Pluto In The 8th House – Powerful Forces Combined

Pluto In The 8th House

You’ll often find a lot of astrologers talking about Pluto in the 8th house as a dark or dangerous placement, but this isn’t looking at the full picture.

Pluto is the planet that rules the 8th house. This means that the energies of both Pluto and the 8th house will be amplified. This motivates you to have great ambitions, the desire for power, and a great potential for change.

The real challenge comes in directing these powerful energies to do good for yourself and for everyone you care about.

Pluto In The 8th House Meaning

Pluto in the 8th house represents a powerful combination of subconscious forces.

These forces govern romantic relationships, sexual encounters, and even your career. Pluto in the 8th house often means that you’re an ambitious individual with a strong power for change. This power could be used to end a negative cycle, or it could be used for less noble causes like power fights at work.

For both good and bad, this is a potent combination of a planet and the house it governs.

What Pluto In The 8th House Means For You

Pluto is a generational planet and the 8th house is known for being associated with the mysterious and the taboo. We’re going to have to peer behind the veil of these mysterious astrological symbols to find out what they mean for your life.

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1 An Immense Power for Change

Time For Change

Pluto in the 8th house gets a bad rap as the sign of negativity, so we’re going to start with one of the most positive potentials of this natal placement.

Both Pluto and the 8th house are associated with death. It would be easy to get a little spooked at this eerie meaning, but we can look to tarot cards to find a deeper meaning in the symbology.

Death in the tarot doesn’t symbolize the end, but merely lets you know that a change is on the Way. In the same way, Pluto in the 8th house is giving you immense power for change.

Just like with any great source of power, this needs to be wheeled with intention, purpose, and a clear heart to avoid harm and do good.

2 Success At Any Cost

Having Pluto in the 8th house means that you’re going to be predisposed to great ambition. This most frequently shows up as a desire to be at the top of your career, artistic practice, or even in sports. However, this is also one of the areas where the darkness of Pluto and the 8th house come into play.

This is a cutthroat kind of ambition. This is a desire for success at any cost. It’s often beneficial to take a moment to pause and really think about if the means of achieving your ends are worth the cost.

Be careful not to throw away valuable relationships just to satisfy your ambition. This is especially important to watch out for if you have a lot of impulsive fire sign energy in the rest of your natal chart.

3 The Search for a Soulmate

Close relationship soulmate

We’re all searching for someone to love, but having a Pluto in the 8th house placement means that you’ll be looking for a truly deep emotional and intellectual connection with a soulmate.

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Your search for a soulmate is something much more than finding someone to have fun dates with. This is an intimate connection that fulfills and challenges you on just about every level.

This desire to find your kindred spirit is also going to show up outside the romantic sphere. You’re going to be looking for this kind of connection in everyone that sticks around in your life.

Whether you’re talking about the family members that you connect the most with or the friends that have stuck by you throughout the years, these are going to be people that share in your deeper connection.

4 Watch Out for Power Struggles

One major challenge that’s going to come your way is an unfortunate tendency to wind up in power struggles.

Pluto and the 8th house are cunning astrological forces. They lend a certain sense of strength when it comes to playing the political game. Both this planet and this house are also well known for lending some cosmic strength when it comes to money matters.

Combine all of this with the cut-throat ambition we talked about earlier, and you have a recipe for some pretty gnarly power struggles.

These power struggles can get negative quickly. It might seem like you’re just vying for power at the office, but it doesn’t take much for friends, co-workers, and even romantic partners to feel the aftermath of these conflicts.

As you pursue your ambitions and struggle for power, make sure that you’re not harming the people that you care about on your rise to the top.

5 Subconscious Conflicts

Stress or tension concept

Not every conflict is going to be as straightforward as playing politics in the office to win a promotion. The most challenging conflicts that you will face throughout your life are going to be subconscious ones underneath the surface of your own mind.

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These are going to be conflicts that involve unresolved trauma from the past, sublimated anxieties, and all the most difficult internal psychic battles that we will go through in our lives.

Having Pluto in the 8th house means that you will be more in touch with your unconscious conflicts. This means that you will have the advantage of being able to understand them a little bit easier, but they will also have a stronger impact in your life than they might in someone else’s life.

Channeling your ambition and your strong-willed nature will help you attain stable footing on solid ground for these internal conflicts.

6 Ending Negative Cycles

This ambition and this ability to effect change in the world gives you the unique ability to end negative cycles.

Pluto and the 8th house both have a strong desire for change. Despite the dark trappings of both of these astrological bodies, they’re both still emotionally aware and want to bring good to the world.

Ending a negative cycle also means going toe-to-toe with some unconscious challenges. Again, you have a lot of strengths when it comes to facing and closing negative cycles.

It can be intimidating to put a stop to something bad that’s been going on for a long time. Who better to start the process than the ambitious and powerful Pluto in the 8th house?

7 A Fascination With The Taboo

There’s a strong likelihood that you’re going to find yourself naturally pulled towards things that are dark and taboo. Whether this is going to have a negative impact on your life is going to depend on how you are able to harness this natural inclination.

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Plenty of people with a Pluto in the 8th house placement find their fascination with the dark and taboo satisfied by getting in touch with their occult side. You can explore spiritualism, astrology, or pick up a tarot card deck to whet your appetite for the stranger things in life.

No matter how you choose to explore this fascination, remember that you are always in control of the physical actions you take in this world.

8 A Natural Combination

Pluto is a planet that governs the 8th house. This planet and this house have very compatible energies, and they cause a little conflict when combined with each other. It’s not nearly as tumultuous as a house and a planet that don’t mix well.

Despite the powerful, and often dark, nature of Pluto in the 8th house, this is a natural combination. The energies of Pluto and the 8th house won’t be causing conflict as they collide with each other.

Their energies might be magnified and felt more intensely, but it won’t be causing the same anxious difficulty as some less advantageous pairings might.

Pluto In The 8th House Synastry

Pluto in the 8th house synastry is going to be an intense combination. For better or for worse, the two of you will be in direct contact with the deepest parts of each other’s psyche.

Interestingly, it really doesn’t matter who is Pluto and who is the 8th house. These two are naturally linked and have very similar energies. Both will have a powerful impact on each other’s lives.

If you’re looking to make this relationship last into the long-term, then you’re going to want to put in some extra effort to bring stability to all of the steps.

Pluto In The 8th House Women

Women with a Pluto in the 8th house placement are powerful and are a driving force of transformation in their community.

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These are the women that are out there making plans and following through on their goals. They might come off as being short-tempered, but that’s often because they have little tolerance for anything distracting them from what they’re after.

The women who have this connection between Pluto and the 8th house are also very sexually liberated. They’re in touch with their libidinal desires and not afraid to make the first move. If they’re interested in you romantically, you’re going to know it.

Pluto In The 8th House Men

Men who have Pluto in the 8th house can become tyrannical if they’re not in touch with how they use their power. These men have a natural charisma that draws in everyone around them. This can quickly get to their head if not balanced with compassion and experience.

These men might come off as loners, but they’re just okay with doing their own thing. They have the classic ambition and desire for recognition, but they’re going to get it their own way.

If you’re looking to win the love of a man with a Pluto in the 8th house placement, here’s what you need to know. These men are looking for someone independent who can enrich their lives without making them feel stuck or stagnant.

Pluto In The 8th House Career Advice

Career goals are a major part of life for someone with a Pluto in the 8th house placement. You’re naturally ambitious, drawn to power, and have more than a little talent with finances. Squaring up your career goals should be a priority.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become a heartless high-powered executive, but it does mean that you can’t deny your desire to be successful and recognized in your career.