What Are The Best Crystals for Aquarius?

Crystals for Aquarius

Aquarians are best known as the geniuses of the zodiac. Yet, those born under this sign often get misunderstood and branded as rebels in their quest to challenge societal norms. Deep down, though, all they care about is the welfare of all humanity.

If you were born under Aquarius or know someone who was, crystals can be powerful tools to enhance the natural traits of this sign. The good news is that there are lots of Aquarius gemstones that can help you with that.

In this guide, you will discover the best crystals for Aquarius and how they can help you to tap into your finest qualities and balance your erratic energy.

What Strengths Can You Enhance With Aquarius Crystals?

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Crystals are excellent tools to bring out the traits that make you such a great person as an Aquarius. By channeling their energy, you can start living your best life, and as a result, the world will be a much better place. With that in mind, here are the strengths you can enhance using Aquarius crystals.

  1. Innovation: Ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and ingenuity, Aquarians are some of the most creative and progressive people you will ever meet. People born under this zodiac sign can’t help but always think about the future and how to improve it. As visionaries, they love to experiment with novel ideas and new ways of doing things. Their curious minds help them think out of the box and create groundbreaking solutions no one else has thought of before.
  2. Independence: Aquarians also value their freedom and don’t like feeling restricted. Never blindly following the crowd, they forge their own paths and never hesitate to step out of their comfort zone.
  3. Intelligence: Another positive trait about Aquarians is that they are usually incredibly sharp. As such, they love to learn and tend to have interests in a wide range of topics.
  4. Altruistic Nature: Because of their idealistic and humanitarian nature, Aquarians have the symbol of a water bearer. In Greek mythology, this represents Ganymede, a young hero whose beauty was so striking that Zeus made him the cup-bearer to serve the gods. As such, Aquarius is known for being selfless, always ready to fight for a cause. They try to fix what is wrong with society and make great activists.
  5. Strong Commitment: Once they set their minds on something, these natives can be like a dog with a bone. Known for their relentless resolve, they create actionable plans and keep at it to the bitter end. This unwavering commitment allows them not to quit on their goals.
  6. Open Mindedness: Lastly, Aquarians are independent thinkers with open minds. They are some of the most accepting souls, capable of seeing everyone’s perspective. As such, this makes them great listeners and friends. They are always looking for new ideas and ways of thinking, which is part of their innovative nature.

What Weaknesses Can Aquarius Zodiac Stones Heal?

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Aquarians have some fantastic desirable traits. However, when it comes to their personality, it’s not all roses and sunshine. Like all zodiac signs, they also have some hindering characteristics that hold them back.

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When looking to use Aquarius healing stones, here are some of the negative traits associated with this sign that you might want to work on improving.

  1. Rebellious nature: Aquarians are not afraid to challenge the status quo. After all, they are under the rule of Uranus, the planet linked to revolution and progress. It’s not surprising for them to resist authority or convention. As such, they often get into trouble because of their rebellious nature.
  2. Stubbornness: As fixed signs, Aquarians can be as stubborn as a mule. Since they are usually so set in their ways, they can be hard to persuade. This stubbornness often leads to disagreements and arguments with those around them.
  3. Unpredictable: Aquarians like to be unconventional and unique. Simply put, they are non-conformists who march to the beat of their own drum. Their eccentricity and unstructured approach to life can be off-putting to some people. Those who prefer some calm and structure in their lives may find them a bit chaotic.
  4. Emotionally Distant: Aquarius is known for being analytical and intellectual. Anyone born under this star sign will approach problems logically and rationally. For this reason, these natives tend to seem out of touch with their emotions and those around them. That’s why they are known for being aloof and detached.
  5. Mental Exhaustion: Another weakness Aquarians struggle with is that they live in their minds. Self-absorbed by their own thoughts, they always have a problem to think about, trying to figure out how to solve it. Because of overthinking, they tend to burn their cerebral gears. They are more likely to get fatigued by mental exertion rather than emotional or physical stress.
  6. Self Neglect: Although Aquarians can be inspiring with their compassionate and humanitarian nature, there is a downside to this part of their personality. Individuals born with this star sign can sometimes become so obsessed with their intellectual pursuits or endeavors to help others that they neglect their personal needs, such as rest, exercise, and healthy eating habits. They also tend to suppress their emotions and spiritual needs, leaving them feeling depressed and alienated.
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Which Are The Best Crystals For Aquarius?

