What Are The Best Crystals for Leo?

The Best Crystals For Leo

The idea that gemstones possess various astral energies that anyone can channel dates back to antiquity. So it’s no surprise many people use them for their healing and metaphysical properties.

There are different approaches to finding out which crystals would be best for you, but you can never go wrong with those that suit your personality. Every zodiac sign aligns with different healing crystals, which is why anyone born between July 23 and August 22 should have the best crystals for Leo practically memorized.

Some Leo crystals enhance the strengths of those born under this sign. Others specifically support negative traits. Learn all about them in this guide.

Which Crystals Support Leo’s Negative Traits?

There are several healing crystals for Leo natives who want to work on negative traits. Before delving into what they are, it would be helpful to know which shortcomings those born under this sign have to deal with in the first place.

  1. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun. In the same way other celestial bodies revolve around the parent star in our solar system, the Leos of this world love to be at the center of attention. Their love for the spotlight often makes them seem self-centered.
  2. Leos happen to have a fixed zodiac sign modality. It’s just how they are wired to operate. Due to this, stubbornness is one of their negative traits. Trying to change their minds can be an exercise in futility because they just won’t budge. However, this trait makes Leo come across as rigid.
  3. Known as the lions of the zodiac, Leos have a reputation for being domineering. Being the alpha that leads the pack comes naturally to them. However, they can come off as overbearing, pushy, and bossy know-it-alls. It is either their way or the highway, but this attitude usually makes it difficult for Leos to work well with others.
  4. Due to their authoritarian nature, Leos can also be controlling in relationships. They are protective in nature and get possessive when feeling insecure. When this escalates, it can feel suffocating and usually causes jealousy or conflict in a relationship.
  5. Leos have a majestic aura that gives them an egotistical persona. They think very highly of themselves and don’t like to be wrong. Blinded by pride, this usually leads them to take things personally, especially when criticized.
  6. Leos also have a penchant for drama. Always looking to make a statement, they can be showboats. Their love of being admired sometimes leads them to behavior that might seem pretentious or over the top.
  7. Another negative trait that ties in with Leo’s self-centered and domineering tendencies is arrogance. Although confident in their abilities, these natives have an air of superiority. As such, they tend to be dismissive of other people’s ideas.

So now let’s get into the best crystals for Leo that can help to address these common personality flaws.

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Given that regal lions of the zodiac put themselves in leadership positions, they are no strangers to anxiety, stress, and tension. Amethyst is a purple crystal known for its relaxing properties. It exudes a calm and soothing frequency that can help Leos relax even when the spotlight is shining on them.

When you feel yourself under pressure in any leadership role, hold a piece of Amethyst and feel yourself simmering down.

Golden Topaz

As mentioned earlier, Leo’s strong personality can sometimes come at the expense of shutting down other people’s ideas and opinions. Golden Topaz empowers you to recognize your own abilities and the positive input that others have to offer. It balances your confident nature with your big heart to help you attract abundance, success, and new friendships.


The Chrysoprase crystal is a must-have for anyone born with a Leo zodiac sign. It boosts confidence while at the same time instilling a sense of kindness and humility in those who feel like they are superior or better than others. It is particularly beneficial in helping the sometimes overly confident Leo, who tends to come across as arrogant and ego-centric.

Brown Jasper

Brown Jasper

With its earth tones, brown jasper brings an otherwise flashy Leo down to earth. This gemstone radiates grounding and stable energy that leaves one feeling a sense of calm and security. It encourages unpretentious behavior without dampening the confidence that makes Leos stand out.


Often referred to as the stone of tolerance, Dumortierite is a zodiac crystal that helps you to overcome intolerance and prejudices. Its peaceful vibe makes an otherwise stubborn Leo to be more accepting. Use it to be more open-minded and accommodating of other people’s perspectives.

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Which Healing Stones Enhance Leo’s Positive Traits?

If you are a Leo, there are several positive traits you can enhance using zodiac crystals. The common Leo strengths include:

  1. Ranked as the most confident zodiac sign, Leos always walk with their heads held high. They are assertive and believe that anything they set their minds to is achievable with focus and determination.
  2. Like all fire signs, Leo is a fiery personality. People with this sun sign have a magnetic charisma that draws others to them. Their passionate nature and desire to be in charge make them natural-born leaders.
  3. Leos are also a courageous lot. They are always willing to stand up for anything they believe in without hesitation.
  4. These are also some of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Like territorial lions, they will go to great lengths to protect those they cherish.
  5. Leos are also generous and caring. Like the Sun, they shower their warmth on everyone around them. They have big hearts and would sacrifice their own time or resources to lend a helping hand. So if you are lucky to have a reliable Leo in your life, make a point to let them know how much you appreciate their generosity by gifting them an uplifting zodiac crystal.

You might think these traits come naturally to anyone born under this zodiac sign, but some could be less obvious because of other influences on the birth chart. With that in mind, here are the best healing crystals to bring out the Leo in you.



Treasured for its beauty, amber is a hardened resin that comes from trees. This ancient fossil is regarded as a gemstone with unique metaphysical properties. It takes millions of years to form, dating back to the Stone Age.

