Neptune In Sagittarius – Mystery, Exploration, and Finding Solid Ground

Neptune In Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius have a lot in common and their differences are very complimentary.

Neptune and Sagittarius are both very social and take different approaches to being able to entertain and captivate. However, they also share some of the same negative reputations for being unreliable and sometimes untrustworthy.

Neptune In Astrology

Neptune is easily one of the most complicated planets in astrology. It’s got a lot to offer us, but you can also get caught up in its mystery and mystique.

Neptune is considered to be the planet that influences dreams, psychic intuition, and empathy. This is a deeply creative planet that’s known to inspire as well as help conjure up feelings of romance.

However, this is also the planet of deception. Neptune has influence when it comes to lies as well as self-deception.

What Does Sagittarius Mean?

Sagittarius is known for its loud personality. Is it considered to be one of the best astrological signs when it comes to conversation, but there’s a lot more going on when a Sagittarius sign influences your chart.

Sagittarius is known for inspiring feelings of fair-mindedness as well as an outgoing, fun social energy. Sagittarius naturally draws people into conversation with its hilarious stories as well as its warm and intellectual side.

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This sign is also known for being a little flighty. They can lack tact when in serious conversations and often have a way of putting their foot in their mouth and not considering others when they should.

What Does Neptune In Sagittarius Mean?

Having Neptune in Sagittarius is an interesting astrological combination. Neptune in Sagittarius are a natural combination which makes them amplify both their best, and worst, qualities.

Here are a few of the key ways that having your Neptune in Sagittarius can influence your personality.

1 Get to Know the Open Road

One of the most exciting qualities of having a Neptune in Sagittarius placement is a love for spontaneous Adventures. If you have this astrological combination, and you’ve been feeling restless, perhaps it’s time to get to know the open road.

Travel, vacations, and adventures are a defining quality of someone with a Neptune in Sagittarius.

This could be a three-month-long hike along the Appalachian Trail or it could be a staycation in your home city. However you choose to interpret travel and adventure, it’s important that you find ways to keep your natural desire to explore going.

Consider bringing some friends along for the ride. Someone with a Neptune in Sagittarius often finds that they’re the kickstart that their group of friends needs to go on a trip together.

2 Find a Sense of Grounding

Neptune in Sagittarius has an incredibly rough reputation when it comes to being flighty and unreliable.

This is connected directly into all of the free energy that this individual has. That same love of the open road and unplanned adventures also makes them less than reliable when it comes to the mundane, day-to-day things we all count on.

It definitely pays to have a sense of grounding when you have a Neptune in Sagittarius placement. This doesn’t have to be something binding that ties you down and clips your wings, but it should be something compelling that adds a supportive framework for your adventure.

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3 Leaps of Creative Inspiration

Neptune in Sagittarius is known for having great leaps of creative inspiration. This is the perfect picture of someone who can go from a-to-z without skipping a beat. They have a natural intuition when it comes to picking up what’s next that comes to them much easier than it does to others.

These leaps of creative intuition can be artistic, scientific, or even in the workplace. As long as this individual is in a job, or has a hobby, that allows them to get creative, they can make the most of these leaps of inspiration.

Just be ready to slow things down in case the people that you’re working with can’t follow these sudden changes in creative direction quite as easily as you can.

4 Learn to Plan Instead of Gamble

One big challenge that we all face is learning to plan ahead without getting overly worried about all of the fine details. However, Neptune in Sagittarius has a lot of energy that often leads them running headlong into situations without doing any planning ahead of time.

It’s fun to take a surprise trip or to have an unplanned night out, but there’s a big difference between being impulsive and spontaneous.

Individuals with a Neptune in Sagittarius placement can gain a lot from learning to slow down and plan ahead instead of gambling that everything is going to work out in the moment. You can even start small by making basic plans like a budget, set dates for a trip, or other basic groundwork for an otherwise spontaneous adventure.

