How to Get a Taurus Woman Back: 6 Key Things You Should Know

How to Get a Taurus Woman Back

Relationships end for all manner of reasons. Life obligations can get in the way, interests can change, feelings can fade, or red flags can be discovered. Whatever the reason, it is never easy to break things off, especially when only one person wants to end the relationship.

But, as they say, all is fair in love and war. If you are still in love with your ex-Taurus girlfriend and are determined to get her back, all you need is a smart game plan.

Before anything else, you need to commit to putting in the time and work that it will take to win her back. Typically, the Taurus gal is very stubborn and hard to sway once her mind is made up. However, if you persist and play your cards right with these 6 tips, you will have a shot at getting her back.

1 Stay In Her Life

Taurus is one of the zodiac signs that have a hard time getting over an ex. It takes a bit of time for natives of this sign to fall for someone, and when they do, they view that person as a soul mate. It can take a while to get over that notion, which is why Taureans tend to have some feelings for their ex-partner long after a breakup.

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But, more than missing the person, losing that connection is what hurts a Taurus the most. So, even if a relationship no longer exists, this sign likes to stay on good terms with an ex. Take advantage of this nature of Taurus and maintain a friendship with yours.

Being her friend will give you the push you need to win her back. You can take that opportunity to regain her trust and remind her of the reasons she picked you in the first place.

2 Show Her You Are The Total Package

The Taurus woman is a strong, bold, independent woman who is not afraid to grind for her dreams. At the same time, she is a sweet and fun-loving person with an expensive taste in things and likes to pamper and even splurge on herself. And, while she is neither needy nor high-strung, she is in touch with her emotions.

To win the heart of this lady, you need to be as good a catch as she is. For starters, female natives of this sign like a man who has his life together and is serious about securing a stable future. If you work just as hard as her and do not mind indulging in life’s luxurious and finer things occasionally, even better.

Taurus women also love a caring man who knows how to have fun and is not afraid of communicating his emotions. If you do not meet these criteria, you might want to work on yourself first before embarking on the quest of winning her back. For you to even have a chance at getting your Taurus ex-lady back, you must show her you are a guy who can give her what she wants and keep up with her.

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During your new dynamic of hanging out as friends, talk about how well things are at work, discuss your plans for the future, become her confidant, and give her all your support and encouragement. Keep showing her that she can count on you financially, emotionally, and to have a good time until she warms up to you.

3 Beg But Do Not Grovel

Due to a love for stability and a strong sense of loyalty, breaking up with a partner is not a decision that a Taurus finds easy to make. Maybe you let her down in a big way (e.g., failed to keep an important promise) or broke her trust.

Whatever the reason, own up to your mistake and implore her to take you back. Do not come off as too desperate, as that will only turn her off. If not sure what led to the end of the relationship, sit her down and ask.

With a Taurus native, you need to be straight and honest. Have an earnest heart-to-heart talk where you let her know you are serious about her and cannot imagine a life without her. You can even set the mood by taking her out to a fine restaurant and treat her to a gourmet dinner with expensive wine.

Before you take this step, make sure you are back in her good graces. It is the only time she will be open to the idea of a reunion. If you rush into things, you risk losing her forever.

4 Appeal To Her Logical Side

One of the more pronounced traits of Taurus people is that they have a practical mind that causes them to look at things from a sensible point of view.

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So, you can bet that the mind of your Taurus girl will search for the rationale in taking you back. This affords you a rare opportunity of talking her into a second chance by giving her all the logical reasons why the two of you should resume the relationship.

You can point out your great love for her, all the different ways you two are great together, and how you can build a beautiful, happy, and stable life together. If you promise her security and stability, she will gladly take you back. Taurus females like someone reliable whom they can always count on to have their back.

One thing to remember, however, is that you should only move to this step if she says yes to your request of getting back together or, at the very least, does not outright shoot you down.

5 Romance Her

Now that you have her thinking of taking you back, it is time to turn up the heat. Your Taurus gal may be obstinate and tough, much like the bull glyph representing her sign, but deep down, she is a big teddy bear that enjoys the old-fashioned kind of romance.

Appealing to the romantic side of your Taurus lady will bring you that much closer to her. But, you will need to pull out all the stops to impress her. We are talking flowers, luxurious gifts such as a day at the spa, dinner at classy restaurants all over town, walking in the moonlight, going to the movies, picnics, and long discussions getting to know each other.

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It is the little things that count when you are wooing a Taurus woman. Therefore, act like the perfect gentleman and open doors for her, help her when she is carrying heavy items, be on time for dates, refrain from using vulgar language, and always look clean & sharp.

Text messages are another tool you can use in your favor when trying to get a Taurus woman back. Short, funny, & charming messages will definitely tug at her heartstrings. You can even turn things up a notch and send a cute text right before she steps into a meeting she has been stressing about or a sweet text after a lovely date.

6 Win Her Back With Humor

If you are a funny guy, you are in luck. Jokes are a great way to charm your way back into the heart of your Taurus girl. Taureans may be grounded individuals who like structure and routine, but they sure know how to have a good time. Relaxing and enjoying life is the best way a Taurus knows how to unwind from the daily grind.

Female natives of this sign are chilled and laid back most of the time. They like a guy with a good sense of humor. If you can make her laugh until her ribs hurt, you can be sure that you will win her heart over.

How To Get A Taurus Woman Back: The Takeaway

The Taurus woman is a tough lady who does not like being taken for a ride when it comes to love. When a man’s dependability falls short, her security is threatened, or her trust broken, she is not able to see herself in that relationship again. Hence the reason why winning this lady’s affection the second time will be hard.

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But, if you have the will, are honest about your intentions, and follow these tips, your Taurus lady will have no choice but to fall for you and harder this time.

Remember, this lady craves comfort, luxury, beauty, a trustworthy & reliable partner, and a happy, peaceful family life. Make sure that you are willing to offer all this and in it for the long haul. It is the only way you will be able to realize your goal of getting back together.

Taurus has a gift of sniffing out people who are being disingenuous and will therefore never give you the time of day if you are messing with her emotions.