Capricorn Sun Aries Moon: Ambitious & Capricious Personality

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon

A combination of Capricorn Sun Aries Moon results in a personality that is goal-oriented and quick to express their inner self. Interestingly, this placement brings together two of the malefic planets in astrology.

On the one hand, the ringed planet is the traditional ruler of Capricorn. Its energy is all about hard work, planning for the future, and living a life of purpose.

On the other hand, Aries is under the influence of Mars, the god of war. It is full of energetic vibes, always eager to initiate things. As a result, Aries in the Moon creates this impetuous nature to give in to emotional whims.

People who have a Capricorn Sun Aries Moon in the birth chart are very mercurial, but they show a calmer face to the world.

As a result, these individuals can sometimes feel conflicted. They have this internal need to put themselves out there and act out their needs without wasting time. At the same time, their Sun sign influences them to be more reserved and objective.

Keep reading to learn what to expect from people who have this Sun/Moon pairing.

Solar Capricorn Lunar Aries – Luminary Characteristics

The Sun and the Moon, or luminaries of astrology, are the building blocks that form a person’s character. They both represent different things, with the latter symbolizing emotional needs and the former shaping how one radiates out to the world.

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Individuals who have their Sun sign in Capricorn have a rather serious demeanor. They get this from their ruling planet Saturn, which symbolizes self-control, restrictions, and a strong sense of time consciousness.

Capricorns are ambitious by nature and demonstrate a dogged mindset in all their pursuits. They are very much in tune with the material world and focus on gaining worldly successes to be respected individuals in society.

Belonging to the astrological element of earth, they are also mentally stable and pragmatic in their approach to life. Unfortunately, these qualities make them stubborn as well.

The Sun in this zodiac sign also creates a personality that does not take obligations lightly. These natives do not concern themselves with anything they deem to be trivial. Their astrological symbol is the goat because they climb their way to the top slowly but surely.

Although they come across as cold and distant, Capricorns who have their Moon sign in Aries are the least reserved natives of this zodiac Sun sign.

Aries is a fiery position for the Moon. Symbolized by the ram, it is the first sign of the zodiac, characteristically known for being headfirst. Therefore, emotional issues will take precedence for someone with a lunar Aries placement.

Their astrological fire element associated with this lunar placement results in a hotheaded personality. For Aries Moon individuals, what they want in their minds can be so overpowering that it becomes an absolute need.

As such, whims of the moment tend to take over lunar Ariens. When they have a more mature earth sun sign like Capricorn, their challenge is to balance that strength with their capricious nature.

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Sun In Capricorn Moon In Aries Personality Traits

The Capricorn Sun Aries Moon man or woman personality is a combination of earth and fire elements. So, they show this grounded and focused side but can be quick to react, especially when it comes to things that they care about deeply.

Not known for communicating tactfully, these natives are direct and to the point. On the plus side, they are truly sincere.

Capricorn Sun is structured and disciplined in nature. Aries Moon is more of a risk-taker, not afraid to show strong emotions. As a result, these two aspects create a personality full of wisdom, but at the same time having a lot of spirit and charisma.

1 Purposeful

People born with the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Aries often know what they want in life and work tirelessly to make it a reality. Always trying to be ahead of the game, they are good at organizing and planning. They have a burning desire to be successful and earn a respectable position in the social strata.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moons are a combination of the energetic ram and the determined goat. For them, failure is not an option. No matter how long it takes, the natives never give up. They are persistent to a fault and have a fighting spirit that compels them to keep going even with the odds stacked against them.

2 Strong Minded and Independent

Another trait about Solar Capricorns lunar Ariens is that they strive to be in control of their lives. They would rather determine their destiny than be in a precarious situation. Sometimes they butt heads with authority figures who try to assert control over them. These individuals know their worth and will not allow anyone to diminish or define them.

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3 Natural-Born Leader

People with these signs in their luminaries could do very well as corporate bosses. They have the solid stability of this Saturnian energy that helps them grow enterprises and the fearless nature of an Aries Moon.

These natural-born leaders are not afraid to assume control and run the show. They can inspire and rally others behind them with their strong work ethic and unmatched confidence.

4 Self-Centered

In their worst manifestation, people born with their Sun sign in Capricorn and Moon sign in Aries tend to neglect others when dealing with personal problems. They can be a little bit self-centered, impatient, and sometimes snap at others.

They may appear cold and distant, but it is not because they do not care about anyone else. Often, Capricorns seem that way due to their intense concentration, passion, and determination to succeed in life.

Despite their impulsive and temperamental nature, their outbursts are ephemeral. These natives also address anything that is bothering, worrying, or upsetting them immediately.

Other people will appreciate that Capricorn natives with an Aries Moon do not like to play drawn-out emotional games. They will pretty much tell you what they want, thanks to their straightforward nature.

How Is Capricorn Sun Aries Moon In Love & Relationships?

Capricorn Sun Aries Moons like adventurous romance. When it comes to matters of the heart, nothing draws their attention more than new experiences and passions. For this reason, they can be wild in the bedroom and will want to try new love-making techniques.

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The solar Capricorn lunar Aries female or male can become domineering in a relationship. Therefore, these people get along better with someone who is less aggressive and more passive. Drawn to people who share their tenacious outlook, they prefer being around someone who will provide positive and uplifting energy.

However, these natives find it challenging to stay committed to a single person. They crave a certain level of excitement and variety to keep being interested in a relationship. Once the initial flames of a new courtship have fizzled out, they may give in to the urge of moving on to someone else or something new.

The solar Capricorn lunar Aries natives are not the most romantic individuals. That is because people with this Sun/Moon combination will likely be focused on wealth creation more than they are in their love life.

Since they are organized, disciplined, and adept at making money, natives with birth chart placement usually make reliable spouses. They should look for partners who do not mind them not being present all the time. Someone who will support them in all their ambitious pursuits stands a higher chance of being considered a potential life partner.


In conclusion, people born with the Sun in Capricorn Moon in Aries have a strong personality. Their fiery inner self balances out the cold, distant, and focused exterior they project to the world.

Both their luminary signs exhibit willpower and a sense of fearless self-expression that makes them come across as confident individuals who know what they want in life. Their biggest challenge is not to allow their emotions to cloud their judgment because they can be a bit self-centered.

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