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It’s the perfect ally for a Leo who wants to enhance their ability to persevere. With this healing stone, your focus, confidence, and determination will reach an all-time high.


Given the moniker fool’s gold because of its metallic luster and brass-yellow hue, Pyrite is a powerful manifestation stone. Its value lies in the ability to instill a fearless spirit.

For Leos, who stand out because of their boldness, Pyrite does a great job of nurturing this quality. Having it at your disposal means you can focus on achieving your goals without being held back by doubt, worries, or the fear of failure.


If you are a particularly over-energized and excited Leo, Agnitite is another crystal that can help you harness your fiery personality. The stone derives its name from the Vedic deity of fire, Agni.

Agnitite belongs to the family of manifestation stones. It can help you direct your passion towards your passion and bring your thoughts and ideas to life through creative pursuits.

Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone

Dubbed the stone of confidence and ambition, the red goldstone is an uplifting healing crystal that feeds Leo’s zest for life. It encourages a positive attitude and deflects negative energy. You will feel energized to pursue your wildest dreams when guided by the light of this reddish-brown Leo crystal.

Orange Calcite

Leo’s warm-hearted and confident nature can inspire greatness in others. So it’s something you want to embrace rather than suppress.

With an orange calcite crystal, you will learn to embrace your creative and spirited nature. This Leo healing stone helps you be your authentic self.

What Are The Best Chakra Crystals For Leo?

Another great way to use Leo crystals is by removing blocked energy from within. According to some traditional yogi beliefs, we all have seven energy centers in the body called chakras. They run from the top of your head to the base of your spine.

Meditating with these seven chakra stones for Leo can help you begin the healing process and find your center.


Leos tend to be so focused on chasing fame and fortune, so much so that their spiritual growth often takes a back seat. Danburite is an excellent Leo crystal to help remedy this imbalance.

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Due to its pure light-filled vibrations, this crystal aligns with the crown chakra. It heightens your awareness of higher realms and awakens your spiritual consciousness.



Being a Leo makes you a natural-born leader that often relies on logic and analytical skills to make decisions. However, sometimes tapping into your intuition can be just as important in guiding you toward the right path. Labradorite helps Leo natives tap into their third eye chakra, allowing them to trust their intuition when making decisions.


This rare pale blue silicate mineral activates the throat chakra for better communication. With the power of this crystal, any Leo descendant will find the right words to express themselves in the most articulate way possible. Larimar draws out the passionate and charismatic nature of those born with this zodiac sign.

Royal Azel

Leo is one of the most extroverted and social personalities of all the twelve zodiac signs. However, if you are born under this star sign and want to build more meaningful relationships instead of superficial friendships, then make sure to add Royal Azel to your collection of Leo healing stones.

Also known as sugilite, this crystal works with the heart chakra, encouraging you to love yourself and others. It’s an ideal stone for Leos who want to transform their lives because it helps them reflect and escape toxic relationships.

Golden Azeztulite

Golden Azeztulite works well with your solar plexus, the energy center associated with self-esteem and confidence. This Himalayan gemstone stimulates the strength of will and courage. Its metaphysical properties of enhancing personal power and confidence resonate well with Leo’s traits.

Red Agate

Red Agate has a strong connection to the sacral chakra. This link makes it an ideal crystal for Leo women and men who want to improve fertility.


Sunstone is one of the most uplifting zodiac crystals for Leo. It derives its name from its warm, golden, or reddish-orange color, which is reminiscent of the Sun. However, this crystal can be found in other colors too.

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Also known as the Viking Compass, Vikings used it as a navigation tool in medieval times to determine the location of the Sun even when it was hidden behind the thick fog of clouds.

For Leos, the sunstone helps them stay focused during confusing times. Channeling its energy can guide you to find your north star. The healing properties of the sunstone clear the mind of any worries and unblock negative energy from your root chakra so that you can feel secure and realign with your purpose.

What Is The Birthstone For Leo?

The tradition of assigning a particular gemstone as the birthstone for each month goes back thousands of years. If you are a Leo, your birth month falls in either July or August. With that in mind, Leo’s birthstone can be either ruby, peridot, or spinel.


Ruby is the birthstone for Leo descendants born at the tail end of July. It has been associated with courage and prosperity since ancient times. For instance, Asian communities would use rubies to ornament armor or lay these gemstones in the foundation of buildings to attract good fortune.

Wearing a ruby birthstone can provide various benefits. For instance, this exquisite stone brings Leo natives courage, power, abundance, and wealth. It does that by instilling self-confidence and passion. These qualities are precisely what any Leo needs to achieve great success in life.


Peridot is one of the birthstones of August-born Leos. Some of the earliest civilizations favored this olive-green stone for its purported protective qualities. It drives away fear, nightmares, dark spirits, and dangers that emerge when the Sun sets.

The peridot also bestows the wearer the gift of inner radiance. The qualities it instills, such as joy, happiness, and boldness, are all existing traits for Leos, which makes the Period an excellent healing stone for these natives.


Lastly, spinel is the other birthstone for those born in August, which includes the zodiac sign Leo. A beautiful gemstone with pink and red hues, its aura invokes passion and energy. Wearing this crystal as your Leo birthstone brings out courage and strength. Think of it as your lucky charm that can spur you to greater heights.