Working with the right crystals can help to amplify the positive Aquarian traits while helping to overcome challenging characteristics. Here are some of the most highly recommended Aquarius crystals you can work with on your journey to self-improvement.


Serpentine stones

Serpentine is one of the best crystals for Aquarius individuals who want to feel re-energized and awakened. Sometimes this zodiac stone gets a bad rap for its likeness to a snake. However, serpents are known for their regenerative ability because they shed their skin to grow a new one. This correlation has a direct link to the transformative energy of Serpentine.

We now know that Aquarians are intelligent people who love to learn. They can also attain more enlightenment when in possession of this gemstone, thanks to its ability to grant knowledge like a serpent.


Cryolite is an excellent stone for unlocking intellectual abilities. Anyone who experiences inhibitions when trying to learn will find this crystal helpful because it enhances and advances one’s thought process. Cryolite is ideal for Aquarians who need more creativity in their lives.


Moldavite is a rare but powerful Aquarius gemstone with extraterrestrial origins. As remnants of a meteorite, it has a galactic space-age vibe. Its high-vibration energy has the power to transform your thoughts and ideas.

If you are working on eliminating unhealthy patterns, outdated ideas, or other constraints that hold you back, this stone will aid you in the process. It’s an excellent talisman for any Aquarius person seeking progressive change.


If there is one stone that can help Aquarians get out of their heads, it is Lepidolite. This soothing purple gem has a calming effect on the mind and emotions. It is a handy tool for any Aquarius plagued by a restless and overactive mind.

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The stabilizing effect of this stone on Aquarius’ chaotic and unpredictable energy also helps them self-regulate during times of anxiety and stress.


Rhodochrosite stones

The focus of rhodochrosite is self-healing both in a physical and emotional sense. With this gemstone, you will feel inclined to nurture your well-being and put yourself first. It serves as a reminder that without being healthy, you will not be able to provide support to others in need.

As such, rhodochrosite is an excellent ally for the humanitarian Aquarius, who tends to be selfless to a fault. It makes sure that you won’t get so lost in the cares of others that you forget to exercise some self-love.


Due to other influences in the birth chart, some Aquarians repress who they really are at their core. Rhodonite is a particularly potent Aquarius crystal that brings out the humanitarian nature associated with this sign. Its healing properties help Aquarians recognize the compassion they inherently feel for others, freeing them of any self-doubt that may hold them back. Also, with the help of this healing stone, you will feel more empowered to practice self-love and find peace of mind.


Being an air sign, Aquarius is known for being analytical and highly intellectual. Azurite is a stone that enhances this natural gift that Aquarians already possess. It activates the third eye chakra to stimulate creative talents. This zodiac stone can be invaluable in helping Aquarius access their innovative minds.

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is another intellectually stimulating stone that could immensely benefit Aquarians. Its energy brings focus, mental clarity, and creativity when pursuing new ideas and seeking innovative solutions. It can aid Aquarius in analyzing and solving complex problems more effectively.



Morganite gemstone

Since Aquarians can sometimes be detached and intellectual, Morganite is one gemstone that brings harmony into their relationships. Its energy improves the ability to communicate effectively with others. In effect, this can help Aquarians to feel more centered and connected to those around them.


Next up on the list of best crystals for Aquarius is the lesser-known hiddenite. This pale yellow/green form of kunzite is also known as green spodumene. It belongs to the family of healing stones that encourage spiritual growth.

