How Does a Pisces Man Test You?

How Does a Pisces Man Test You

When it comes to meeting and falling in love with a Pisces man, it can be a whirlwind of emotions, highs, lows, and confusing twists. Part of this is because of his complexity, and part of it is because he has quirks and questions that he wants to test out before things get too serious between you two.

Here are some of the most common tests that a Pisces man will put you through, plus why he does them, and how you can rise above.

1 He Asks Lots And Lots Of Questions

Pisces Men, like most other people in the Zodiac, ask lots of questions to get to know other people better.

However, his way of gaining information will be a bit more low-key. He isn’t going to directly ask you the questions that he wants the answers to. Instead, he will find clever ways to indirectly learn what he wants to know. If you catch him asking obscure or otherwise odd questions, that is most likely why.

So, for instance, if he’s interested in a relationship with you and having children someday is important to him, he may ask you if you have nieces or nephews or if you’ve ever babysat kids before.

He’s trying to gently nudge his foot in the door to see how you feel about kids and see if you two have the potential to be compatible. If you continuously answer his questions, no matter how random, completely truthfully. This can save you both a lot of time in the long run.

Another branch of this is him testing your overall morality. Since he is ruled by Jupiter, he’s empathetic and feels compelled to be generous to most people (and animals).

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Humanitarian efforts, being eco-conscious, and charitable are important to him, and he wants to be with someone whose views are aligned with his. His questions are likely little prys to decide if you are similar and compatible in this department.

2 He Gives You The Cold Shoulder With Silent Treatment

If there is one thing that is certain about Pisces, it’s his ability to switch from hot to cold and then hot again in just a moment. Mood swings, uncertainty, aloofness, and sporadic waves of attention are signature moves for him.

Most Pisces men are aware of this, but find it difficult to rein in. When you’re first getting to know each other, he may be inclined to give you the cold shoulder out of the blue. This isn’t to hurt you. He’s trying to figure out if you care, if you notice, and how you will react. He’s really hoping that you’ll pick up on it, and be kind to him during this episode.

With that said, if you can’t handle flakiness or random mood swings, you should stay away from Pisces, no matter how much you like him. You’ll only set yourself and him up for failure by pretending to make it work when you know you can’t.

3 Also, Screening Your Calls, Texts, And Other Interactions On Social Media

This just piggybacks off from the silent treatment test. Pisces men are sensitive, and they strongly see their digital lives as “real” and just as important as day-to-day, in-person interactions.

He wants to see if you’ll notice subtle changes in his digital lifestyle and how you will react. If he stops replying to texts, makes you initiate all of the text conversations, or stops interacting with your social posts, he’s trying to decide how you’ll confront these changes.

Secretly, he is hoping that you notice right away, send him a quick text to check in with him and reassure him, and then mostly leave him alone. He wants to feel noticed and seen but still maintain his personal space.

If you think of your Pisces as an aloof house cat, it will be a lot easier to cope with his little oddities. He wants you to notice him, and invite him in, but not force him to be close to you.

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This is also a minor test of your patience and your ability to follow the boundaries he has set.

4 He Begins Acting Problematic Or Stressful Out Of The Blue

If your Pisces guy starts to act strange all at once for seemingly no reason, it’s a great sign that he is really interested in you, and wants to get serious. His nerves will get in the way, though, and his anxiety will tell him that you won’t put up with him at his worst.

He will worry that he’s too much and not a good match. So, as a test, he may suddenly act challenging around you. He just wants to know if you can handle the deep parts of him that he struggles with.

If you can handle his crazy with grace, patience, and kindness, he will almost instantly melt into you, completely relieved.

5 He Reveals His Deeper Fears And Secrets

The Pisces man has some deep-seated insecurities and narratives that he created about himself. These regularly hold him back in many aspects of his life, but he probably doesn’t know how to correct them.

He is also a sensitive person who is deeply empathetic and yet worried about his emotions being a burden to others.

If he begins to reveal his darkest fears and most intimate secrets, it’s because he feels comfortable and he thinks you are trustworthy. If you show him that you are during this test, your relationship will really be solidified for him.

He will also unveil how excruciatingly anxious he is. This may or may not be a conscious decision. If he has scared suitors away before with his nervousness, he may decide to intentionally reveal it early on to weed out people.

But he’s also just anxious, so this part of himself may naturally come out. Either case, you need to be okay with this trait, and be willing to accept and work with him on this aspect.

6 He Pauses, Pushes, Or Cancels Plans

This test correlates to his hot and cold personality, plus his anxiety.

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He may feel excited about making plans, but as the date approaches, his nerves will tear him apart and he might feel like running. As he grows more comfortable with you, this will subside some, but it will always be a bit of an issue with him.

