Himself

Taurus men can have trouble regulating their time and energy. He sees his work as necessary but is also a patient man, meaning he’s willing to work long, hard hours to get the job done.

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It’s easy for him to get so wrapped up in work or a project that he neglects himself, often forgetting to eat, drink, sleep, or rest.

If she takes the time to bring him a meal, sit with him as he works, offer up a quick back rub, or beckon him into bed for much-needed sleep, he will never forget her kindness. This kindness is beautiful to him, and it will be hard for him to let go of a woman like that.

7 He Still Has Feelings And Trust For Her

If a woman hurts a Taurus man, he can immediately shut down his feelings and what trust they had established. If he is still hung up on her, it’s because he still has both of these things.

If she ever cheats on him, lies, breaks his trust, or says something to hurt his feelings intentionally, he is gone and will never go back to her. He will not waiver on this either; he stands firm when it comes to these issues. If he was the one to break up with her, he would remember the reason why until he goes to his grave. Taurus men don’t forget.

If he is still interested, it’s because she has been good to him and has done nothing to lose his trust or how he feels for her.

8 She Isn’t Dramatic, Obnoxious, Or Overly Emotional

Taurus men go for meek, sensible, logical women. If she’s quiet and pleasant to be around, he likes that and will want to keep spending as much time with her as possible.

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While Taurus men aren’t perfect, they will give their partner very few reasons to ever nag. He stays on top of his chores, respects others, completes his work, stays faithful, and can always be trusted.

Nitpicking or nagging is a massive turn-off for him. So is complaining. Taurus men (and Taurus women) are outrageously optimistic and energetic. They find the good in everything and work hard to be happy people for themselves and for others.

If she commonly complains, nags, or nitpicks, he’s gone and won’t come back. If he’s sticking around, it means she’s polite, respectful, and a generally healthy person to spend time with.

9 She Is A Relaxed, Low-Pressure Person Who Welcomes Him Into Her Life

Are you starting to see a recurring theme here with the obsession for safety and comfort?

Taurus men love a relaxed, chill vibes woman who accepts who he is, has her own life, and just enjoys spending time with him when she can.

Ironically enough, a woman who doesn’t pressure him to spend time with her is far more likely to have him pushing to be with her.

10 She’s Intelligent, Emotionally, Academically, Or Just In General

While a Taurus man may notice attractive women, his real obsession for her is unearthed when he sees just how smart she is.

Women who have high IQs or high EQs are his type. He knows that a peaceful life stems from emotional stability and the desire to be inquisitive and thoughtful. Finding an intelligent woman is such a thrill to him. Once he knows how smart she is, unless she has some horrible other attributes about her, he is very likely to fall in love and pursue her for as long as he needs.

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11 She Is Independent

Taurus men don’t expect to rely on their partner for survival, and he wants his partner to feel the same way.

An independent woman shows maturity, intelligence, stability, and trustworthiness.

Once he’s in a relationship with her, especially after they have committed and perhaps had a baby or two, he won’t mind making significant sacrifices for her or their family. He is exceptionally generous, caring, and faithful.

What he commits to, he sticks to for a lifetime. This is why it is so essential for him to choose a woman who can stand on her own two feet, who doesn’t need him, but instead chooses him out of love and desire, not necessity.

Why A Taurus Man Keeps Coming Back: To Sum Up

To wrap things up, the reason why a Taurus man may decide to continue to pursue a woman is because she is stable, comforting, patient, nurturing, a homebody, self-sufficient, drama-free, trustworthy, kind, intelligent, relaxing, low pressure, and someone who it is easy and relaxing to spend time with.

If he sees the potential for a lifelong partnership with someone who is a good match for him, he won’t mind taking the time to get to know her and try to win her over.

Above all else, Taurus men want a comforting woman who he can build a beautiful, peaceful life alongside.