Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon: Focused and Reliable

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon individuals have a high drive, patience, and tolerance. Catastrophes that would stop others are merely pesky obstacles that these natives immediately start looking for ways to get over, under, or around. For them disaster is a setback, never the end.

These calm, charming, confident people are kind, welcoming, and stable people. They are likely to do well and level up in their careers, hobbies, and any sports they may play.

Capricorn Sun

Sun in Capricorn

Solar Capricorns are typical earth signs with a pleasant down-to-earth attitude with predictable mannerisms, trustworthiness, dedicated minds, and loyal hearts.

If ever a sign were to be told that they are “wise beyond their years” or an “old soul”, it’s the Solar Capricorn. These natives are exceptionally mature, and funnily enough, begin to lighten up and embrace their inner childish ways as they age.

Many Solar Capricorns are more likely to create plans, goals, and step-by-step roadmaps for their life at a young age. As they grow older and start achieving some of these milestones, they will look around, relax, and feel the peace to divert from the path if that is their true calling.

Part of the “old soul” characteristic for these individuals means that they are drawn to classic, or vintage pieces, mindsets, and made-to-last products.

It is not uncommon to find a Solar Capricorn with vintage costume jewelry, German-made boots that have been resoled three or four times, a vinyl collection, or durable, handmade clothing sourced from a thrift shop or antique store.

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Most of these natives are drawn to leadership roles and tend to do well in these positions.

There is a dark side that lingers in all Solar Capricorns, and it may be revealed during their quest for authority or power.

Taurus Moon

Moon in Taurus

Natives with their Moon in Taurus have a crazy powerful manifestation ability. They quietly ask the universe for the experiences, people, and items they need, and almost always receive them, just in the nick of time.

With that said, Lunar Taurus does not like uncertainty, and they do not rely on this ability because they don’t like the variables. They like their comforts, and even feel emotionally deregulated when their world is uncertain. Safety and comfort compel these natives to be responsible, reliable and consistent workers.

Self-esteem and worldly belongings are usually interconnected with each other for the Lunar Taurus. They aren’t necessarily materialistic, though some individuals are, it’s just that these tangibles make them feel safe, secure, and regulated.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon Traits

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon people are self-sufficient, highly self-accountable, determined, and great problem-solvers.

They know that they can ask others for help, and do not have anything against reaching out. Still, they prefer to be the provider and want to give, rather than receive.

Both signs, Capricorn and Taurus, are stubborn, making these natives exceptionally headstrong. Once their mind is set, it’s best that you just accept it, because it will be nearly impossible to convince them otherwise.

To make these natives even more interesting, they are incredible communicators who can almost always convince others to see their way. Their strong leadership skills and natural charisma make this trait even more effective. When misguided, this can be dangerous. But for the most part, this tenacity means that they can overcome anything, no matter how impossible the odds may seem.

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Still, many of their problems stem from their hard-headedness. It’s difficult for Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon to see and accept this too.

1 Strengths

As mentioned earlier, their tenacity, leadership abilities, and communication skills are quite good.

Other strong desirable traits include responsibility, disciplined nature, patience. They pay attention to and appreciate the little details of life, and are affectionate creatures who know how to make others feel loved and admired. They always play by the rules and are faithful in all that they do. Their integrity is good and unshaken.

Financially, they are stable. They spend carefully and invest intelligently. They don’t mind putting responsibilities over fun times. As a matter of fact, they prefer safety and comfort over fun and newness.

They are down-to-earth people who are easy to relate to and are generally not prideful. They can be accommodating, kind, and respectful of others, regardless of their differences.

They get straight to the point, and do not enjoy games.

Even in the most unsettling and chaotic times, they will stay calm and help settle others. This is one of their best qualities, and one of the many reasons why they make such strong, effective leaders.

2 Weaknesses

Being stubborn is one of Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon’s great weaknesses. Not only does it make it difficult for others to get through to them, but this trait will also make these natives their own roadblock at times.

Learning to be less rigid in their ways can make like much more pleasant for them. It’s just going to take many years for these natives to figure this out, and then several more to learn how to change.

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Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon is aware of their emotions and is capable of being open with them. However, they tend to suppress these emotions or analyze them.

There is nothing wrong with analyzing feelings, it’s just that they need to also take the time and emotional energy to actually feel them.

These natives don’t like doing that, so they usually skip this step. This can be detrimental to themselves and others. Some Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon natives learn this and change it, while others live their entire lifetimes, never making progress with this trait.

Since these natives feel compelled to be responsible for their own actions and find ways to make it all work, they are under tremendous pressure. Not expressing their emotions only makes this more difficult for them, too.

It’s not uncommon for anxiety, frustration, and rage to build within them until they hit a breaking point and explode. These emotional outbursts are not common, but still dangerous for their mental health, social life, career, and relationship.

If Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon could take one piece of advice to radically change their lives, it should be to listen to others, be open to their perspectives, and accept their help. This one change could drastically change their lives for the better and open up countless new opportunities (and improved mental health) for these natives.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon Men

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon men are high value. They are committed to their work, excel in their careers (usually in the position of a boss, or higher up), and are also sensual lovers who are faithful, committed, and protective over their partner.

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He works hard and is disciplined in all that he does. He seems to win in nearly every aspect of his life, making him a great person to have as a friend or a life partner. Still, those who want to be part of his life should be willing to help him destress, unwind, and let his emotions loose.

Encourage him to let his guard down, share his problems, and spill how he’s feeling. Make him feel loved, welcomed, safe, and secure during all of this. Not only will you significantly improve his life, but you’ll earn his appreciation too.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon Women

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon women, much like their male counterparts, are high-strung and could benefit from a loving shoulder to cry, rant, or vent on.

She is even more driven to chase money. For her, financial security is more critical than a position of power or authority. She simply wants the safety net and peace of mind that cash brings. And this isn’t just for her. If she has a family, they are her reason for her financial ambitions.

Additionally, she is likely to feel compelled to provide for and protect her closest friends, extended family, and, of course, her life partner.

Both Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon men and women are calm parents who are stable, good teachers, and loving, protective parents. They adore their children and will do anything for them.

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon In Love

When in love, these natives don’t see any other people. Cheating is completely out of their realm of thinking, and they are fully dedicated to their person. After a while, their person becomes one of their great sources of comfort, something they desperately crave, and they will do whatever they can to keep their person feeling loved, protected, and appreciated.

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These natives date to marry, or at least date for a lifelong relationship. They are not interested in multiple people or playing the field, they simply want to find a life partner with who they can be familiar, grow alongside, protect, and be protected.

Final Thoughts

Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon are people who you want on your side.

Their fierce loyalty, intelligence, tenacity, and creative solutions are all amazing traits to have in a friend, colleague, boss, or lover. While they may have trouble seeing outside perspectives, or struggle with the weight of their responsibilities, they are genuinely good people who are doing their very best, and want to be better.