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5 Always Here to Learn

We’re all lifelong Learners. Everyday we learn something new, but individuals with a Neptune in Sagittarius placement are going to go out of their way to find new ways to learn throughout their lifetimes.

This is the exact right type of personality for someone who is constantly picking up new hobbies. Someone with a Neptune in Sagittarius placement can even benefit from channeling some of their otherwise frantic energy into picking up new hobbies on a regular basis.

This is also someone who’s going to quickly absorb a lot of knowledge for a new job, hobby, or personal interests. They like to take a deep dive and whatever’s got their attention and put all of their focus into these new subjects.

6 A Sense of Mystery

One of the most compelling traits of an individual with a Neptune in Sagittarius placement is that they have a powerful sense of mystery around them. Even though they are outgoing and very cheerful and crowds, they nevertheless have something compelling about them that’s hard to pin down.

This comes from the unique combination of the outgoing and socially positive nature of Sagittarius with the inherently mysterious and psychic nature of Neptune. It’s this combination that brings people together and keeps them hanging around as they are compelled to unravel the natural mystery.

7 Balancing Indecision

If you have your Neptune in Sagittarius, then struggling with indecision might be one of the bigger personal difficulties you have to manage on a regular basis. The key to understanding this is finding a balance between the causes of that indecision.

Indecision can hold you back in life. Not knowing either when it to either make the move or to take a different path off and leaves a stagnant and standing still. This could be a major problem for someone whose personality is all about adventure and exploration.

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The trick here is to understand the root cause of the indecision. Are you avoiding taking action because of unresolved issues that you need to handle first or is this a gut instinct telling you that you should try something different instead?

Those are just a few things to consider when it’s time to make new moves.

8 Be Open to How Others Feel

This is the area that individuals with their Neptune in Sagittarius are going to need to focus on the most. Sagittarius already has a bad reputation for lacking tact and this can get a little intensified when connected with the energy from Neptune.

This causes the reputation for individuals with a prominent Neptune in Sagittarius placement to often overstep their boundaries which can make the people around them feel uncomfortable rather than warm and welcome.

It often helps to slow things down a little bit and to appreciate how others feel. Not everyone is as open and freewheeling as someone who has a combination of Neptune and Sagittarius and their astrological chart.

Take the time to check in with the people around you just to make sure that you’re not overstepping their boundaries.

When Is Neptune In Sagittarius

The last time Neptune was in Sagittarius was 1970 through 1984. Neptune orbits the sun every 164 years which means it spends about 13 years in each sign.

Neptune is one of the planets that’s considered to have a generational influence. Because it moves so slowly through the stars, it has a distributed effect over a wider range of people. Individuals born between 1970 through 1984 have much stronger contact with Neptune than individuals born in later or earlier generations.

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Neptune In Sagittarius Romance

If you have a Neptune in Sagittarius placement, there’s a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to your love life.

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way first. You have a naturally charismatic personality that’s also a little bit mysterious which is more than enough to draw in plenty of romantic partners.

You know how to light up a room with your sense of humor and you can hold a conversation whether the topic is emotional, intellectual, or just swapping stories with new friends.

Your spontaneous sense of adventure is also going to be great when it comes to dating. There’s no shortage of romantic outings for someone who’s all about travel.

However, Neptune in Sagittarius does have a reputation for being flighty and unreliable. This is going to be a roadblock to building a long-term relationship.

This astrological combination is also known for never settling down. Learning how to put down some roots without feeling held back is going to be a balancing act that Neptune in Sagittarius needs to accomplish before a relationship can really bloom.

Wrapping Up Neptune In Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius is a powerful combination that’s socially cheerful as well as adventurous. Individuals who have their Neptune in Sagittarius need to take some time to slow things down especially when it comes to planning for events and respecting the boundaries of the people around them.

Lean into your warm charisma and natural sense of Mystery and you’ll find that creativity and adventures keep flowing.