Pausing, pushing, and canceling plans is kinda just who he is. However, it can double as a test. He is usually aware of this flaw and he wants to know how you’ll react. Will you blow up? Get upset? Talk down on him? Try to control him?

Of course, it’s problematic to be interested in a flaky person, he needs to be accountable. But how you react to his changing plans also matters.

Be as understanding as you can, and reflect on if you can handle this. He may improve in this area, but he may not. Communicate this with him when you’re both in a neutral, agreeable mood.

If he’s going to flake on plans, is he willing to take up the slack to reschedule appointments, reservations, or even refund you if you put down a deposit? This is something you should both consider and discuss before proceeding with a relationship.

7 He Picks At Your Boundaries At Random

His passion can be a bit much at times, which will sometimes manifest in him pushing your boundaries.

When he feels compelled to do something, it’s a strong urge and he probably wants to take you along for the journey. You may have work early in the morning, but if he really wants to go out to that new bar, he may pick at you a little to see if you’ll go with him. He partially does this because he really wants to check out the new place in town, but he’s also checking to see how you’ll react to this.

Will you firmly hold the boundary in a healthy, respectful way? Will you be a pushover? Or will you go off on him for being inconsiderate? He’s secretly hoping you’ll hold the boundary and offer to go out with him later this weekend, but he won’t tell you that because this is a test.

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He may like it if you’re willing to bend the rules a little, but he does not want to be with someone who isn’t true to themselves or acts like a pushover.

8 He Asks You To Meet His Family And Friends

If he wants you to meet his family and friends, he’s testing to see how well your lives could potentially mesh together.

He checks how you treat them, even the friends and family members you disagree with. Are you going to pick a fight with his uncle with a different view? Will you make time to play with his little sisters or nephews on the floor? Will you be respectful to his grandma? Can you genuinely enjoy spending time with his best friends?

He wants to know if you’ll be compatible, if you’re a versatile person, and if you’ll be a genuine person who shows love and compassion to everyone, not just him.

This could also be a little test to see if you’re willing to reciprocate by introducing him to your friends and family too. He’s excited but nervous to see if you’re as invested in him as he is in you.

9 He Questions Your Honesty For No Good Reason

This test also stems from his deep-rooted anxieties. He worries that you may not be faithful, so, especially at the start of the relationship, he will be on high alert to judge how trustworthy you are.

This applies to your faithfulness to him as a partner, but also your honesty in general, plus your overall competence and morality. Remember, he puts a lot of weight into being a decent person and wants you to do the same.

This may show up as him asking you a lot of questions, acting skeptical, or even glancing over your shoulder when you use your phone. It’s less about you and more about his insecurities. Still, if you give him a reason to feel unsafe, he’s going to run immediately.

His skepticism will die down as you build trust together, but it may never completely leave. Remember this is a reflection on him, and not your flaw. Just make sure you’re following the straight and narrow and you will have no issues.

10 He Asks You Out On A “Hobby” Date

While it may seem very ordinary to introduce the person you like to your hobbies, for him, it’s a pretty big deal. His hobbies are usually closely tied to (or are) his passions.

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Because he is a mostly closed-off, reserved person who has a lot of big emotions, these hobbies are how he expresses himself. His hobby is where he truly feels like himself, and when he feels his best and yet most vulnerable.

During this hobby date he is going to watch you like a hawk to see if you’re into this, if you seem to be happy, and most of all, if you’re criticizing or judging him. If you don’t pay attention or seem curious to learn, he probably won’t want to pursue a relationship.

It’s also important that his date is intelligent, or at least, curious and willing to learn throughout her life.

11 He Will Gift You Something Sweet And Sentimental

If Pisces gifts you something that is clearly well-thought out and generous, it’s clear that he likes you.

He is naturally anxious and it’s difficult for him to be that intimate and give you something that he knows will mean anything to you. Gift giving, for him, is on the same level as sex. It’s nerve-wracking for him, deeply emotional, and he has put a lot of thoughts into the present, plus his presentation of said gift.

In turn, he hopes that you will see his efforts, appreciate him, and make it a positive experience. If you joke or belittle him or the gift in any way that will cut him deep, so be courteous and make it known how you see his efforts and love them.

He also wants to know if you’ll eventually reciprocate the effort. He does not want you to spend a ton of money or him; instead, he wants to know if you’ll put the same level of thoughtfulness into his gift.

He wants to know if you’ll be kind, sentimental, and return the same level of effort for him. Knowing that you’re both on the same wavelength when it comes to being thoughtful and aware of one another’s wants, needs, and dreams.