How To Get a Taurus Man to Chase You: 10 Key Tips

How To Get a Taurus Man To Chase You

Taurus men are shy, reserved people who take time to warm up to new people. He wants to chase you, but he needs to be given a sign or two that you’re interested in him before he can start the pursuit.

With a bit of patience and know-how, you can figure out what almost any Taurus man wants. And, in this guide, we’ll share our top 10 tips on how to get a Taurus man to chase you.

1 Show Him You’re Interested

Part of the Taurus man’s allure is his sweet, child-like shyness. While this characteristic is endearing, it can make it challenging to make the first move; Taurus men don’t like their potential suitors to pursue them. They want to be responsible for the chase.

You have to walk the very fine line between showing him you’re interested and want him to pursue you, but you’re not chasing him, and at the same time, avoid aloof behavior.

If you can master this tricky balancing act, its a great first step in getting a taurus man to chase you.

2 Cater To His Love Language

Taurus men best receive love through physical touch. This intimacy does not have to be sexual at all. Occasionally touch his shoulder, arm, knee, or hands when speaking to him. As you grow closer, go in for hugs, grab his hands, rub his shoulders, and set your hand on his knee.

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If you get the pleasure of developing a relationship with a Taurus man, make time for cuddling. This is not a euphemism for sex, truly, let him be the little spoon and enjoy the comforting silence or engage in sweet pillow talk. As an earth sign, he is a sensual creature who appreciates the comfort that a loving touch brings him.

Of course, he loves sexual intimacy too. When you reach that stage of your relationship, you’ll see that he uses touch to express his love, adoration (and a range of other feelings) to you.

Never punish a Taurus man by withholding touch, sexual or not. This is sacred for him and his best way to communicate effectively. Remember to reach for him, allow him to hold you, and take the time to sit together, even if you’re just holding hands and enjoying the view in front of you two.

3 Give Your Life A Tune-up

Taurus men are refined, disciplined people who have set high standards for themselves and those around them.

If you want him to take you seriously, you’re going to have to put in some serious work. Thankfully, all of these steps that put you together will be beneficial for literally every single aspect of who you are. They will help you in countless ways, even if your relationship with the Taurus man isn’t successful.

Make an effort every day to upkeep your appearance. This includes short-term improvements such as doing your hair, makeup, nails, and dressing nicely. It also includes long-term improvements such as a healthy relationship with food, regular exercise, and a daily skincare routine.

Work on your mental health and emotional intelligence. He notices how you react to everyday happenings, and he’s making sure that you’re sane and stable. Take good care of yourself, work through your issues, and be the best version of yourself that you can be. While you’re at it, work on being a better communicator too. This will serve you well in life, and he will be very attracted to this trait.

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Prioritize your hobbies, business, or self-education. Find something productive, educational, or enjoyable for yourself (bonus points if it’s all three). Set the time aside to dive into whatever that is and enjoy the journey. He wants to see you taking care of your needs, and of course, this will make you happier and healthier in the long run too.

Get your financial affairs in order. Create a savings account (and add to it), take the time to learn about investing (and start), create a budget (and honor it), and lastly, create a healthy relationship with money.

For example; learn how to cope with the troubles in your life without impulse shopping. If needed, go for a raise, switch jobs, pick up a part-time job, start a side hustle, or even start your own business. For Taurus men, it isn’t about being with a wealthy woman; it’s about being with a responsible, independent woman with a mature mindset.

Create a routine, or at least find a balance for your lifestyle. Do your best to sleep eight hours every night, keep a house-cleaning schedule, and develop healthy daily habits. Again, stability is so attractive to him, so these attributes are essential.

Finally, take the time to learn a little every day. Pay attention to current events, technological advancements, study art, history, and other cultures. Learn new recipes. Brush up on your math skills. If you have a question, take the time to research the answer. He finds intelligence and curiosity very sexy, so do your due diligence.

