Should I Text a Scorpio Man First?

Should I Text a Scorpio Man First

Message a Scorpio guy you really like too soon, and you might come off as desperate and possibly scare him off. On the other hand, if you do not reach out in good time, it might read as disinterest, and then it is sadly game over for your love story before it even gets a chance to burgeon.

So, should you be the first to text Scorpio man or not? Instead of falling into the trap of endless back and forth, you can find the answer in astrology.

Every zodiac sign has their unique way of communication that changes, depending on whether they are just starting to know a person, trying to impress a new love interest, or deeply in love.

Read on to find out what the male scorpion’s communication habits are like when it comes to texting, and whether initiating contact is the way to go.

Is a Scorpio Man Into Texting?

Some zodiac signs are into texting more than others. For instance, Geminis will message you their every thought, Cancerians will stay in touch and bare their souls via texts, while Sagittarians will take every chance they can to send you funny emojis and memes.

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The secretive and Pluto-ruled Scorpio is more of a social media stalker and not one of the zodiac signs obsessed with texting. However, a man belonging to this sign will use this communication medium to set the foundation of a relationship. He will text to check in on you, flirt, make you laugh, forge a deeper bond, and essentially get to know you better.

The thing about Scorpios is that they hate long, complicated, or dull messages. If you want to engage this sign in texting, you need to keep it concise and engaging. Also, do not flood his inbox, as this will not sit well with a Scorpio man.

When Should You Text a Scorpio Man First?

1 If You Felt A Strong Connection

If your feel strongly for a Scorpio man and are pretty sure he is crazy about you too, there will be no harm done if you are the one to initiate texting. It does not matter if it is only 10 hours or two days since you got his number or if the two of you have hangout a few times.

Firstly, Scorpio is far too anxious about texting. For this sign, texts must be carefully thought through, immaculately written, and then edited to perfection. So, you could be waiting for a while or even a few days before that first text comes through.

Secondly, Scorpio enjoys a great cat and mouse game and may, therefore, elect not to message first even if he is super into you. Instead of entering into a battle of wills with this stubborn sign, disarm him with a witty and funny text. He may not be quick to reply, but that is just because he is busy crafting the perfect quip.

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2 When He Outrightly Asks You To

Scorpios do not mince their words. If a male Scorpio likes you, he will come right out and say it, just as assuredly as he will make sure you get the point when he is not interested. When it comes to expressing their minds and emotions, this sign does not hold back.

Therefore, if you just had a great first date with a Scorpio man that ended with an exchange of phone numbers and him explicitly telling you to text him, you better get to it. The poor guy is probably glued to his phone waiting anxiously for that text.

3 After a Lull in Communication

Perhaps you and your Scorpio man had a good stretch of texting going before he went radio silent. Rather than drive yourself to madness wondering if he has lost interest in you, text to inquire what he has been up to lately.

Chances are he has just been busy or preoccupied. Scorpios are passionate beings who can sometimes get so caught up in their job, a new project, or hobbies that they forget the rest of the world. If he is still into you, he will text back.

Scorpios are also into mind games. He may have deliberately stopped blowing up your phone with messages to see if you will do the chasing. It is simply his way of gauging your level of interest in him.

4 If His Last Text Was Open-ended

If a Scorpio man likes you, he will make sure to keep communication lines open. You may have been the first to text, but he will respond in a way that you will have to message him back. He could end his message with an invitation to hang out at your earliest convenience or say that he is looking forward to your next texting session.

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No one wants to be the person breaking the double-texting rule, so do not leave him hanging. Provide he is engaging you with timely responses, it is okay to be the first one to text.

5 After He Posts Something That Speaks To You

Are you crushing hard on a Scorpio man and looking for a perfectly good reason to text him first? Well, follow his Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profiles. When you see something that interests you, like the post and leave an insightful comment.

It is a given that he will want to hear more of what you have to say. And, who knows, you might end up having a long conversation that will prompt the Scorpio guy to text you the next time he wants to dive into an intriguing topic.

When Not To Text a Scorpio Man First

1 When Getting Mixed Vibes from Him

Scorpio men are famous for their push and pull tactics. They can focus all their attention on a woman for days, only to suddenly disappear or start acting distracted and disconnected. If this is happening to you with a Scorpio guy who is fairly new in your life, it is best to hold off on messaging him.

Not texting him is a good way to draw out his true intentions. If he is interested but playing it cool, he will be the one to text first.

2 If There is Zero Effort on His End

Make no mistake; if a Scorpio man wants you, he will come after you with all of this sign’s intensity and passion.

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So, if it feels like you are always the first to text, or the only one making an effort to know a Scorpio man, while he only puts out lazy and cold two-worded responses, things are not okay.

Take back control of the relationship by becoming unavailable and see if he texts first. If no text comes through, it is probable that he simply enjoys the attention you give or is just using you. Either way, it is best to cut ties and find someone who will appreciate you.

Final Thoughts On If You Should Text a Scorpio Man First

So, that is everything you need to know on whether to text Scorpio man first or not. Remember texting is more than just a mere means of communication with this sign. The right text can get Scorpio to open up more or even help you win his affection.

Scorpios are into humor, hate small talk, cannot get enough of an intelligent woman, are attracted to mysteries, and love feeling desired. Keep your texts interesting, make him laugh, flirt a little, get him thinking, spark his love for mystery by sharing little secrets about yourself, and you will have Scorpio man texting you back like crazy.