What Are The Best Crystals for Aries?

Crystals for Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac that kicks off the astrological calendar. A cardinal fire sign, those born under it are famous for having a fiery personality.

Like any other zodiac sign, Aries natives have strengths that help them stand out and areas where they struggle. Using healing stones can help them find balance, clear blocked energy, and amplify their good traits or mute the negative ones.

With that in mind, this guide will recommend the best crystals for Aries that you can gift to a friend (or yourself). Whichever you choose, just be sure to charge your crystals under the next full moon so that you channel their full power.

What Are The Best Crystals To Support Aries Weaknesses?

Aries is one of the most self-assured signs in the entire zodiac. Their confidence, determination, and enthusiasm are downright inspiring to others. However, that does not mean they are devoid of any personal struggles.

Below, you will discover the weaknesses that all Aries natives struggle to tame. Knowing these character flaws is the first step to choosing the best healing crystals for Aries.

  1. One of the biggest challenges that Aries natives have to deal with is that they tend to act impulsively. As the first sign of the zodiac, they go through life headfirst, often not taking the time to think about the consequences of their actions. Because of this impatient “live fast, die young” way of living, they often make rash and reckless decisions that land them into trouble.
  2. The rams of the zodiac have a reputation for being direct. They lack a filter, don’t beat around the bush, or mince words when they want to communicate or express their ideas. For these reasons, they sometimes strike others as being blunt, rude, and abrasive.
  3. As for the most temperamental signs of the zodiac, Aries ranks high on the list. These natives are hotheads that quickly flip to full-on red rage. Their tendency to react explosively in the heat of the moment comes from the fact that they have very little patience and happen to be under the influence of Mars, the planet of aggression.
  4. The red planet also makes Aries come across as overly competitive. Those born with this sun sign are the people you will see yelling at anyone holding up the queue at the grocery store. Their intense passion for anything they set out to do fuels this desire to be number one, but it often makes them seem too aggressive, argumentative, and confrontational in a negative way.
  5. Another flaw Aries has is an instinctive need to take the lead. Sometimes this “me first” behavior is seen as selfish and immature.
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Now that you know the negative traits of this sign, it is time to learn about the most suitable gemstones and zodiac crystals for Aries. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Red Jasper

Red jasper stones

Red Jasper is a grounding crystal that stimulates a greater sense of awareness. It is beneficial for Aries because it helps them with their impulsiveness.

The energy of this stone can assist anyone who uses it to think before they act. For Ariens, that means learning to avoid reckless behavior, which empowers the manifestation process by helping them get what they want.

Red Coral

Another red stone for the fiery Rams of the zodiac, Red Coral, sometimes referred to as Moonga or Praval, is a gemstone that imbues the wearer with wisdom. Continued use helps to boost a sense of maturity and tones down self-serving and impulsive urges.

Any Aries person can channel this healing stone to help them be more rational and make better decisions. It balances the root chakra by amplifying a calming and grounding state of mind.


Aries have a short fuse. Amethyst is an excellent crystal for them because it helps to clear the mind, relax, and distress, thanks to its tranquilizing frequency. This beautiful purple crystal also has spiritual healing powers. As such, Aries can meditate with Amethyst to overcome anger and aggression.


Aquamarine bracelet

Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for Aries babies born in March. It has a soothing energy that cools off hot tempers. As such, this makes it one of the best gemstones for Aries man or woman who is looking to build peaceful relationships with others.

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Aries are not great at staying cool, calm, and collected. But with this water stone on standby, they can learn to stay grounded and go with the flow.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the zodiac stones for Aries that brings the fiery first signs of the zodiac down to earth when emotions are running high. It is a calming water stone that brings a deep sense of peace and serenity. Aries natives will find it helpful when facing obstacles and challenges that cause frustration.


Due to their high energy and intense nature, Aries individuals are prone to stress and anxiety. Magnesite is a healing crystal thought to have calming astral energy. It promotes peace and a sense of emotional balance.

The best way for Aries to use this mineral is when meditating since it aids in relaxation and releases negative vibes.

Blue Chalcedony

Heart shaped chalcedony stone

Blue Chalcedony is perhaps the best zodiac stone for Aries individuals who rub others the wrong way because of always being blunt. It promotes healthy communication with others. Wearing Blue Chalcedony jewelry or simply carrying this stone in your pocket can help you voice your opinions better and remember to be sensitive about other people’s feelings.


Another Aries zodiac crystal that helps cultivate patience is lepidolite. It has a calming effect on the mind and emotions. It is said that its metaphysical properties alleviate anxiety and stress, which can help Aries natives to tame their sometimes uncontrollable fits of rage.

What Are The Best Crystals To Enhance Aries Qualities?

Aries natives have several positive traits that help them stand out. Those born under this zodiac sign can become the best version of themselves by learning about the best crystals for Aries’ positive traits. Getting acquainted with these qualities will help you select the best crystals to enhance your natural power.