4 Give Him Thoughtful, Luxurious Gifts

This refined, self-proclaimed sophisticated man loves a touch of luxury whenever he can receive it.

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If you’re able, treat him to the finer things in life, such as travel, elegant watches, a sustainably sourced cardigan, or a thoughtfully home-cooked meal.

Keep in mind that sophistication lies more in thoughtfulness than expensiveness to him. If you can meet his needs or show that you’ve been paying attention, he will surely be impressed and much more apt to pursue a relationship with you.

5 Give Him The Time And Space He Needs To Fall In Love Slowly

Taurus men tend to be cautious and thoughtful. Everything he does is with a purpose and intense intentionality.

He never falls in love on a whim. It takes time, thought, reflection, and a culmination of several quiet observations. Don’t pressure him to make a decision or push him too hard because it will scare him away or at least be a red flag to him.

He needs someone patient and willing to give him the time and space that he needs to form an opinion.

It’s also essential to avoid the games and “hard to get” tactic. It’s aloof and unflattering for a practical-minded person like the Taurus man.

6 Show Him Your Feminine Side

Be vulnerable, soft, and feminine. Taurus men are masculine and naturally attracted to their feminine counterparts. Allow him to pursue you, and don’t chase him.

If you have a feminine appearance, play it up. Conservative dresses, long hair, a touch of makeup, timeless jewelry, and a soft, finished look will have him like putty in your hands.

If you’re struggling to choose between two outfits, go with the more modest option as that is usually what is most appealing to him.

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As long as you are clean, make an effort to look tidy, and go for the simple, elegant look, you’ll be just fine. He’s going to love that and want you even more.

One other feminine trait that he appreciates is a sense of sincerity and vulnerability. Don’t worry; he will never use these characteristics against you. Instead, he will see them as a form of flattery. If you trust him enough to be completely open and honest with him, he will love and respect you so much for that.

7 Play Up Your Domestic Characteristics

This goes hand in hand with the above point of being feminine. Most Taurus men want a traditional woman who is happy to fill the role of a nurturing housewife and mother. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a career, an education, or expect him to do his fair share of fifty percent of the housework. It just means that you have to desire to be fully emotionally present for him and any children you may have together.

It is also preferred that you naturally enjoy domestic work, such as gardening, cooking, reading, mothering, and doting on the people you love the most.

Of course, wishing to be a stay-at-home housewife can be a perk.

8 Show Your Loyalty

Taurus men are naturally possessive, jealous, and insecure. Your young relationship is doomed to fail if you intentionally try to bring these qualities out in him.

He wants someone loyal, drama-free, and trustworthy. If you push him, he’s going to question your integrity and motives, and the outcome is unlikely to be in your favor.

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If you want to see if he’s into you, change up your routine or give him some space for a few days to see if he notices. Never ever attempt to draw jealousy out of him to get a reaction out of him; you won’t like the result.

9 Return His Compliments, Sincerely

If he’s interested in you, he’s going to be giving you lots of genuine compliments.

If you want to return the favor and reflect your interest in him, do so with authenticity and sincerity. He is an intuitive man who can always tell when your words or actions aren’t genuine.

Facades are a huge turn-off for Taurus men, so avoid them at all costs if you want him to adore and chase you.

10 Never Put Him Down In Public Spaces

This adorably shy man has insecurities of his own, so make sure you never publicly embarrass, confront, or challenge him in front of others. This will quickly remove you from the side of a potential suitor to a sworn enemy.

While he may seem sweet and naive, he is capable of cutting you off in a heartbeat and moving on with his life if he thinks you won’t respect him or treat him with kindness. Yes, he is insecure, but he still holds high standards for himself and his love interests. Take note of that and act accordingly.

Conclusion: How To Get a Taurus Man to Chase You

Taurus men are sophisticated, refined people who place a lot of value on thoughtfulness, modesty, routine, and genuine efforts. He is a traditional person who will seek out a feminine, timeless woman who cares for him, allows him to lead, and adorns herself in simple elegance.