North Node in Capricorn – Letting Go and Finding Your Home

North Node in Capricorn

Have you ever wished that you just had a road map that can guide you towards the person you need to become in the future? Your North Node is exactly that kind of guide.

The North Node in Capricorn means that there are going to be challenges when it comes to resolving negativities from your childhood, learning to embrace career goals, and discovering what it means for you to become secure.

Your North Node in Capricorn means that you already have all the skills you need to realize your goals and overcome these challenges.

North Node In Capricorn Meaning

Your North Node defines where you are heading throughout the course of your life. This represents the major life lessons that you need to learn in order to blossom into the fullness of your being.

Your North Node and your South Node are deeply interrelated. If your North Node is in Capricorn, your South Node is in Cancer. This means that you have a strong innate understanding of the emotional world, but you’re also growing into someone who can handle material matters as well.

Having your North Node in Capricorn means that there’s going to be challenges when it comes to letting go of the past. It can be easy to get sucked into co-dependent relationships or blame the past for present failings.

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However, the North Node is here to show you the path through your biggest challenges in life and if anyone has the material skills for this project, it’s Capricorn.

How Having Your North Node In Capricorn Effects Your Life

If your South Node represents where you come from, your North Node represents where you’re going. Think of this as a karmic roadmap laid out in the stars.

These are some of the biggest aspects of your life that you’ll be navigating with a North Node in Capricorn.

1 Let Go of Childhood Hang Ups

Childhood concept shown as a small boy with a teddy.

There’s something that happens to a lot of individuals with their North Node in Capricorn. They seem to spend a lot of their childhood taking care of others. This means that they have both grown up too quickly and never gotten the chance to fully grow up along the way.

Your childhood hang ups might be weighing heavily on your conscious and subconscious mind. Given the connection to cancer that a North Node in Capricorn has, you might even be deeply aware of how these childhood hang ups have a difficult impact on your present-day life.

Capricorn’s stubborn desire to turn everything into a project might accidentally have you holding on to all of this childhood baggage.

In order to grow into your full potential, you’re going to need to find ways of resolving and letting go of negativity from your past.

2 It’s Time to Set Goals

Capricorn is well-known for its ability to handle material concerns, plan projects, and take the lead with a goal oriented attitude. The placement of your North Node is telling you that these are skills you need to develop and a path you need to walk.

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It’s time for you to start setting goals with clearly defined boundaries. Learn to love the finer details of projects rather than just getting swept up in grand outcomes and daydreams.

If you can clearly articulate your goals and how you attend to achieve them, you’ll really start to experience the potential of your North Node placement.

3 Learning From the Great Experiment That is Life

It can be easy to internalize our failures, but your growth depends on learning from those missteps just as much as from your successes.

It’s time for you to lean into the analytical qualities of Capricorn. Have recent events really been a series of setbacks and disappointments or has this been a trial by fire round of A/B testing that lets you know what works and what doesn’t?

The Capricorn energy in your North Node is here to provide you with the resources you’ve been looking for when it comes to learning from the wins and losses of life.

4 Understanding True VS False Security

One of the biggest and most enduring quests for someone with a North Node in Capricorn is going to be a desire to find security. However, the pitfalls of false security are a serious concern for individuals within this North Node placement.

There are many ways to positively build security. You can work on being confident with who you are, successful at work, and by building a strong home life.

Accepting your own flaws is also a major part of discovering just how secure you can be.

Then again, co-dependent relationships and negative patterns of behavior offer a kind of false security. These harmful patterns may deliver consistent and reliable results, but they ultimately hold you back in the long run.

5 Use the Full Potential of Your Cancer South Node

We often hear people talking about the North and South Nodes as if they’re two separate things, but they are actually two halves of one complete whole. Having a North Node in Capricorn means that you are ready to use the full potential of your South Node in Cancer.

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There is a lot of unique balance when it comes to the push and pull of Capricorn and Cancer. This means that you’re going to be developing talents with material concerns, but you also have a strong basis in emotional knowledge to work from. You got the rare opportunity to overcome this tension and ground material success in real emotional awareness and empathy.

6 Your Work/Life Balance Challenge

Work life balance

Striking a work-life balance is going to be one of the single biggest challenges that you face. The only thing that drives someone with a North Node in Capricorn harder than success in the material world is having a home to bring that success back to.

It’s so common for the career goals to overshadow the home goals. Likewise, it can be easy to build a home life that’s too comforting and doesn’t provide the support you need to pursue your goals.

Everyone needs to come to a resolution of these issues in their own way. You might find a balance by building a nurturing home life that can allow you to recover from tough days at work. You can also find success by starting a relationship and becoming a power couple that can carry home life and career success with them wherever they go.

No matter which way you tackle the issue of a work-life balance, your North Node in Capricorn is here to let you know that this issue is front and center in your life.

7 Accept Responsibility for Your Actions

Your North Node always points to something that is new to your personality. Growing into that can be a challenging experience that can get painful at times.

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One of the toughest parts of fully growing into your North Node in Capricorn is going to be accepting the responsibility of your actions.

Let’s take our medicine with a spoonful of sugar. You need to accept responsibility for the good in your actions as well as the bad. This can be as small as learning to take a compliment or as big as not letting someone else take credit for your accomplishments at work.

Of course, you also need to work on taking responsibility for the negative consequences of your actions. Try not to blame your past or your circumstances when your actions are what cause harm in the first place.

If it really is baggage from the past that’s causing you to harm the people around you, then you owe it to yourself and the people you care about to resolve those issues.

One of the toughest frontiers of responsibility is being responsible to yourself.

8 Break the Cycles That Define Your Worst Traits

So many of the things that we’ve been talking about have been pointing in one direction. Your North Node in Capricorn commands that you break the cycles that are responsible for the worst traits and your personality.

The relationship between your North Node in your South Node is a cyclical one. This is the slow, breathing cycle of the cosmos. In order to grow into the next stage of your life, you need to find the strength to escape the cosmic orbit of the things that have been holding you back.

This includes reflecting on habits, traits, and other negative qualities that might be connecting you to problems that you’d like to get away from. Build on the solid foundation in your South Node and use the new skills found in your North Node to break these cycles of harm.

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9 Stop Self-Sacrificing

Self-sacrificing in relationships often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We can give up so much of ourselves that we eventually stop really being in the relationship to begin with.

You can’t run romance like a project and that same hard working mentality that makes Capricorns so successful in work can hold them back when it comes to love.

It’s time to let go of self-sacrifice and find a partner that helps you grow.

The Soulmate For A North Node In Capricorn

The soulmate for someone with a North Node in Capricorn is going to be a partner that helps them embrace the Capricorn qualities that they are growing into.

This is going to be someone who respects your desire to find material success in your career while balancing that with a home life. Your soulmate is also going to be someone who is there for you while you resolve issues from your childhood. Once you find your soulmate, this will be someone that is by your side while you build the skills needed to truly stand on your own two feet.

Career Advice For A North Node In Capricorn

Material success and career ambitions might feel a little new if you’re just exploring your North Node in Capricorn. What’s good about this North Node placement is that you have a natural aptitude for success in the workplace.

The career you’re called to is going to be one that lets you help people. Look for work that is more like a doctor, therapist, or someone supporting their community. Corporate jobs might stifle your soul rather than giving you the environment you need to grow.