What a Scorpio Man Wants to Hear

What a Scorpio Man Wants to Hear

Is there a Scorpio man in your life who you’re in close contact with or want to grow closer to?

Here are a few phrases you can say to him to improve your relationship, be it professional, friendly, or romantic, and get on his good side. Be warned; these are powerful, so use them sparingly and responsibly!

1 “I’m Not A Quitter”

Scorpio men are bound and determined to get the job done and will stop at nothing to make it happen.

This innate drive is part of who they are, and they simply cannot understand any other lifestyle that doesn’t operate this way. Because of this, they usually have little to no tolerance for people who fold easily or only partially finish a task.

Tell them you’re not a quitter, and follow through with your actions, even if it isn’t easy. Not only will you earn his respect, but you’ll also be marking items off your to-do list. Win, win!

2 “I Think You Should Go For It “

This ties in nicely with the above statement– Scorpio men want to get things done and have high expectations for themselves. If he is feeling a bit intimidated by one of his goals, one of the best things you can do for him is to say that you believe in him and you think he should do it.

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If you feel comfortable, offer to help him out too, but if not, just having your support means so much to him.

3 “You Are So Brave”

One of Scorpio’s great strengths is his bravery.

He is the kind to run headfirst into danger if it means protecting or saving a person or project he loves. He never weighs the options; he just prioritizes those around him and will leap to their rescue without a second thought.

If you ever catch a Scorpio man being a hero, tell him. Thank him, and make it a big deal.

Not only will this catch him off guard (in a good way), but it will make him feel special, loved, and seen. Those are big deals to him, and he will feel appreciation for you in return because of this.

4 “Thank You For Trusting Me”

If you’ve spent much time around him, or any other Scorpio for that matter, you’ll notice that they have layers and layers separating themselves from the world. They do not open up to others easily, and earning their trust takes lots of time, effort, and good deeds on your behalf.

If he trusts you, acknowledge that, and thank him genuinely. You really are special to him if he places any amount of his faith or vulnerabilities on you.

His process of gradually growing closer to others happens painstakingly slow. So slow, in fact, that he may not notice it. When you go to thank him for the trust, it may be the first time that he actually catches onto it himself.

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So this phrase is actually a double-whammy, on one hand, you’re thanking him, which he will appreciate, and you may be opening his eyes to a realization he hadn’t noticed just yet.

5 “I Admire How Determined You Are”

Scorpio men dedicate themselves wholly to whatever they do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big project for work, early mornings spent with their children, late nights spent with their wives, or long hours at the gym; he gives 100% just about everywhere he goes.

Unfortunately, he can feel lonely because of this. Unless he can find a group of like-minded people, he’s going to feel like he’s the only person in the world who is this sore, sleepless, and mentally (and sometimes emotionally) exhausted.

Telling a Scorpio man that you see his efforts, that you admire him, and you support him means a lot. Your kind words could be the fuel that keeps his fire going and helps him power through another tough day.

6 “It’s Not A Competition”

Everything in the Scorpio man’s life seems intense. He views almost every aspect as a competition, and it can really wear him down because he is a competitive man. While he is gifted, he struggles to keep up and win in literally every situation.

If you can gently remind him that life isn’t a competition and that it is okay to rest, to not compete, or to only focus on one area to excel in, that will help him tremendously. He deserves to rest; he just doesn’t know how to do it without some outside help (you).

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7 “You Always Make Me Laugh”

Humor is almost always the Scorpio man’s weapon of choice, and most are pretty good at it too.

Most Scorpios do their best to make others laugh as a way to break the tension, soothe others, gently draw attention to themselves, and connect with other people.

If you reassure him that his humor is good and something you like, he’s going to want to spend more time near you and, at the same time, will feel better about his fall-back tactic.

8 “I Respect Your Boundaries And Privacy”

Not only is the Scorpio man secretive, but when he draws lines in the sand, he holds them firm.

Make it known that you respect his privacy, and you appreciate the boundaries he has set. Say it out loud, and follow-through by actually respecting them.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to him. This is the one that will make you memorable and highly respected in his book.

9 “You Also Have To Respect My Boundaries”

Scorpio men can get pushy, despite hating it when others treat them this way.

Make your boundaries clear, and don’t negotiate them for any reason. He may act offended at first, but it gains his respect and admiration for you. It also makes it easier for him to feel that you’re a good person who he wants to spend more time near.

10 “That Is Your Decision To Make, And I Support You”

He does not want to be controlled, manipulated, or pushed in any direction.

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Even if you disagree with his choices, don’t try to change his mind. It’s okay to voice your thoughts or opinions, but don’t make it a big deal, and give him the space and freedom to make his own decisions.

Regardless, if you want to be on his good side, you should support his decision and be there for him no matter what.

11 “I Want A Serious Relationship With You”

Clearly, this phrase is reserved just for potentially romantic connections only.

Everyone, no matter what their sign is, wants to hear this phrase.

For him though, this is more than the promise of a new relationship. It’s about you being honest, transparent, and forward enough to tell him what you want. He admires each of these qualities, and you displaying that you have the courage to share this with him will earn you some serious brownie points.

12 “Hey, You Should Tone It Down”

Actually, your Scorpio man won’t want to hear this one at all. Still, it is important.

Telling him when he’s being a bit much or walking on the side of egotistical may irritate or upset him at first, but it will gain his respect as he cools down and will show him that you’re a genuine person who is on his side.

When you prove to him that you believe in him enough to hold him accountable and do what you can to help him be a better person, is when he will feel loved, protected, and grateful. It’s not easy having a heart-to-heart or even a full-blown confrontation, but it is important, and it is meaningful.

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13 “You’re A Unique Guy”

Scorpio men desperately want to be valued, noticed, and seen as breaking the mold.

He wants to feel that he is important and valuable to you. And he really wants to be unforgettable to you and everyone else he meets.

So if you tell him that he’s a special person, this will really stroke his ego, make him feel validated, and of course, make him feel noticed. All of these things are important to him, and regardless of the type of relationship you want with him, it will be suitable for the connection you two have.

14 “You Don’t Have To Change Who You Are”

Scorpio men, as you can tell, are obsessed with being the best and bettering themselves.

Take a moment to reassure him that the person he is, is already wonderful. Tell him that he is good, deserving of love, and worthy. It may seem obvious to you, but this could be a revelation for him. Give him the courage to be who he is, shame-free. It means the world to him and additionally proves that you’re not superficial.

Having a genuine person who sees him for him, and as being enough, is huge.

What a Scorpio Man Wants To Hear: Summary

If you can show the Scorpio man that you are in his life with good intentions and help reassure him in who he is, he will feel grateful, loved, and content with you. This will bring him joy and peace with his lifestyle and strengthen the relationship that you two have.