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Often, Aquarius tends to be intellectually oriented and more inclined to scientific inquiry and rational thinking. Hiddenite attunes the minds of those born under this star sign to find a spiritual connection to the strong sense of idealism and desire for social change. It can trigger an interest in exploring new philosophies and ideas that may lead Aquarians to spiritual growth and enlightenment.


As the name implies, magnetite is a fascinating mineral that occurs naturally with magnetic properties. Any zodiac sign can benefit from its metaphysical properties as well.

Due to its magnetism, this gemstone balances polarities or clashing traits. For Aquarians, it helps them exercise their independence while satisfying their desire for social connection. It also grounds them to hold on to humanitarian values despite their tendency to be aloof and detached.


Aquarius could always use more enlightening vibes that allow them to tap into their genius minds and gain more insight. Apart from being rational and logical, they could also learn to make better decisions by following their gut feeling. That’s where Cavansite comes in.

This revitalizing gemstone for Aquarius heightens their intuition to help them see the bigger picture. It encourages them to look inward into their subconscious, which might lead to discoveries that could improve their lives and those around them.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal

This transparent, colorless mineral is believed to clear the mind and promote mental clarity. By using clear quartz during meditation or carrying it throughout the day, Aquarius will find it easier to let go of stubborn thoughts and be more open to new ideas and perspectives.

Peacock Ore

You might come across this Aquarius crystal by its technical name, chalcopyrite or bornite. However, it is better known as peacock ore owing to its colorful iridescent metallic hues.

This rough, tarnished stone promotes a brighter outlook on life. It exudes joy and happiness, which Aquarians need since they take life too seriously while trying to right societal wrongs.

Pink Quartz

Know for encouraging compassion, kindness, and unconditional love, the rose or pink quartz amplifies the nurturing and caring side of Aquarius. It serves as a reminder to them to keep having faith in the goodness of people. The vibrations of this Aquarius gemstone offer much-needed motivation for any water bearers who take it upon themselves to correct societal injustices.

What Is The Birthstone For Aquarius?

Did you know everyone has a specific gemstone associated with their birth month? As an Aquarius, your birthday falls between January 20 and February 18. As such, the birthstone for Aquarius coincides with either of these two months.

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Garnet is one of the Aquarius birthstones for January. Renowned for its grounding and revitalizing energy, this gemstone helps Aquarians stay committed to their goals and dreams. Some call it the stone of courage, willpower, passion, and manifestation. It is helpful to Aquarians who tend to burn out quickly from all their humanitarian pursuits.

Garnet also helps Aquarians in their relationships. These natives tend to put up walls, especially when dealing with strangers. With this stone of commitment, they can feel more secure and inspired to develop new friendships.


The other Aquarius birthstone is Amethyst. It also happens to be the birthstone for anyone born in February.

The tranquil vibe of this purple-blue-hued stone does wonders for Aquarians. It calms their nervous energy when taking on new challenges. Since it promotes inner peace, it can also help Aquarius channel their rebellious tendencies in a more constructive way.

In a sense, this Aquarius birthstone reduces the stress of trying to change the world. If you often have too many ideas that leave you feeling lost, this stone will help you tune into your intuition. It calms an overactive mind. As an Aquarius, Amethyst will help you to relax, sleep better, and remain spiritually connected.

Over To You

There you have it; a wide selection of the best crystals for Aquarius. The season for this zodiac sign, which happens to fall in the last week of January and the first couple of weeks of February, heralds driven and ambitious energy. It enters at the start of the year to usher in the winds of change. Since the symbol for Aquarius is also the water bearer, this hints at the washing away of the past to welcome a new beginning.

During this period, everyone experiences Aquarius energy regardless of their sun sign. That makes it an excellent time to use some Aquarius crystals and channel the power of the stars.

The Aquarius season inspires us to be creative and think outside the box. It’s a time to make big plans and take steps to make progress. Don’t get left out. You can also tap into this cosmic energy with any of the Aquarius birthstones shared above.