What Are The Best Crystals For Taurus?

Crystals For Taurus

Taurus people are so trustworthy and gentle. They are steadfast earth signs who are stable, sweet, and strong-willed.

On the surface, they appear unproblematic and perfectly content, but this isn’t always so. Taurus has several internal battles and hindering characteristics that they desperately try to shake.

While a crystal can not automatically eradicate their problems, it can be used as an aid to speed up the learning and healing processes and elevate the self-improvement journey. So let’s talk about Taurus’ needs, plus some of the best and most powerful crystals for Taurus.

What Taurus Men And Women Need

Before we get into the specific crystals, it’s important to know what Taurus needs. Understanding the weak points makes it easier to pick out the most beneficial crystals.

Taurus has ten significant weaknesses that they will either have to work hard to improve or suffer the consequences of these shortcomings. Here they are.

  1. Taurus is easily tempted. Impulsive decision-making and impulsive, uncontrollable spending habits. Overindulgence is their most self-destructive trait.
  2. Taurus is a stubborn bull. These individuals don’t like trying new things or taking advice from others. They have to learn the hard way.
  3. It takes Taurus a while to do anything. They feel that they are doing their due diligence; others, unfortunately, see it as laziness.
  4. Like a bull, they do not let go of grudges. It takes a while for anger or resentment to build, but once it’s there, it’s nearly impossible for Taurus to let go.
  5. Related to the Second House of the zodiac, Taurus is strongly drawn to material items and valuables. It’s easy for them to want to be greedy, hoard, or not share.
  6. The Taurus sign naturally stays within its comfort zone. This is related to internalized stubbornness because these people don’t want to change what they know or take risks trying something new.
  7. Status symbols bring Taurus too much comfort. They need to learn to love beyond material items and social status. Intangible items, simple joys, and self-fulfillment should be a greater priority for Taurus.
  8. Taurus does not take enough risks. They are stubborn and don’t like venturing from what they know. The unknown often reaps the best rewards, but Taurus may never get to experience that.
  9. They need a healthy dose of self-love. Chasing status symbols is damaging to their mental and emotional health. Taurus needs to learn to value who they intrinsically are as individuals.
  10. They seriously lack trust, so they are rarely vulnerable or open with others. They miss out on so many interesting opportunities and meaningful relationships with others because of this.

So now, let’s talk about the most suitable crystals to help these common Taurus troubles.

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Black Onyx

Onyx boosts Taurus’ confidence and self-esteem. For someone who lacks self-love, this can make a major shift in their lives for the better.

Black onyx is also used for self-control and an all-around healthy level discipline. As people who struggle with hedonism, this can be largely beneficial.

This is a pretty powerful protection stone too, which all zodiac signs can appreciate.


Hematite is great for grounding and relieving nervousness in the almost always anxious Taurus person.

This crystal also helps you focus, especially on your financial priorities. If Taurus struggles with chronic overspending, this can be a huge boost in the right direction.

Tiger’s Eye

When Taurus decides to move forward in life and better himself or herself, they can feel extremely stressed and anxious. Tiger’s Eye alleviates these conditions and creates a sense of stability during transition periods.


Brain fog is so debilitating for Taurus. Use an Emerald crystal to improve mental clarity and create a strong, decisive mannerism. Thanks to newly-found clear thinking, Taurus doesn’t need to second guess their decisions after they have been made, which eases their anxieties surrounding the future.


Jade is used to balance the nerves and naturally introduce a sense of calmness that most Taurus people just don’t have. This sense of peace makes it easier to resist urges and reduce reckless spending.

It’s also a great way to push away misfortune and protect all of the zodiacs.


All Taurus natives struggle with the ugly green-eyed monster living inside of them. Aventurine calms the beast and allows Taurus to rein in spending, clearly think about what they actually want from life, focus, and stay on track with their new non-material goals.

