Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon – Energetic and Adventurous Creatures of Comfort

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon

These natives have excellent vision, influence, and intuition, but they will undoubtedly improve upon each of these qualities in this lifetime. They place a lot of their self-worth on these abilities and can be proud people because of them.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon is spiritual, wise, and a rational thinker. They make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. This trait will serve them well in some ways but be a detriment in others.

One thing about these natives that is confusing and contradictory is how unmotivated they are, yet they deeply desire outstanding accomplishments for their lives. They have the intellect to pull it off; they simply lack the focus and discipline. This is due to their dreamy side that is often so strong; it turns into delusion.

This naivety and fantasy thoughts make Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people too trusting, easily overwhelmed by reality, and easy to manipulate, take advantage of, or emotionally hurt.

While they don’t take criticism or rejection to heart, they do move on quickly from breakups. It’s not that they didn’t care about the previous relationship; Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people are just driven to find their forever person. For many of these natives, finding their one great love, winning them over, making a commitment, and creating a cozy home with their lover is their great passion in life.

Simplicity brings joy, and they can find happiness in the mundane moments of life. Time with their partner is essential. Having the time to think and use their imagination makes them happy. Having a steady stream of income gives them peace of mind.

The imaginative side of a Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon likely means that they will have an odd career that is often forgotten by others but pays relatively well and generates unique projects with rewarding end products.

Sun In Sagittarius Meaning

Sun in Sagittarius

Natives who have their Sun in Sagittarius have prominent personalities that others will never forget. Solar Sagittarius is fun, witty, outgoing, optimistic, and always looking for an adventure with a good crowd. For them, life is all about the remarkable journey and not the destination.

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These natives love a sturdy challenge and are willing to face almost any obstacle if they have a few friends to join them. Without companions, Solar Sagittarius can lose sight of the goal, meander, or lose interest.

They are so wildly optimistic that manifestation is second nature to them, something that they make zero conscious effort to do but do well, and with amazing results. They expect things to go their way, and with that attitude is paired with their confidence and bravery, life usually pans out in their favor.

Moon In Taurus Significance

Moon in Taurus

People who have their Moon in Taurus are security-driven creatures. Unlike Solar Sagittarius, Lunar Taurus wants stability, peace, and comfort above all else.

The Taurus side influences patience, perseverance, and the insight needed to really enjoy the little pleasures in life.

Lunar Taurus is also excellent at manifestation. They can attract almost everything that they desire. They usually draw in the simple, more minute pleasures of life but can also bring more significant desires to fruition.

They create an endless loop of giving and receiving; these natives love the company of others and feel inclined (and happy) to share with those around them. Freely giving to others allows them to be more attractive and receptive to the gifts that the universe has to offer them.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Traits

These natives have two fundamentally different sides that somehow blend well together.

The Sagittarius side craves adventure, newness, and healthy challenges. The Taurus side only wants peace, security, and what is familiar. These two parts are bound to clash at times, but overall, they seem to work well together.

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The extroverted tendencies of Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon can be helpful at times and hurtful at others. Having companions around helps these natives focus on the tasks at hand. At the same time, being surrounded by other people is exhausting because they can pick up on other people’s feelings very well. Their intuition is strong. So is their desire to people-please.

It is almost impossible for Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon to say no, especially when they know that saying “no” will hurt other people or upset them. They can be anxious, guilty, or even depressed from having to let down other people.

While other people can be a lot for these natives, they appreciate their social lives and nurture them whenever possible.

In their work, Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon is likely to be tied down by heavy, daunting projects. Not being comfortable saying “no” can add a lot to their plate; luckily, new challenging projects make them feel most alive and very satisfied when the job is complete.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon is a great candidate to become a business owner. A freelance position, work-from-home job, or running a digital business can tend to their need to be surrounded in comfort, while the work can stimulate their ever-working minds.

These natives have great intuition and can make intelligent, well-educated estimated risks. Again, their ability to attract the things they want and need is powerful, and they are not likely to want much more.

It is possible to meet two Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people and for them to be complete opposites. Since their Sun and Moons have opposite effects, whichever one is more prominent will pull these individuals from one extreme to the other.

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If the Sun (Sagittarius) is in control, they will cast their rational mind into the breeze. These natives are flighty, forgetful, yet romantic, passionate, and interested in ideology.

If the Moon (Taurus) is the more potent force, they will be the more grounded type. They have more control over their emotions; they are logical and responsible. They won’t have many daydreams, and they will have a hard time conceptualizing times, places, and ideas that they haven’t yet seen with their own eyes.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Man

This is one easy-to-please man. Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon men are self-confident, drama-free, optimistic, energetic, and adventurous.

He’s the type of man to take his lover on a backpacking trip and never complain about the mud, laugh at himself when he trips, and never once gossip about another person, no matter how long he’s out on the trail.

Above all else, he craves security and to know. He wants to find his partner as early in life as possible, find a stable place for them to call home, and then start living life together. The unknown makes him uncomfortable, and he profoundly desires comfort and security.

When hard times strike, he will pull himself together and do all he can to be a fantastic protector and provider, especially for his wife and children.

He is a sensitive man who will nurture, support, and adore his partner. She will always feel his warmth and can find comfort with his natural stability.

While he is a man of security, routine, and lists, he is also prone to going to the extreme with one or two passions of his. It is possible for him to hyperfocus on a hobby or his partner. He needs to find other ways to redirect his energy or make sure that his focus is on something healthy.

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His partner will be loved, protected, and provided for, for the rest of his days. He is honest, faithful, self-sacrificing, balanced, and cheerful.

As a father, he will work hard to provide for his children; he will give them lots of undivided attention, happy memories, and the consistency of a stable father they need as children.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Woman

This woman is much like her male counterpart. She is loyal, consistent, energetic, optimistic, attentive, kind, and wants to live a stable, primarily routine lifestyle.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon women tend to pay great attention to the little details. Because of this, she is incredible with her work, she always looks effortlessly put together, and she can catch other people’s subtle social cues much better than most.

She desperately wants to find her partner as soon as she can. While she can be fiercely independent, she wants the security of knowing who she’s going to spend the rest of her life with.

Breakups are hard on her because she is not casually dating; she’s looking for a lifelong partner. Losing her potential person hurts, and she will likely have a moment where she loses productivity and her usually outrageous optimism.

Her ideal partner is someone who is equally spiritual, free of drama and is idealistic too.

She is doting, thoughtful, exceptionally loyal, and full of love to give as a partner. Her lover can always find comfort in her steady and clever ways.

As a mother, she will be an active part of her children’s lives. She will likely have a good relationship with them from the time they’re born and well past when they move out and start families of their own. She loves her children dearly and will work hard to provide for them and be emotionally available to them.

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Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people are loyal, attentive, intuitive, spiritual, and wise. Depending on if their Sun or Moon holds the most influence, they can be down-to-earth and logical, or free-thinkers who daydream and have fantastically large ideologies.

Regardless, these routine-loving people have a surprising, adventurous side to them. Life with these natives may be consistent but never dull. They are certainly people who are worth getting to know.