  1. To begin with, Aries are the kind of people who possess an unwavering sense of self-belief. They know what they want and don’t hesitate to chase their dreams. These natives easily top the list of the most confident zodiac signs.
  2. Being the first zodiac sign, Aries is associated with folks who don’t fear walking into unchartered waters. It is no wonder they always emerge as the most daring. These are the trendsetters or trailblazers of this world, often admired for their pioneering spirit.
  3. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, energy, and conquest, Aries natives are determined. They don’t give up and are not afraid to take risks or be decisive. Their biggest asset is that they never shy away from a challenge or let anything get in their way.
  4. Besides being bold, persons born with this star sign are also driven and ambitious. They want to be seen as the best. For them, there is no insurmountable obstacle. They will always find a way to overcome any adversity. That’s just how Aries roll. Instead of settling for mediocrity, they strive for excellence.
  5. The planet Mars also bestows passion and a strong desire to succeed. And with Ariens firmly under the spell of Martian energy, this makes them some of the most enthusiastic people you will ever meet. They are full of infectious excitement and energy, which helps to propel them forward.
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So which are the best crystals for Aries to support these amazing qualities? Any of these picks would make a great choice.


Ruby crystals

Rubies are one of the most sought-after traditional jewelry gemstones. What you might not know about them is that they also have astrological properties.

The ruby is associated with the fiery energy of Mars. It is a powerful crystal for Aries that supports self-confidence and leadership qualities. Channeling its power provides an extra boost of courage to tackle challenging tasks.


It is hard to find an Aries that does not seek good fortune and success in life. That’s why citrine is such a powerful zodiac crystal for these natives. It blocks negative energy, boosts confidence, and translates an Aries’ fervor into wealth.

With this little gem, you can expect to attract prosperity. Think of it as the cheerleader that urges you on as you chase your grandiose dreams.

Fire Agate

Fire agate is a vibrant gemstone believed to inspire passion and creativity. For Aries, the fiery vibrations of this healing stone can boost confidence and ignite fresh ideas for new projects and endeavors.

Red Garnet

Dark red garnet stones

Garnet comes in many hues. The red variety amplifies the natural energy of Aries. Its vibes are all about bestowing energy, passion, and success.

With this stone in hand, an Aries can get an extra boost of courage to endure even when situations get tough.


Ranging in color from red to orange to yellow, crocoite is a rare mineral believed to enhance motivation, passion, and creativity. Aries are known for their enthusiasm, energy, and a strong desire to take action, and crocoite’s astral properties align well with these traits.


Sardonyx is a variant of onyx, but it forms in shades of red, orange, or earthy brown. In ancient times, Roman soldiers wore amulets of this stone engraved with Mars, the god of war. English midwives would also traditionally use Sardonyx to bestow strength to expectant mothers when they were in labor.

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As such, this crystal is believed to bring strength, determination, and energy. If you are an Aries, it will help you feel more focused than ever.


Red beryl crystals

Bixibite is also a rare Aries gemstone that also goes by the name Red Beryl. Those born under this sign are known for their confidence and assertiveness. Red Beryl enhances these qualities to give any Aries courage and bravery that is uncommon. It’s perfect if you are looking for a zodiac gemstone to help you feel more empowered, self-assured, and motivated to pursue your goals.

Fire Quartz

Fire signs are known to have a zest for life. A crystal that channels this element, such as Fire Quartz, would be an excellent choice if you are born under Aries. Since this stone is associated with passion, it can help Aries natives to channel their fiery energy in a positive direction.

What Is The Birthstone For Aries?

We all know the Sun stays in each sign for about 30 days. However, the birthdates of each zodiac sign tend to lapse into two different months. For instance, the birthdays of those born under Aries run between March 21 and April 19.

Each month has a specific birthstone. Therefore, the birthstones for Aries depend on which month you were born.


Along with aquamarine, the bloodstone is the traditional Aries zodiac birthstone for March. It fuels the potent courage, stamina, and determination that Aries is known to possess. It is ideal for those who seek self-confidence and vitality to take on life.

At the same time, the bloodstone provides stabilizing and grounding energy to calm headstrong behavior. Sometimes it is called the stone of bravery or courage. Warriors have worn it since antiquity as a protective talisman.

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Also known as Heliotrope, this dark green gemstone with red speckles strips away all negative energy. It is excellent for giving Aries natives the resilience, motivation, and level-headed approach they need to succeed.


If you are an Aries born in April, the diamond is the gemstone for your birth month. It is not a surprise that Aries has an affinity for this zodiac stone because these natives are strong and resilient to a fault.

Diamond is a symbol of resilience. As the hardest substance on earth, what other crystal can enhance the inner strength that Aries natives feed off better than diamond?

So, that sums up what you need to know about the best crystals for Aries. When looking for zodiac gemstones, most people select those that resonate with their personality. Those suggested above are great picks for members of the first sign of the zodiac. However, anyone can also use them during the Aries season to tap into the manifesting power of this driven fire sign.