Neptune Sextile Pluto Natal & Transit – A Complete Guide

Neptune Sextile Pluto Natal & Transit

Since the advent of human civilization, man has used astrology to interpret planetary positions in birth charts. This reveals the characteristics of various personalities and the course of their destiny.

The placement of planets and their relationship predicts future events. And, although the accuracy of astrological predictions is always questioned, its power is undeniable.

Planetary positions talk about aspects created in the zodiac because of movement and the relationship of planets in a natal chart. These relationships are formed aligning to the position of planets during the time of birth.

These aspects depict the personality, influences, and life experiences of a man.

Sextile In Natal Chart

The sextile is formed between two planets when both come across each other at a distance of 60 degrees. This beneficial aspect is identical to trine. It is responsible for creating a cooperative association between planets.

Sextile expresses the nature and traits of involved planets. It is responsible for enabling individuals’ talents and skills to align with their ruling houses in their Zodiac signs. It also sends opportunities for people to develop and refine their skills and express them to benefit themselves and others.

Although governing a sextile in your birth chart is beneficial, sometimes it might have a more harmful influence than good.

For example, having more than one sextile in the natal chart gives birth to laziness and procrastination, resulting in time-wasting and not reaching your true potential.

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Governing sextiles in your natal chart makes things come quickly to you. That’s may sometimes result in losing ambitions. However, struggling to get the things you desire yourself makes you ambitious to pursue your dreams and use all your might to materialize them.

Sextile aspects are primarily formed during the transition of planets to transform individuals’ lives and motivate them to grab opportunities and yield the fruits of their labour.

Neptune Sextile Pluto – Natal

Neptune sextile Pluto in the natal chart reflects a pioneering character ready to face challenges. Such individuals do not shy away from working outside their comfort zone. It makes you appreciate human potential and truth.

Owing to your evolutionary sense, you strive to deconstruct the traditional beliefs and clichéd ideas to form a progressive and unadulterated ideology. Your collective subconscious connects you with humanity at a deeper level.

Being a control freak, you possess the tendency to structure things the way you like. You even seek to organize the chaos that may result in the complexity of seemingly simple tasks.

Being born with Neptune sextile Pluto in your birth chart makes you come closer to spirituality to utilize your powers and achieve your higher purpose. You have the spirit to fight for freedom of speech and religion, which makes you different.

You do not hesitate to express yourself explicitly even when others feel uncomfortable to talk. Being born under this aspect’s influence makes you yearn for transformation, spiritual expansion, and believing that you can turn situations and people in your favour.

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You aptly channelize your vitalities to manifest your ideas and inspire others to steer their lives themselves instead of giving others the power.

Neptune Sextile Pluto – Transit

Neptune sextile Pluto transit has a similar effect, like the natal aspect. It makes people extremely sensitive. When the transit period starts, it signifies a period of awakening to expand your horizon and pushing your relationships to the next level.

While Neptune sextile Pluto occurs, it motivates you to think about spiritual gains than materialistic endeavours. It makes you feel the purity of love and affection that you have always yearned for.

The transition implies that the divine realm is directing you to meet the one created for you. You will find your soul mate to complete you, to nurture your mind and soul to make you enjoy the blessings of life.

Do not overwhelm yourself if things do not go your way. Understand the fact that good things take time to happen. Your patience will definitely lead you to magical experiences and a bright future. Do not worry. Wait patiently to experience the self-exploration through inner mystical ways.

Neptune Sextile Pluto – General Characteristics

Neptune sextile Pluto gives people an intellectual ability to review their behaviours and ideas to attain personal growth. Your stellar creativity makes you stand out among your competitors and helps you find ways to align your activities with your spiritual beliefs.

Your inherent ability to analyze your dreams enable you to believe in realizing what you have set for yourself. Your mind is a powerhouse of innovative ideas. It qualifies you to live the life of your dreams.

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The sextile drives highly psychic and intuitive abilities to decipher divine messages and carve solutions to various problems occurring in your life at different points in time.

1 Good Traits

Having this sextile in your birth chart blesses you with divine love that ennobles everything you touch and solves all your problems. Owing to the power of love, you believe that nothing is impossible. You cherish your experiences. They strengthen you.

Even the setbacks of life can not hamper your spirit. You love unconditionally and do not expect others to be as passionate about you as you are about them. Being visionary, you easily exclude the things that do not fit well in your life.

The positivity of sextile between Neptune and Pluto makes you an ideal partner who never hesitate to sacrifice for love. Your strong commitment allows you to conquer the world.

2 Bad Traits

With all the positivity and benefits attached with Neptune sextile Pluto, this aspect also has some negative traits. It brings uncertainty and deception. It reveals the manipulative nature that leads you to distort the truth and blur the reality.

Your dominating nature might offend others. Your unnecessary intervention into matters of others pushes you towards a minus phase. Love is not the only reality of life. Your fascination with idealism makes you unrealistic and impractical. This might result in breaking you.

Do not neglect the importance of balancing your ideals to live a trouble-free life.

Neptune Sextile Pluto – Love

Neptune sextile Pluto in your birth chart establishes a profound connection of love in your life. Neptune and Pluto’s combination at sextile seeks to find someone you may connect with at a spiritual level.

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You want your lover to be aware of your spiritual growth. You do not want them to share only a physically intimate relationship with you but want them to be a significant other in your spiritual journey.

You don’t like to form a companionship that lacks spiritual connection. Being a passionate lover, you are always ready to compensate for the indemnities in your relationship.

You want someone real and selfless. Your obsession with finding someone flawless ruins the beauty of your relationship. Extreme idealism brings disastrous results. You cannot find a deity to be in love with.

Do not let your connections feel suffocated because of your ideals. Look for a human being, not a divine entity. Nurture your partner to be a part of your divine experience instead of relying upon them.

Neptune Sextile Pluto – Materializing Your Dreams

Born with Neptune Pluto sextile enables you to materialize your ideals.

It indicates that you are well-tuned with your spiritual side. It prepares you to be more observant and probe deep into the things to explore reality.

Neptune is the ruling planet of our dreams and aspirations. Its sextile relationship with Pluto amplifies the effects of both planets in an individual’s life. Pluto rules your wealth, sexuality, and power play.

The sextile of these two planets drives you to rise above the standard norms and embrace the boundless possibilities that your mind governs. Being a performance-oriented person, you endeavour to bring significant changes to society.

Because of your attachment to your high ideals, you prefer to work alone. People’s disagreement with your objectives irritates you the most, resulting in aggressive behaviour or heated arguments.

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You cannot overcome your fascination with perfection and want to translate inceptions into reality as you have perceived in your mind. You want others to go with your vision while working for a collaborative mission.

You know that you will find success sooner or later, and this self-belief makes you stay calm and avoid frustration and negativity in life.

Bottom Line

The influence of Neptune sextile Pluto in your natal chart makes to highly attuned to mysticism and giving lifelong lessons. It advises you to see what fate will bring for you.

Instead of following your ideals blindly, follow a systematic and practical approach to unleash your talents. The sextile aspect of Neptune and Pluto recommends you to work for attaining a higher state of social and religious efficiency.

Make things easy to enjoy your life instead of falling prey to complexity. The planetary position at sextile has blessed you with profound insights that advocate freedom and justice.

If you want to avert disappointment, practice realism, and not expect much from others, focus on bringing harmony in mind, spirit, and the world to bring prosperity.