Angel Number 1414 – What Does it Mean?

Angel Number 1414

You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, turn to see the time, and it reads 14:14. On your way to work, you look up while stuck in traffic and see the numbers 1414 sprawled on a billboard. During the day, a workmate comes over and hands you an extra baseball game ticket, and behold, features the numbers 1414 on it. After a work meeting runs longer than expected, your boss sends you out to buy lunch for everyone, and you notice that the food receipt has a time-stamp reading 14:14.

Okay, so your day might not have gone as described here. However, if you are reading this, you have probably been seeing the numbers 1414 enough times lately to wonder if it is some weird coincidence or a sign of some sort.

As the saying goes “once is chance, twice coincidence, three times a pattern”. In this case, the pattern is a message from your guardian angels using angel number 1414. Learn the meanings of this angel number below.

What Does Angel Number 1414 Mean in Numerology?

Angel Number 1414 is a good one to receive as it holds good news. It is a pretty unique number as it carries the vibrations of angel numbers 1 and 4, both of which have a hopeful message behind them. Furthermore, both digits appear twice, which means that they will have a doubled influence over your life.

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The Number 1

The number 1 has some links to the beginning of the universe as well as the bible. For this reason, it is known as the first cardinal digit. What’s more, 1 symbolizes the start of something new in your life as an angel number.

Seeing angel number 1 many times means that the vibrations of the universe have come together in perfect alignment for you. It spells an excellent time to follow your heart, to make a wish, or take a bold step forward as your heightened luck and intuition mean you will likely succeed.

The Number 4

Angel number 4 is a sign that your guardian angels are around you ready to offer their support and guidance. You only need to place your faith in them, and they will get to work setting things in motion for your hopes and heart’s desire to come to pass.

Number 4 is also associated with the universe’s foundations (4 elements of the universe, four seasons, four compass directions, 4 phases of the moon, etc.). Seeing this number is usually a warning that you are focusing more on the material things in life and as such, neglecting the essential foundations in your life. Therefore, you need to shift your focus and start tending to what matters most (i.e. taking better care of yourself, nurturing the essential relationships in your life, etc.).

Another thing that makes 1414 a unique number is that it also carries several other known angel numbers. These include:

  • Angel Number 14) Just like the numbers 1 and 4, angel number 14 appears twice in 1414, so the meaning behind it is amplifying itself in your life.A combination of the numbers 1 and 4, this angel number indicates that you are on your ordained life path and therefore need to stay the course and trust that you will succeed. Since you are on the right track, you will make it through regardless of what life throws your way.
  • Angel Number 141) Serves as a prompt from the angelic realm to keep working hard. You may be on the verge of giving up because of not seeing the fruits of your labour, but your divine guardians are asking that you hold on a little bit longer. It will all be worth it as your pay off is guaranteed. The number is the angels’ way of celebrating your inevitable success in advance.
  • Angel Number 414) Symbolizes an essential change in your spiritual journey. The number asks that you work on decluttering your life to do things more effectively and efficiently. Much like spring-cleaning, you need to get rid of the things that are crowding your life or holding you back. It could be misleading friends, a bad habit, or even a toxic relationship. Breaking away from the people, things, or situations that are weighing you down will enable you to step into your full potential.
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Another spiritual angle of angel number 1414 is that you should start looking within yourself and listening to your intuition. It is one more way in which you will be able to make the most of your time and efforts.

Why Am I Seeing Angel Number 1414?

With the different meanings within angel number 1414, it is easy to get confused with what the angels are trying to convey. However, if you take a closer look at the meanings, you will realize that the various angel number combinations are 1414 more or less related to each other.

Numbers 14 and 141 encourage you to keep pursuing your goals and adopt a hard-working mentality. The rest – 1, 4, and 414 urge you to turn inwards for guidance as well as believe in your talents/abilities and your guardian angels. Hence, angel number 1414 is meant to breathe hope into your life. The figure serves as:

1. A Gentle Squeeze on the shoulder from your Angels

Angel number 1414 is quite likely to appear when you are having a particularly difficult time or undergoing a challenge that feels like the whole world has conspired to go against you. The number is meant to strengthen your resolve by letting you know that the struggles only last for a while. The chances are that your problem is only there to lead you to success.

And, since there is no one around to have your back, your guardian angels also want you to know that they see your struggles. The angels are there to lend a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold you up, a friend to cheer you on, or whatever it is that you need. So, go ahead and draw all the support, strength, and encouragement that you need from them.

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2. A call to have more faith

With the particularly strong presence of the spiritual guides in your life, angel number 1414 also means that your mind, thoughts, and even emotions receive a boost to a more enlightened state. There is no better time than this to start listening to your inner voice and paying close attention to the signs around you.

Do you feel like you have a great big idea that you should pursue? Maybe you are thinking of switching jobs or pursuing an old goal you set aside. By all means, go for it. With the angels guiding your path, you can make that dream happen. And if things get too overwhelming or fear/disbelief overpowers you, surrender it to the angels and forge on.

3. Request to Remain Positive

Angel number 1414 is also a request to get rid of all the negativity in your life. As long as toxic aspects are surrounding your life, you will not fully step into the power of angel number 1414. Therefore, get rid of all negative things and replace them with positive thoughts and an optimistic outlook in life. You can even take things a step further by starting your days by saying a few positive affirmations. Staying positive with your thoughts and actions will work to strengthen your connection with the angelic realm.

What Next?

The core message behind angel number 1414 is one of spiritual guidance and personal growth. Your guardian angels want you to know that they are walking beside you, offering guidance and support. What’s more, they are working hard on your behalf to bring things together for your good. So, have a little more faith as you go through life and start trusting your gut instincts. That which appears as a random thought or crazy recurring dream at night could very well be your guardian angel trying to nudge you into the right path or ideal choice.

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In addition, angel number 1414 is a push for you to embrace a fresh new perspective about life and find ways to be more organized. While the angelic realm is always at hand to lend you unconditional support, there is only so much that angels can do for you. Ultimately, you alone have control over how your life shapes out.

Our thoughts and actions have the power to enrich or tear down our lives. For example, during tough times, you can decide to give up and roll with the punches. A more positive outlook is choosing to view the challenge as an opportunity of growth and consequently fight hard to rise again.

A positive and optimistic attitude will attract positive energies in your life. Take this message to heart, adopt it as your credo, and you will be able to lead a fuller, richer life even if you are handed a few lemons along the way.