Pisces And Virgo Friendship – Bringing Out The Best in Each Other

Pisces And Virgo Friendship

There are some combinations of zodiac signs that are destined to be great friends. A Pisces and Virgo friendship has all of the components necessary to be a powerful bond that is mutually supportive and can last for years.

These two signs tend to offer what the other is missing.

Pisces is a dreamer that isn’t afraid to be emotional and go big while Virgo is grounded and great with practical matters. These two have a tendency to bring out the best in each other.

Let’s look at all the different ways that a Pisces and Virgo friendship can last for a lifetime.

Pisces – Always Be Dreaming

There are a few qualities of people who have prominent Pisces placements in their astrological natal chart that we should talk about. Pisces is well-known as being an incredibly caring and empathetic sign that is always trying to put the needs of other people first.

However, Pisces also has a reputation of being a bit of a dreamer that can struggle with the more practical matters in life. It’s common for Pisces to have difficulties in the workplace unless they’re in a job that lets them work in groups and stay creative.

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Virgo – Hardworking And Shy

Virgo is one of the most interesting Earth signs because not only does it have the essential qualities of this sign, but it’s also got some unique emotional characteristics that we don’t always see with Earth signs.

Virgo is hardworking and known for being incredibly logical and being great with practical matters. They’re very down-to-earth, but this can also cause them to be self-effacing and more than a little shy.

Pisces And Virgo Friendship

Virgo is the 6th sign and Pisces is the 12th in the zodiac. Let’s see if opposites really do attract.

1 Dreams and Material Matters

In so many ways, the Pisces and Virgo friendship is the perfect balance of open emotions and dreams with realism and material support. Pisces is going to bring a new emotional energy and desire to do the impossible while Virgo is going to bring the skills and attitude needed to make the impossible happen.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to find that missing puzzle piece that fits in your life almost perfectly, that’s the experience of a Virgo and Pisces friendship.

2 Pisces Gets Grounded Support

If you’ve ever known someone with a prominent Pisces placement, you know that they sometimes have their head in the clouds. They can get caught up with the bigger picture and lose track of the grounded, material steps that need to take place in order to realize those lofty goals.

The good news is, this is what Virgo is best at. Virgo is the person making budget spreadsheets, setting up organizing conference calls, and handling all the little steps that make big dreams possible.

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Pisces is going to learn a lot from this friendship while getting the material support they need to reach their goals. Far from being one-sided, this is going to allow Pisces help Virgo discover their dreams as well.

3 Virgo Opens Up

A common problem that people with prominent Virgo sign placements have is that they’re shy and it takes them a long time to open up to both friends and romantic partners. Virgo likes to keep things close and under control – that means not letting people in very often.

Pisces has a way of slipping past this self-defensive posture that Virgo takes on. Because they’re both mutable signs and opposites of each other, Pisces just feels familiar enough for Virgo to let them in much quicker than they would other people.

Over time, this is going to help the Virgo individual to open up to new emotional experiences and be able to build connections and other friendships and relationships as well.

4 Natural Chemistry

A Pisces and Virgo friendship typically starts by hitting the ground running. Virgo and Pisces have a natural chemistry and will be able to connect with each other relatively quickly. It’s very common for these two to go from acquaintances to the best of friends in a very short time.

While this could pose a problem for other friendships, it’s perfectly natural when a Virgo and a Pisces connect. They have a way of seeing the world from the other’s perspective that allows them to build a deep connection much quicker than most.

5 Growing Together

As time goes by, a Virgo and Pisces friendship is going to grow stronger together.

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These two are polar opposites. One has their head in the clouds and is always chasing dreams and the other is shy and likes to keep their nose down while they stick to concrete work that they can see in front of them. However, this means that they have plenty of opportunities to mutually support each other and build a friendship from the ground up.

This is going to involve Pisces learning and adapting to the Earth sign qualities of a Virgo. Virgo is also going to learn to get in touch with and learn about their own inner dreamer. These two signs naturally build each other up and this is a perfect recipe for growing together as friends.

6 Two Mutable Signs

Both Pisces and Virgo are considered to be mutable signs. A mutable sign is flexible and the qualities that it brings to a personality can change over time.

This means that Virgo and Pisces only fit better together over time. Rather than being inflexible and stuck in their ways, they’re able to adjust to be better friends for each other. They can overcome their personal qualities that could hold this friendship back.

7 Mutual Admiration

Virgo and Pisces genuinely admire each other. Sometimes opposites have difficulty seeing the positive qualities in their counterpart, but not with Virgo and Pisces.

Virgo appreciates that Pisces is committed to the big picture and isn’t afraid to go after their dreams. Pisces sees a determination in Virgo and an ease with material tasks that is just as impressive as the big dreams that they’re chasing.

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As this friendship builds over time, this mutual admiration will only deepen and extend to other parts of their character as well.

8 Overcoming Difficulties

Even the best of friends will get into serious arguments over time. While these could threaten, or even destroy, other friendships, the Virgo and Pisces friendship can overcome these difficulties by working together.

These two have a way of seeing eye to eye that allows them to overcome even serious interpersonal problems. They really do understand each other and that allows them to resolve everything from minor disputes to serious conflicts.

Why Don’t Pisces And Virgo Get Along?

Pisces and Virgo have a lot of opposing qualities but that often makes them a great pair and mutually supportive, but can also cause a lot of tension.

It’s common for Pisces to find Virgo to be a little boring and to lack the creative spark that they need. Virgo often sees Pisces as being unrealistic and sometimes unreachable and how far they can get from concrete matters.

Do Pisces Like Virgos?

Depending on other factors, Pisces signs can really like people with a Virgo sign. Virgo has access to concrete, material concerns that naturally support the big dreams that Pisces comes up with. Pisces finds itself naturally supported by a Virgo sign and this creates a foundation for a lasting friendship.

What Does Virgo Think Of Pisces?

You might think that a Virgo sign could be annoyed by someone with a Pisces sign because of their status as a dreamer, but Virgo signs actually find this refreshing. Virgo sees Pisces as intriguing and able to see larger pictures where Virgo sees the smaller details. It’s a mutually supportive attraction that keeps both Virgo and Pisces coming back for more.

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Virgo And Pisces Soulmates

Soulmates are two people that just seem to be destined to be in each other’s lives. Whether romantically or as friends, Pisces and Virgo often find themselves being soulmates for each other. These two were just a natural combination in almost any way and what each of these signs brings to the table is a perfect complement for the other.

Are Pisces And Virgo A Good Couple?

There is a lot of romantic potential when it comes to the combination of a Pisces and a Virgo. These two have the potential of being an amazing couple. They seem to naturally understand each other as well as connect in a very organic and natural way.

Pisces and Virgo are also in it for the long term. Both of these are mutable signs, they also believe in true love, and they have the ability to change and grow with each other over the years. If sparks start flying, this could be a great couple.

Wrapping Up Pisces And Virgo Friendship

Pisces and Virgo are complementary signs and these friendships are almost always a great success. They have a way of building each other up and supporting each other where they need it most. There can be some tension between the dreamy nature of Pisces and the material nature of Virgo, but this is often overcome by their mutual understanding and flexibility.