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Blue Aragonite

Taurus is a sensitive person who can be easily hurt by others’ harsh words and cruel actions. Blue Aragonite helps Taurus heal these tender emotional wounds by allowing them to feel more compassion for themselves and others, including those who harmed them. With this new forgiveness, it’s much easier to quietly forgive others, themselves, and then move on to a better life chapter.

Blue Lace Agate

These natives struggle with their self-image, and feel paralyzed by what other people think.

Blue Lace Agate makes it easier to let go of these societal standards, reach for the courage to be unique, and then change. It also cuts down on anxiety in high-tension settings. This gemstone also makes it easier for Taurus to find their true personality and then share that with the world.


Malachite pops the self-conscious bubble that Taurus lives within. It encourages them to be courageous, outspoken, and assertive, then unleashes the boss hiding within Taurus.

Basically, Malachite kills off the part that is cripplingly self-aware and harshly judgemental of your image.


This crystal helps Taurus fix the part of themselves that subconsciously blocks abundance and an abundance mindset. Use it to release your financial worries and feel free to be yourself and feel safe with the resources you have and will attract.

Part of the reason why Taurus is so reckless with their spending habits is that they fear running out of their resources or not feeling good enough. Establishing an abundance mindset is completely life-changing and will allow Taurus to feel safe, kick jealousy, and give to others more freely.

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Taurus deals with plenty of negativity on a day-to-day basis, so obsidian is a huge help. Obsidian is a powerful way to remove the negativity that is both internal and external.

Rose Quartz

Taurus should use this crystal to create more self-love and develop a new level of self-respect. Taurus fears and represses who they are at their core; learning to love their true self is so amazing and freeing.

Use Rose Quartz to quit worrying about other people’s thoughts and focus on true desires and then find their correct life path. It gives Taurus the strength to quit dwelling on the past, mostly because of newly developed self-admiration.


Taurus is sorely lacking in strong intuition because they are too in tune with societal normalcy, status symbols, and material possessions.

Sodalite makes it easier for Taurus to connect with themselves, their true desires, and their ancestral history. Sodalite strengthens intuition, which makes it easier to be confident, make decisions, speak up, and be clear, even in the most high-stakes, unnerving situations.

As a result of the above changes, Sodalite indirectly improves healthy communication. This is so beneficial for building and strengthening relationships in all aspects, from friendships, to romantic partners, to business colleagues and more.


Taurus should use Selenite to toss out the old emotional baggage and make room for something new and wonderful. This crystal makes it easy for Taurus to compartmentalize their thoughts and cut through the confusion so they can find the path to success.

To develop new habits or create stable routines, Taurus can use Selenite to stabilize and uplift themselves and all the places they visit.

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Even though Taurus is generally level-headed, they can experience intense waves of emotion, especially if they have been pushed too far. Taurus can use Kunzite to balance their moods to be better understood, calmer, and more effective in their endeavors.

Rutilated Quartz

Think on your feet with confidence, thanks to Rutilated Quartz. This impressive little stone improves mental clarity and helps Taurus make good decisions in a hurry without the stress of second-guessing themselves. Taurus will be blown away by how much better life is when they aren’t taking it too slowly or carefully.


Taurus can bring high energy back into their lives to see the world through more innocent, positive eyes. Think of Mookaite as a tool for Taurus to see the world in rose-colored glasses. These natives can use Mookaite to become more carefree, dream again, and consider what their inner child wants for their life.


Carnelian grants Taurus the motivation to start new tasks, the joy to prolong this motivation, and then the endurance to finish what they started. Shy Taurus can really benefit because it staves off those heavy insecurities and social anxieties.

Taurus can now drop the overburdened feelings that other people put on their shoulders and turn that into confidence and precise thinking; they can finally consider their needs with others’ needs more fairly.

Boji Stone

Taurus can use the Boji Stone to ground themselves, feel balanced, reenergize, and remove those long-standing blockages that were preventing progress and personal improvements.